Xu Xinghe selected “Devil’s Labyrinth” and pressed the play button.

At the beginning of the movie, a girl with dead eyes and an ashen face stood on the rooftop, staring blankly at the sky.

The heavy soundtrack sounded.
Combined with the gloomy sky and dark clouds, the atmosphere of a horror movie came all of a sudden.

Suddenly, the music stopped abruptly.

The lady jumped down from the teaching building…

Xu Xinghe’s heart tightened, and he shrank his shoulders subconsciously.

Fortunately, the scene changed, and the brisk opening song sounded.
Thirteen years later, a group of young people took a cruise ship to go to the island for vacation.

As soon as the melodious holiday music sounded, Xu Xinghe knew that the next section would be easier, so he relaxed and started chatting with Ling Changfeng: “This is the latest masterpiece of the horror master Galis, but word of mouth is that the film is quite polarized.
Some say it is exciting and scary enough, and some say its plot is cliché and lackluster.”

Because it is a private theater with only two people, he doesn’t have to worry about affecting other people by talking, so can say what he wants to say.

Ling Changfeng didn’t know anything about this, but after hearing that Xu Xinghe could even say the director’s name, he couldn’t help taking a glance at him.
“Are you interested in this type of movie?”

“I’m quite interested… What? Don’t believe me? I said I’m not afraid of this.” Xu Xinghe waved his hand and raised his chin.
“I have guts now.”

Ling Changfeng looked at him with suspicion.

But he didn’t ask any more questions.
Instead he turned his head to look at the big screen calmly.

In fact, Xu Xinghe has never watched a horror movie on the big screen for many years since he was frightened by one in middle school.

However, he belongs to the kind of moviegoer that, although he doesn’t dare to watch horror movies himself, he is quite interested in this type of movies, and likes to read movie explanations online when he has nothing to do.

Therefore, he has an understanding of the general routine of horror films and some well-known horror directors.

This movie is supposed to be one of those quintessential island survival horror movies.

A group of college classmates go to a class reunion on a weekend after 13 years of graduation.
The location is chosen on a mysterious and quiet island.

The tour guide who took them to the island reminded them that there is a maze on the north side of the island.
The maze has been left unattended for many years and overgrown with weeds.
It is easy to get lost in it, and they reminded the group not to set foot there.

Seeing this, Xu Xinghe turned to his side and complained to Ling Changfeng: “It’s started, I bet tonight there will be cannon fodder who’ll go seek death.
Guess who’s dead first?”

Ling Changfeng casually said: “The one with red hair and blue eyes?”

Xu Xinghe: “How’s that possible! That’s the male lead! The protagonist must live to the end.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He stared at the screen intently, but was somewhat absent-minded.

Ling Changfeng remembered some of Qin Yuan’s suggestions and exhortations before he came-

“On a first date, if you’re alone in the same room, or in such a quiet and private environment as a movie theater, you should seize the opportunity to perform well.
When the atmosphere of the movie arrives, you can take the opportunity to hold hands or hug.”

Marshal Ling frowned slightly.
His expression was serious, as if he was discussing some major national affairs with his adjutant.
“How to take advantage of this opportunity? When will the atmosphere be right?”

Qin Yuan replied in a clichéd tone: “Wait until the male and female leads are in love.
When it’s thick with romantic background music, and the atmosphere is almost here, when the main characters hold hands, hug or kiss on the big screen, then you can almost hold small hands quietly.”

Ling Changfeng still frowned and asked: “What if they don’t do anything?”

Qin Yuan looked at him speechlessly.
“How is that possible! Do you think everyone is like you? Now, as long as it’s a commercial film, how can the main characters have no emotional connection? Unless Xinghe chooses a military film or a documentary.
But I don’t think this is something he will do, it’s more like something you’d do.
In short, when a love song or a romantic melody sounds in the movie, you should approach him quietly…”

When Adjutant Qin said this, he probably didn’t expect that a horror movie would be picked for his superior’s first movie date.

Ling Changfeng looked at the various young men and women in the movie and fell silent.

