Early Monday morning, Xu Xinghe went to work at the Ark as usual.

As soon as she arrived at the office, Ajia came up mysteriously.

“Team leader!”

Xu Xinghe raised his eyebrows: “How is it? Did you still have a successful date last weekend?”

Ajia was stunned: “It was quite successful, he invited me to dinner after watching the movie…etc.
Wait a minute, this isn’t what I wanted to say! Have you read the news this morning?”

Xu Xinghe turned his head: “What’s the matter?”

Ajia winked at Xu Xinghe: “Mu Qingyun transferred out Capital Star! Going to Volga Star—although his rank hasn’t changed, it is considered a demotion.”

“Oh.” Xu Xinghe responded calmly and asked, “What about it?”

“Your scumbag ex-husband! Isn’t it very pleasing for him to pack up and leave?”

Xu Xinghe: “…Can you be less gossipy?”

Mu Qingyun’s departure is indeed a refreshing thing.
But they are ex-husbands, so why would he care what happened?

He patted Ajia’s head: “Stop gossiping, go back to your seat.”

“Team Leader!!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ryan rushed in excitedly.

“…” Xu Xinghe rubbed his temples with a headache, and said without looking at him, “I know, Mu Qingyun has been transferred, so don’t report to me again.
Can you please return to your own seat?”

“Mu Qingyun transferred away??” Ryan asked with a bewildered face, “Where did he transfer to?”

“…Go and read the news yourself.” Team leader Xu had three black lines on his head, and immediately put on a “I’m very impatient” expression, “Then what were you going to say?”

Ryan said, “I heard our technical department is going to have a new intern!”

“Intern?!” Ajia turned around in surprise.

Xu Xinghe finally lifted his eyelids to look back at the words, and asked strangely: “Isn’t our department not recruiting interns?”

Ryan leaned over and whispered: “A special recruit came in.
I heard that they’re someone’s relative.”

“Xu Xinghe nodded, lost interest in an instant, and sent the two of them: “Work is about to start, hurry up.
We can talk about this later.”




Inside the Commander’s Office on the first floor.

Major General Qin Yuan leaned in front of Marshal Ling’s desk, touched his chin and fell into contemplation: “Do you mean the material aspect, or the spiritual aspect?”

Ling Changfeng sat behind the large desk, his index finger gently tapping the table as he said solemnly: “Both.”

His whole person looked calm, serious and indifferent, as if he was making some important decision with his adjutant.

——It was impossible to guess the question he asked was actually “what do young people like today?”.

Qin Yuan looked at his superior with a “really difficult to serve” expression on his face, but still answered seriously: “In terms of material things, luxury cars, famous watches, fine wine… don’t look at me like that, these are things all grown-up men have liked forever.
It has nothing to do with young or old.”

Ling Changfeng looked at him blankly: “Why are you so vulgar?”

Qin Yuan: “…”

“Didn’t I make such a long list of gifts for you before?” Qin Yuan gestured.
“Limited-edition sneakers that boys like, basketballs, jerseys signed by stars, or high-quality audio equipment, rare first edition books… Tell me the truth, have you read the list that I have worked so hard to make?”

Ling Changfeng: “…I glanced at it.”

But he thought it was all a mess at the time.
He wouldn’t be giving any of it anyway, so he didn’t care much.

“Alternatively, you can also give him a mini version of a super optical brain, with a pair of electrostatic capacitance keyboards that feels super good.
After all, he graduated from the department of computer science and should be very interested in electronic equipment…”

The more he spoke, the more Qin Yuan felt he wasn’t being paid enough.
Now he not only has to work hard in his job, but also act as Ling Changfeng’s emotional advisor, and do his best for his boss’s private affairs.

Ling Changfeng pondered for a moment, then raised his eyes and asked again, “What about the spiritual1spiritual as in what one enjoys, or gets satisfaction from mentally aspect?”

“Spiritual aspect…” Qin Yuan thought for a while, then shrugged, “This is more difficult to satisfy, I suggest you get to know your spouse first.
His hobbies and dreams, and then do whatever you want.”

Ling Changfeng looked up at his adjutant, and remained silent.

Qin Yuan groaned in his heart: “Don’t look at me! Is it possible that I also want to understand this?”

Ling Changfeng was silent for a moment, then suddenly changed the topic: “I read in the book that hugs, kisses, and love between lovers are also It can achieve spiritual satisfaction.”

“What?” Qin Yuan swayed, with an expression on his face that the end of the world was coming.
“What book did you read? No, why did you read this kind of book??”

The moment his voice fell he saw Ling Changfeng’s eyes flicker, and a low pressure began emanating from his body, proclaiming that no strangers should enter.

