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Ling Changfeng could clearly hear his own heartbeat.

The voice was sticky and soft, flowing lightly into his ears, wrapping around his heart a few times.

The speeding car zoomed on the empty track, ignoring the street lamps floating in the night sky.
The mismatched pupils reflecting the lights of thousands of homes in the sky flickering on and off with the passing scenery.

Even Ling Changfeng, who had superior concentration and willpower, couldn’t bear it any longer at this moment.

He abruptly withdrew his hand and grabbed the restless paw in his palm.

Ling Changfeng turned his head, Xu Xinghe was less than twenty centimeters away from him, and his big black eyes stared at him without blinking.

The small hand held in the palm was cold, and it was quietly curled up in his palm.

The Adam’s apple rolled, Ling Changfeng opened his mouth and asked, “Why are your hands so cold?”

His voice was already slightly hoarse.

Xu Xinghe blinked and asked, “Why are your hands so hot?”

Ling Changfeng suddenly realized–

It was not Xu Xinghe’s hands that were cold, but that his own body temperature was rising.

A stream of heat rose from his spine and quickly flowed through his limbs.

Heating his body up all over.

However, Xu Xinghe still leaned forward again without fear of life, and pasted half his body next to him.

The car was filled with the unique sweetness of that person’s pheromone.

Filled with joy and haunting dreams.

Ling Changfeng asked in his slightly hoarse voice, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Xu Xinghe sniffed around him, like a puppy looking for food, and gave a nonsense answer, “You really smell nice.”

His fluffy hair followed his movements and gently brushed across Ling Changfeng’s sensitive neck.

The latter’s eyelashes trembled, and an indescribable emotion flashed across his eyes.

This is a closed and private little world.

Marshal Ling’s car today has a front and rear fully partitioned design, and the cockpit and the inner cabin do not communicate with each other, so the people sitting in the driver’s seat and the co-pilot can’t hear anything that happens in the back seat.

The car glass is also one-way visible, not to mention that there is no one on the special track tonight.

So at this moment, in such a confined space, they seem to be able to do whatever they want.

Ling Changfeng stretched out his free right hand and gently brushed the soft broken hair in front of Xu Xinghe’s forehead.

“Those intimate behaviors after marriage—”

Ling Changfeng asked in a hoarse voice: “Are they acceptable?”

Xu Xinghe looked at him: “For example, stomach rubs, brushing hair?”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Looking at the little spouse who still treats himself as a cat after being drunk, he wondered if he should stop those unspeakable thoughts of his this time.

“It’s not that.” Ling Changfeng was silent for a moment, then shook his head.
“It’s those between spouses, intimate acts.”

Xu Xinghe asked, “For example?”

Ling Changfeng looked at him for a while, then suddenly stretched out his hand and tapped the glands on the back of Xu Xinghe’s neck gently.

The calloused index and middle fingers touched the small scar.

Gently rub it.

Xu Xinghe shivered.

That sensitive and fragile skin, especially can’t stand provocation.

However, Ling Changfeng’s hand seemed to be glued, and he stayed there and didn’t leave.

Some techniques are self-taught.

As an alpha, Ling Changfeng seemed to have a natural knowledge of how to mark, how to ask an omega, and how to satisfy the other party.

Xu Xinghe’s breathing became a little faster.

“Don’t be like this—”

He frowned and shrank back, as if a layer of fog rose in his eyes, and his voice trembled slightly.
“It’s uncomfortable.”

Ling Changfeng’s eyes changed, looking at Xu Xinghe’s with unbridled and unconcealed desire.

He clearly saw that Xu Xinghe’s eyes were flushed light red, and even a little teary.

At this time, the dodginess of prey is a kind of false refusal and welcome temptation for a hunter.

“It’ll be comfortable in a while,” he said in a low voice.

His voice seemed softer than ever.

There were storms in his eyes, the sky was falling apart, and it was difficult to control himself.

Ling Changfeng put his palm on the back of Xu Xinghe’s neck, supported his head with his five fingers, and sent others to him.