He felt that he probably can’t wait for the leads to hold hands.

There are more than a dozen people in the villa.
The relationship between the characters is quite complicated, and it seems that there is such a love-hate relationship between everyone, so he couldn’t tell who the leads were.

Hearing Xu Xinghe’s complaints at this time, he couldn’t help but turn his head and ask: “The red-haired man is the male lead, so who’s the female lead?”

Xu Xinghe stretched out his hand and pointed, “It should be the girl with blond hair and sunglasses.
That’s her, the one who took off the sunglasses.”

Ling Changfeng frowned: “But they aren’t a couple…will they hold hands?”

“Ah?” Xu Xinghe glanced at him in surprise.
“Do you mean the male and female lead? Well…although they’re currently single, it seems they dated as students.
I don’t know what conflicts led to the breakup, but after experiencing this kind of deserted island survival, they should be able to reunite soon.”

Ling Changfeng nodded, and decided to wait.

Sure enough, as Xu Xinghe predicted, on the night they arrived on the island, after everyone finished dinner, there was a rich second generation who went out for a walk with his girlfriend and went to the labyrinth to seek excitement.

On a cloudy night, skin-crawling background music sounded.

Behind the maze wall composed of vines, there was a sudden rustling.

Although he knew that this thrilling atmosphere was deliberately created for the movie, Xu Xinghe’s nerves tensed involuntarily.

Suddenly, a sharp black claw suddenly stretched out of the vines, covered the mouth of the rich second generation, and dragged him into the boundless darkness…

Ling Changfeng watched blankly.
The sporadic blood stains and white bones that faintly flashed behind the dense vines on screen made him a little bored.

When will the male and female leads hold hands?

And where’s the romantic background music?

He began to wonder if these elements would ever appear in the film.

Ling Changfeng turned his head to look at Xu Xinghe, but saw his little spouse huddled in the large leather seat motionless, holding a drink with a pale face.

He carefully observed Xu Xinghe’s face and asked softly, “Are you alright?”

Hearing a sudden voice against his ear, Xu Xinghe shivered, and the motion caused his alcohol-free mojito to spill out.

Ling Changfeng saw it in his eyes and passed his handkerchief silently.

“Thank you,” Xu Xinghe whispered, and began to lower his head to wipe off the spills.
While wiping the stains, he began to complain: “This mojito is too cold, causing my hand to shake…”

Ling Changfeng got up.

Xu Xinghe suddenly panicked, raised his head suddenly, and stared at Ling Changfeng like a limp little animal.
“Where are you going?”

He didn’t want to stay in the dark cinema alone!

At this moment, Xu Xinghe regretted choosing this damn unlucky movie.

Team Leader Xu, who thought that he was immune to horror scenes after seeing so many horror movie commentaries, didn’t expect that this thrilling background music would make him nervous.

The moment that big black hand stretched out of the thick, Xu Xinghe was about to break out in cold sweat and goosebumps.

And this was just the first cannon fodder.

Ling Changfeng looked back at Xu Xinghe and said, “I’m not leaving.”

Then he walked to the mobile dining table, grabbed a cup of hot cocoa, and walked back with it.

He took the handkerchief out of Xu Xinghe’s cold little hand, and put the hot cocoa in his hand instead: “Drink something warm.”

Then he asked Xu Xinghe: “Do you still want to watch this?”

Xu Xinghe: “… “

If Ling Changfeng didn’t ask, he might have gone down the stairs himself.

But when Ling Changfeng asked such a question, Xu Xinghe felt that it was too embarrassing to be scared by the film at such a time, and refused to admit it.

“I don’t mind, do you still want to watch it?” Xu Xinghe asked Ling Changfeng, pretending not to care.

Seeing him like this, Ling Changfeng suddenly had a vicious and playful interest in his heart.

He wants to see how long this little hedgehog can remain stubborn.
After a while, will its thorns soften?

So he nodded casually: “Then let’s continue watching.”


Their internal thoughts:


LCF: When I can hold his hands…

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