ned in the direction of someone subconsciously.

It was just like that, across the armrest, tightly attached to Ling Changfeng’s right arm.

Marshal Ling silently closed his mouth, lowered his head and pressed the button to lower the armrest separating the two of them.

Then, his body also leaned a little to the right.

Xu Xinghe didn’t realize the handrail disappeared.

Because the horror scene in the movie continued.

At the other end of the maze, the wounded and bleeding woman shrank in a corner, clasping her arms tightly with both hands, trembling, and bursting into tears amid the man’s screams.

In a short while, the surrounding noises suddenly disappeared, and the maze was dead silent.

The next moment, the woman’s pupils shrank sharply, opened her mouth, but made no sound.

In the darkness of the night, black claws slowly climbed up on her shoulders, and the blood-red vertical pupils reappeared behind her…

With the lack of sound in the film, the private cinema also became quiet.

Xu Xinghe hugged his knees and shrank in the seat without making a sound.

A pair of arms tightly wrapped around his body, and the veins on his hands were about to burst out…

Ling Changfeng turned his head and looked down at the little hedgehog leaning beside him.
The sides of his nose moved slightly.

His pheromones began scurrying in the room because of fright.

When the blood-stained eye suddenly enlarged on the screen, Xu Xinghe was almost shocked to tears.

A wave of panic and anxiety came over him, as if he was a kitten with exploded fur, and the person beside him couldn’t help but want to comfort him.

Ling Changfeng suddenly regretted it a little.

How can he let his little spouse be frightened like this under his nose?

Under the dim light of the theater, Ling Changfeng stretched out his hand, covered the back of Xu Xinghe’s hand with his slightly calloused left hand.
He even went further, clasping his entire small hand into the palm of his hand.

He finally didn’t have to wait for a hand-holding scene in the movie.

As an alpha, he seems to have a natural understanding of what to do at times like this.

He showed rare tenderness and patience, and said softly, “It’s okay, everything in the movie is fake… Let’s watch another one?”

When Xu Xinghe felt his hand being held, he shivered at first.

The next moment, a familiar smell came, which made him feel inexplicably at ease.

He stiffened for a moment, and then he reacted-

Ling Changfeng held his hand.

Xu Xinghe blinked, but didn’t dodge, just asked, “What did you just say?”

“I said, let’s watch another movie?”


“I know you’re not afraid.” Ling Changfeng sighed inaudibly.
“I’m afraid.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

His mood suddenly improved after hearing Ling Changfeng’s serious nonsense about being afraid, but the voice was still muffled when he replied: “Oh, let’s watch another one then.”

Immediately realizing a problem, he straightened up, raised his flickering big eyes and asked, “Then what… weren’t the seats separate before?” When did they sit together??

As he straightened up, the little hand Ling Changfeng held in his palm also slipped away naturally.

Marshal Ling’s eyes moved slightly, but held back and said calmly: “You remembered it wrong, the seats were originally connected.”

Xu Xinghe: “?”

He looked at Ling Changfeng suspiciously, and started to wonder if he had hallucinated out of fear.

Marshal Ling calmly began to change the subject: “What do you want to watch next?”

In the end, in order to dilute the horror just now and adjust the atmosphere of the theater, Xu Xinghe chose a song and dance film with a youthful and funny theme about a group of young college students and their school life.

The whole film is full of a youthful atmosphere.
Under the happy interpretation of the characters, Xu Xinghe seemed to have recovered from the shock just now, and even began to comment on their singing and dancing.

By the time the movie ended and the two returned to the Marshal’s mansion, it was nearly midnight.

They went back to their bedrooms as usual after saying “good night” to each other.

Before parting, Ling Changfeng also specifically asked, “Can you be alone tonight?”

Xu Xinghe pretended to be stupid with a “what are you talking about” expression.
“What are you asking? I always sleep alone at night.”

After returning to the room, Xu Xinghe quickly took a shower, then lay down on the bed, intending to fall asleep quickly.

With all the tossing today, he thought he’d be able to fall asleep soon.

Unexpectedly, in the dead of night, as soon as he closed his eyes, he saw a maze surrounded by black vines, blood-red vertical pupils hidden in the depths, and screams and crying…

Lingering in his mind, hauntingly.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

A little scared.

He tossed and turned on the bed, unable to sleep.

A small light was clearly left, but even under the soft light, he still felt that the night was extraordinarily dark.

He tried playing some upbeat love songs, or soothing lullabies, but they didn’t work very well.

He also tried putting Xiaoqi on the bed to sleep with him, but it didn’t help.

After tossing and turning until after two in the morning, Xu Xinghe turned on the smartphone on his wrist and tried to find someone to chat with.

He first sent a message to the crowd of four at Capital University: “Is anyone awake?”

Ten minutes passed, but no one responded.

Then he turned to ask Ryan which movie they watched in the end, waited for a while, but no one responded.

Xu Xinghe stared at the electronic screen for a while, then suddenly reached out and opened his mailbox, and sent an email to a certain recipient: [Are you asleep?]

In almost two seconds, he received a reply from Ling Changfeng: [Not yet]

Xu Xinghe was stunned: [It’s so late, why haven’t you slept yet?]

Ling Changfeng: [Can’t sleep, how about you?]

Xu Xinghe: [I can’t sleep either, I want to chat with someone for a while]

Once this email was sent, there was no reply for a long time.

Xu Xinghe waited for a while, and finally locked the screen.

Not to mention loss, being alone and insomniac, he felt a little bit of fear and some loneliness.

Ling Changfeng may still be working, or he may have fallen asleep.
In the end, he doesn’t have time to chat with him anyway.

Xu Xinghe decided to prepare some sleep aids by his side in case of emergencies in the future.

He knew that there were probably sleeping pills in the Marshal’s mansion, but he was embarrassed to ask a servant to help him grab some in the middle of the night.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he closed his eyes, the terminal on his wrist vibrated again—

Ling Changfeng: [I’m here]

Xu Xinghe stared at the email for a few seconds, and then asked a question mark slowly: [? Where are you]

Ling Changfeng: [outside your door]

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