Xu Xinghe felt that his luck was a little unlucky today.

Forgot to bring lunch, the server in the 540-1611 area suddenly went down in the afternoon, and the ZZ system collapsed on a large scale.
The entire technical department entered a heightened state to perform an emergency investigation and repair.

Hundreds of people worked hard all afternoon and the crash was finally repaired after 5:00 in the afternoon.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief – it seems that there is no need to work overtime.

Xu Xinghe raised his head from behind his head, stretched his waist, got up and moved his muscles and bones, then put the coffee cup under the coffee machine and pressed the “cappuccino” mode button.

The next second, there was a “drip drip” sound from the coffee machine, and then with a bang, the switch went off.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Why does even the coffee machine stop working??

He slapped the machine irritably, but it stubbornly continued to strike.

Helpless, Xu Xinghe struggled for two more seconds, and finally picked up the cup and walked towards the tea room.

Fortunately, now is not break time and no one else was in the tea room.

As soon as Xu Xinghe got his coffee, his work communication rang again.

Ethan: “Team leader, A64 has reported an error again, come and see”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

What happened today?

Team leader Xu hurried back with the coffee cup that was just filled.
Just as he ran to the corner, a figure suddenly flashed in front of him.


The two bumped into each other at the corner.

The dark blue coffee cup tipped, and almost all the hot coffee spilled onto the other party’s plaid shirt.

Xu Xinghe almost fell to the ground, and when he stood up against the wall, he quickly apologized: “I’m sorry!”

As soon as he looked up, he saw the other party’s steaming green plaid shirt, and in a hurry, he stretched out his hand and tried to peel it off.
“Hurry up and take your coat off! Don’t get burned…”

The young man who was splashed took a light breath.
After blocking Xu Xinghe’s hands, he grabbed the part of the clothes that had been drenched in coffee and shook it out, preventing the hot cloth from sticking to his skin.

His breathing was a little unsteady, but when he opened his mouth, his voice did not reveal the slightest pain.
Instead he said calmly: “Team Leader Xu is very polite, but this is not a coat – I am wearing this shirt today.
After taking it off, there’s no more.”

Xu Xinghe was stunned, stopped what he was doing, and looked up.

And discovered he did not know the person in front of him.

Although he didn’t know him, he saw the frown on the other’s brows.
Seeing the clothes that were still steaming… Xu Xinghe felt he was scalded.

The freshly brewed coffee from the machine has occasionally scalded his hand when spilled, not to mention a whole cup dumped onto one’s body.

Xu Xinghe felt guilty all of a sudden, and he didn’t care whether he knew him or not.
“I’m really sorry, shall I accompany you to the infirmary? Let the doctor take a look.”

“No, it’s a small problem, I’ll just go home and deal with it.
The young man looked up at him and said with a smile, “There are a lot of things at work today.
Team Leader Xu, I’ll go first.”

The young man was handsome and sunny.
At first glance, he was a little taller than him, and although his clothes were messy, his smile was very gentle.

Xu Xinghe searched around in his mind, but he couldn’t recall whether there was such a person in the technical department.
“May I ask who you are?”

“My name is Gu Nai.” The young man pushed the rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose.
He continued to laugh and said, “Team Leader Xu doesn’t recognize me, but I recognize you.”

“?” Xu Xinghe felt that the young man’s words were strange.

Just as he was about to speak, the work communication rang again.

Gu Nai’s eyes swept over the screen and said to him again: “Leader Xu, work calls.”

Xu Xinghe really should go back to work, but he felt that leaving after throwing hot coffee on him wasn’t very polite.
“Then you…”

“I’ll deal with it when I get home, it’s fine.” Gu Nai naturally picked up on his words, as if he knew what he was going to say.

Xu Xinghe nodded: “Then I’ll leave first.
Where is your seat? I’ll stop by tomorrow to apologize.”

“Why don’t you invite me to dinner?”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

This change came a little too suddenly.

However, he glanced at the light green plaid shirt of the other party, and the large brownish stain.
Even if it was washed, 80% chance the shirt is scrapped.

He felt that it was also appropriate to invite people to dinner.

“No problem, but I have an appointment tonight, can I do tomorrow night?” Xu Xinghe asked.

He actually didn’t have an appointment tonight, he just suddenly remembered that before going out this morning, when Ling Changfeng asked him “do you want to go home for dinner?”, he said “go home”.

“Okay, then it’s settled.” Gu Nai smiled at him, then turned and left.