Qin Yuan: “…”

What did he say something wrong again??

“Answer my question first.” Ling Changfeng said indifferently

Qin Yuan shivered and carefully considered, “I’m sorry, although you are already married, but… you may not be considered a couple for the time being, so some methods that are applicable between lovers, aren’t applicable yet… But don’t worry, the situation is stable and improving! I believe it won’t take long before you can apply what you’ve learned.”

Ling Changfeng frowned and remained silent.

Thinking he had fooled him, Qin Yuan was about to breathe a sigh of relief, when he heard his superior say, “I want a detailed plan on how to ‘apply what I’ve learned’.”

After Ling Changfeng finished speaking, he got up to go to the meeting.
When passing by the stiff and petrified Qin Yuan, he casually added: “Give it to me within three days.”

Qin Yuan: “…”

Damn! He dug a hole for himself again.




On Monday morning, Xu Xinghe spent most of his time in meetings.

During the lunch break, he routinely rejected the invitation of several colleagues to go to the cafeteria for lunch, claiming that he had brought his own lunch—he had indeed brought his own lunch since last week, but he had forgotten it this morning.

Xu Xinghe glanced at the time, and it was too late to order takeout now.
As for the cafeteria – it would be embarrassing to run into the colleagues he had just rejected.

He turned off his terminal, and got up after deciding to go buy something to eat from the convenience store outside the Ark.

There’s a large convenience store about 200 meters from the north gate of the Ark.

There are all kinds of bento in there, and the price is good.

At lunch time, there are a lot of people in the dining area, but it is cleaner than the Ark canteen.

Xu Xinghe bought a lunch box with cheese and pork chop omelette.
As soon as he sat down, he heard a familiar voice behind him: “Team Leader!!”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He turned back reluctantly and asked Ajia: “Why are you here?”

“In order to learn more, I didn’t catch up with the canteen rush, so I simply came here.” Ajia said, she consciously took her own lunch, and walked forward to sit across from him, “Exclusive gossip about the intern in our department! Would you like to hear it?”

Xu Xinghe: “No.”

Ajia: “…”

“This is also work-related gossip!” Ajia preached once more, and couldn’t help spilling the beans.
“The intern who is about to come in seems to be a male beta, a master’s student of your Capital University.
I heard that their skills are terrible and they’re very arrogant, and indeed came in through a relationship.”

Xu Xinghe had just finished eating a mouthful of omelette rice, when he heard the words.
He swallowed the meal slowly, and then corrected her: “Your words contradict one another.
Bow can graduate students from Capital University be so bad? Computers is our ace major, and notoriously difficult to get into.
Even if he is related to someone, his skills shouldn’t be that bad?”

Ajia: “Who said he majored in computer science? He seems to have a master’s degree in finance.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He raised his head incredulously.
“Why study finance and enter the Ark Technology Department?”

Ajia spread her hands.
“I don’t know, maybe they’re curious.
We’ll know after asking.
But he also seems to have a few computer certificates, and isn’t a complete novice… But this is not the key thing.
The key is that he can enter if he wants to, which means his backstage is very strong.”

Ajia leaned closer and whispered: “I heard that it is the son of Director Wang’s uncle’s family.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Is this just made up??

He shook his head: “You guys are really ‘well-informed’, so you can even figure it out?”

“There are no secrets in the pantry,” Ajia replied.

“The pantry?” Xu Xinghe asked abruptly, “Is that the place where I was rumored to be pregnant?”

Ajia: “…”

Because Xu Xinghe was deeply disturbed by rumors, he did not believe in these rumors, nor did he want to participate in any gossip, so he said lightly: “Be kind to the new colleagues, don’t let the rumors fly heedlessly.”

“Oh.” Ajia seemed to understand, so she closed her mouth obediently: “Then I won’t gossip anymore.”

Xu Xinghe glanced at her: “Let’s eat.”

Xu Xinghe didn’t have a good meal.

He always felt that there was an unknown line of sight behind him, watching him from a corner.

Looking around, there are many people in the dining area, so maybe someone recognized him.

Team Leader Xu sighed silently, quickly settled the lunch box, and left with Ajia.

After they left, a young man in glasses and a plaid shirt looked up from a table 2 tables over.

The man is very tall and handsome.
He wears rimless glasses and looks gentle and friendly.

He sat alone in the dining area to eat, during which a little girl approached him, and he smiled and chatted with her in a gentle tone.

When Xu Xinghe left, the man looked at his back, pushed his glasses, and cast a playful glance.


This chapter title – The intern – feels kind of ominous.

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1spiritual as in what one enjoys, or gets satisfaction from mentally

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