Xu Xinghe blinked: “Oh, thank you then.”

Ling Changfeng: “…No need.”

The conversation seemed to develop in a harmonious and strange direction all of a sudden.

Xu Xinghe leaned against the head of the bed with a small pillow, tilted his head and asked Ling Changfeng, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Ghosts, demons, blood, and bones…”

Ling Changfeng shook his head and whispered, “I’m not afraid of this.”

“That’s good.” Xu Xinghe said with some envy.
“You don’t seem to be afraid of anything.”

Then he confessed: “I’m actually still afraid.”

Ling Changfeng looked at him sideways in surprise after hearing him admit the truth and stared at him for a long pause.
“You are actually quite brave, why are you afraid of such things?”

Xu Xinghe frowned and thought for a while: “Maybe watching a horror movie in junior high school gave me a psychological shadow… I was too young and easily frightened back then.”

There was a hint of crying and laughter in his eyes as he said helplessly, “Yet you still watched one this time.”

“I thought it’d be alright after so many years.” Xu Xinghe muttered.

He put down the pillow, put his hands around his knees, and rested his chin on his knees.
“It seems that those bad memories really take a long time to be forgotten…”

Hearing him say this, Ling Changfeng remembered something.
His eyes darkened in the night, but he still nodded and said, “Yes, but no matter how bad memories are, they will always be washed away by time.”



The warm orange glow sprinkled on the head of the bed, making tonight’s night extraordinarily quiet.

Ling Changfeng suddenly realized that although the two of them held hands and shared a pillow, it seemed like they had never sat on their knees and chatted like this in the dead of night.

Xu Xinghe was already drowsy, but his mouth was still talking: “Although I’m a little scared, I’m still curious about the ending of the movie…”

Seeing those eyelids fighting drowsiness, Ling Changfeng suggested: “Then when you wake up tomorrow, let’s fast-forward it to the end to see the ending?”

Xu Xinghe shook his head like a rattle.
“At the end when facing the BOSS, there will definitely be a super bloody and violent horror scene… I can wait until the sun comes up to watch the coded version of the video explanation.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He doesn’t understand such interests well, but still nodded.
“Okay, do you need me to watch it with you?”

Xu Xinghe closed his eyes and replied, “No need, my ability to bear is not that bad.”

Ling Changfeng looked at him.
“Are you going to sleep?”

Xu Xinghe flexibly slipped into the bed like a snake, only showing his head: “En.”

“Are you still awake now?”

Xu Xinghe yawned again with his eyes shut.
“Of course, I’m not drunk.”

Ling Changfeng nodded and got up slowly: “Then go to sleep, I’ll go back first.
Good night.”

But before he could leave, a hand suddenly grabbed the corner of his pajamas.

Ling Changfeng turned around in amazement, only to see Xu Xinghe’s open eyes.
The pair of dark fawn-like eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of fog under the sleepy confusion.
“Although I know that it may be a bit excessive-”

He opened his mouth, hesitated for two seconds, but finally let go: “Forget it, I won’t disturb your rest, good night.”

Ling Changfeng felt like he was hooked in place by that small pull, unable to move.

He asked Xu Xinghe: “What did you want to say?”

Xu Xinghe said, “It’s nothing, that is, I’ll be afraid again later…”

Ling Changfeng asked reluctantly, “Then what should I do?”

Xu Xinghe’s eyes were a little dodgy.
“It’s late, you should also go rest.”

After that, he closed his eyes.

After a while, he felt that the person next to him hadn’t left yet.

A reassuring faint pheromone continued to surround him.
It was originally a good medicine to help him sleep, but now it exudes a sense of presence that cannot be ignored.

In the quiet night, Xu Xinghe opened his eyes again, and suddenly said, “You can take Xiaoqi down.”

Ling Changfeng stood at the head of the bed and looked at him quietly.

Xu Xinghe whispered: “It’s too late.
It’s inconvenient for you to move around back and forth… So, why don’t you sleep here tonight?”

For a moment, Marshal Ling suspected that he could no longer control the corners of his mouth that began to rise up.

But in the end, he was still very calm and steady.
He first carried Xiaoqi, who was sleeping in the center of the big bed, off the bed.
Then he opened the corner of the quilt in a polite manner, and lay down properly.

“I’m here, don’t be afraid.” He said to Xu Xinghe.
“Good night.”

Xu Xinghe finally closed his eyes with peace of mind.
“Good night.”

He slept for a long time.

When Xu Xinghe woke up from his sleep and opened his eyes again, he found that it was still dark and the room was still dark.

“Woke up?”

A familiar voice came into his ears.
Xu Xinghe followed the voice and turned his head to see that Ling Changfeng had already woken up and finished dressing, sitting on a small sofa not far away, using a portable tablet computer to read documents under the lamp.

Xu Xinghe was stunned, and gradually recalled everything that happened last night.

He said dryly: “Morning.”

After that, he felt that something was wrong.
The room is too dark – what time is it now?

Ling Changfeng raised his eyelids and said, “It’s not very early.
I saw that you were sleeping so deeply, so I closed the curtains.”

Once the curtains with strong shading properties were opened, a bright sunlight streamed in, illuminating the entire room.

Xu Xinghe blinked: “It’s noon?”

Ling Changfeng nodded: “Yeah.”

Xu Xinghe stretched, lifted the quilt and got out of bed: “Wait for me to wash first…”

His voice came to an abrupt end.

He suddenly looked at the big sun outside the window, and his body froze: “What day is it today?”

Ling Changfeng: “Tuesday.”

Xu Xinghe sat dumbfounded for a moment, and suddenly let out a wailing voice: “Ahhhh, today is a working day!!”

He hurriedly raised his hand and turned on his smartphone – he muted it while watching a movie last night, but forgot to call it back.
His phone was probably blown up by now!

But contrary to expectations, the full screen of missed calls did not appear, and his call log was actually calm.

How is this possible? No one discovered he was absent from work??

Ling Changfeng saw his reaction and knew what he was surprised about, so he explained, “I asked for a leave of absence for you.”

Xu Xinghe turned his head to look at him in confusion: “Ah?”

Ling Changfeng put down the screen, and said unhurriedly, “Come and eat.”

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