Xu Xinghe pressed behind him and asked, “Uh…what do you want to eat? Where can I find you tomorrow?”

In the afterglow of the setting sun, Gu Nai waved to Xu Xinghe without looking back, “I will come to you tomorrow.
Team Leader Xu, see you tomorrow night.”

Due to the numerous emergencies today, Team Leader Xu was forced to work overtime.

When he returned to the Marshal’s mansion, it was already past seven o’clock in the evening.

He took the time to send Ling Changfeng an email at 5:30, telling him, “I may be going back later tonight, you have dinner first.”

After the email was sent, Xu Xinghe stared at the screen, suddenly dazed.

A month ago, he ate and lived alone, but now there’s a sense of someone waiting for him at home.

Xu Xinghe went straight to the dining room after washing his hands.

As soon as he entered the door of the dining room, he was stunned: “Why are you here?”

Ling Changfeng was sitting at the other end of the long table, looking down at the evening newspaper.
The tableware in front of him looked as if it had not been touched.

The food on the table was still steaming.

“I had something today, so I came back late.” Ling Changfeng put down the newspaper, raised his head and looked at his little spouse calmly.
“Was work busy today?”

“Too busy.” Xu Xinghe was already hungry.
Stomach growling, he didn’t say much and sat down to eat.

Ling Changfeng glanced at him and started silently.

Midway through the meal when Xu Xinghe had basically filled his stomach, he remembered that he still had something to say.



Two different voices sounded at the same time.

Ling Changfeng raised his eyes: “You speak first.”

Xu Xinghe: “I have an appointment with my colleague for dinner tomorrow night, so I won’t come back for dinner.”

Ling Changfeng frowned: “Colleague?”

“I poured coffee over him, so I plan to invite him to have a meal near my work to apologize.”

Ling Changfeng asked, “Why do you want to treat a guest?”

Xu Xinghe: “Otherwise? How do you usually apologize? You can’t give money directly, right?”

Ling Changfeng: “I don’t usually apologize to people.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

“Anyway, a courtesy is still needed.
Gifts are troublesome, so it’s better to go out for a meal.” After Xu Xinghe finished speaking, he decided to change the topic: “What did you want to say just now?”

Ling Changfeng continued persistently: “If you apologize, I have a list of gifts for reference—” After speaking, he asked casually, “What gender is he?”

Xu Xinghe shook his head: “I only know that he is a man.
I don’t know him well, or what ABO gender he is; only that I’m sorry.”

“Oh.” Marshal Ling was satisfied.

Xu Xinghe suddenly asked: “Why do you have a gift list?”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He was silent for two seconds, and began to answer Xu Xinghe’s previous question: “I just wanted to ask, what are your hobbies?”

Xu Xinghe: “?”

His face was a little strange: “Why do you ask this all of a sudden?”

Ling Changfeng paused slightly.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He thought for a while: “I really don’t have any special hobbies.”

Ling Changfeng nodded: “Then tell me after you finish eating tomorrow.
I’ll send someone to pick you up.”

After a pause, “Don’t drink,”

Xu Xinghe: “…Oh, don’t worry, I’ve quit drinking.”




At half past six in the evening, Gu Nai returned to his bachelor pad.

It’s said to be a single apartment, but its actually a dilapidated rental house of thirty or forty square meters.

The house is very old from the outside, and the walls are slightly moldy.

The geographical location is also biased.
It takes about an hour to reach the Ark, and it is a little closer to the Capital University.

Although the apartment is small and crowded, it has a kitchen, bedroom, and private bathroom.

There is a large table in the bedroom, on which are three terminals of different shapes, as well as half a piece of bread that he didn’t finish last night.

This is where he has lived for many years.

Gu Nai came to the mirror in the bathroom, unbuttoned the button, and took off the plaid shirt-

From the left arm to the front chest, a large swath of red covered his body.

It wasn’t as severe as expected, but the burnt part was still burning hot.

There was no therapeutic device at home, so Gu Nai simply took a cold shower under the shower for 20 minutes, then changed into clean clothes and went out to buy medicine, and feed the stray cats.

After buying medicine and applying it, he broke out in a cold sweat again.

Gu Nai raised his head, looked at himself in the mirror, and suddenly smiled.

It’s a good start…

In the bedroom, a photo of a person flashed on the light-brained screen –

Xu Xinghe smiling sweetly in the sun.


What a fake accidental collision.

Baby hedgehog,  you’d better be more wary!

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