The distance between the two was getting closer and closer, and the scorching breath rushed to the face.

The two lips were getting closer and closer, as if a kiss was about to happen.

The next moment, Ling Changfeng suddenly stopped.

Under the pale moonlight and the warm street lamps, he saw something rolling down from the corner of Xu Xinghe’s eyes.

Leaving a bright trace.

Ling Changfeng’s movements froze instantly.

He silently observed the redness at the end of the man’s eyes—

Wet eyes.

It wasn’t because of what I thought.

Xu Xinghe seemed to be really crying.

Like being bullied.

Such undisguised grievances can arouse a person’s reason more than words.

The pearl-like tears fell silently, like a switch, instantly cutting off all distractions and impulses in his heart.

Ling Changfeng let out a long sigh and let go of the hand on the back of Xu Xinghe’s neck.

He felt that Xu Xinghe was probably sent by god to restrain himself.
He could easily provoke his enthusiasm, making it difficult for him to control himself, and could easily stop this enthusiasm and rein him in.

Xu Xinghe, who had lost restraint, did not move, and still looked at him with a pair of wet eyes.

He resembled a small stone sculpture, motionless.

Tears streamed down the corners of his mouth, carving a long tear on the left side of his face.

Ling Changfeng’s gaze remained on his lips for a moment, and he suddenly thought that if Xu Xinghe was smiling now, there would have been a small dimple here.

He raised his hand again and wiped the tear from his left cheek.

“I won’t mess with you, don’t cry.”

His voice was still hoarse, his blood was still hot, but his mind had calmed down.

He didn’t ask anything, didn’t say anything, but said in a gentle voice as if coaxing a child: “Don’t be afraid.
Go home and take hangover medicine first, then go to sleep.
When you wake up, everything will be fine.”

He thought to himself, Xu Xinghe will still have to drink less alcohol in the future.

Now that it’s like this, it can be regarded as self-inflicted.

Xu Xinghe stayed motionless for a while, and then started to get restless again.

After being drunk, he was always uneasy and clingy.

Always want to hold onto something, or find a safe harbor to lean on.

He stared at Ling Changfeng for a moment, as if he had forgotten what the other party had just done in the blink of an eye.

Then he stuck next to his big cat again, tilted his head, and leaned down on Ling Changfeng’s shoulder.

Ling Changfeng’s body froze slightly.

This is the first time Xu Xinghe has put his pillow on his shoulder.

His whole head was buried in the socket of his neck, unreserved and full of dependence.

He shouldered countless responsibilities and expectations on his shoulders, but at this moment, facing Xu Xinghe’s reliance, he suddenly panicked.

Freezing in place, not daring to move.

Afraid he’ll be uncomfortable.

The simple action that had nothing to do with any lust sealed Marshal Ling right up.

But the right hand holding Xu Xinghe never let go.

Ling Changfeng silently took a few deep breaths to calm his voice.
Then he asked Xu Xinghe: “How do you feel now?”

Xu Xinghe rolled his head, found a more comfortable place to lean on his neck, and replied in a soft voice: “A little scared.”

“Scared? Of what?”

“…” No answer.

“Can you turn on a light?” Xu Xinghe suddenly said softly, “It’s so dark in the car.”

Ling Changfeng’s right body didn’t move, and he stretched out his left hand to turn on the small headlight above.

He knew that Xu Xinghe had something buried in his heart.
He wanted to explore it, but he didn’t dare to delve into it.

He’s afraid of self-defeat.
If he’s not careful, he will break the defense line carefully built by the other party.

So contradictory, so careful, so restrained.

In the dark night, the two cuddled together.

The street scene outside the window faded away, and the bustling silence of the city was no more.

Ling Changfeng was in a trance-like illusion, as if the two of them could keep leaning on like this until the sea was drained, the rocks turned to dust, and the world withered.

When he returned to the Marshal’s mansion, He Han was already waiting in the hall with hangover medicine.


Suuuurre, Marshal Ling.
We all know you reeeallly want to avoid the baby hedgehog…

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