Xu Xinghe never expected that missing a few calls from Mu Qingyun would lead to Miles blocking the door.

Can it be said that the two communicated in time or not?

Xu Xinghe rubbed his temples and said, “I have already agreed to sign it just a few minutes ago.
If you really want me to get a divorce soon, go back and urge Mu Qingyun to send the divorce agreement over.”

As if he hadn’t heard his words, Miles continued to question: “The one-year marriage protection period has passed, and you haven’t given birth to a child for the Mu family.
You still have face to stay in the Mu family! No matter how you delay, in the end, the court will also sentence you to divorce!”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

This is the familiar feeling of a chicken talking to a duck.1

Xu Xinghe looked up at the sky.
“Why is it so hard to communicate with you?”

Sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder if Mu Qingyun believed his life was too smooth, which is why he found such a little lover.

Miles’s face darkened.

However, even if he has a black face, he is still beautiful.
Other off-duty Ark staff passing by threw some surprising glances their way.

Xu Xinghe didn’t want to hear any more messy rumors, so he raised his eyelids and said, “Excuse me, I’m going to dinner.”

Miles didn’t move.
“I advise you to sign quickly.
The one who’ll be embarrassed if this drags on will be you!”

Xu Xinghe sighed.
“Don’t worry, I want to be single more than Mu Qingyun.
If I had his family background, I would have paid the fine for refusing marriage in the first place.
How could there be so much trouble later?”

Miles sneered.
“Your words are so high-sounding now, so why didn’t you sign the Mu family’s prenuptial agreement? Why do you want joint custody of the child? Don’t you just want to tie him up with the child! Changing your words now, do you think no one knows your ambitions?”

Xu Xinghe shook his head, turned on the smartphone on his left wrist, and typed some information on the projection keyboard without raising his eyelids.
“I can understand your anger, but don’t direct it at me, okay? Am I not the victim of this marriage? Mu Qingyun didn’t tell me about your existence before marriage.
Besides, I just graduated not long ago.
A college student can’t afford to pay the fine; what else could I do apart from obeying? Instead of blocking me here, you might as well go back and ask Mu Qingyun why he agreed to this marriage in the first place.
He has more options than me.”

Miles seemed to have been stabbed in a sore spot.
His body stiffened, and he gritted his teeth.
“Qingyun he…he did it for the Mu family! You don’t need to provoke our relationship…”

Xu Xinghe sighed.
After saying so much, he’s still playing the piano to a cow.2

After sending out a text, he raised his head and looked at Miles again.

Miles had been dealing with him for a year, and knew it was nothing good when he saw his look.

He couldn’t help panicking, and quietly took a step back.
“What? This is the Ark’s jurisdiction, do you still dare play tricks?”

“You also know that this is the Ark? I just contacted the people at the security office.” Xu Xinghe shook the smartphone on his wrist, “Even if it’s the parking lot, it’s still not open to the outside world, right? I don’t know how you got in, but I hope you have a valid reason, otherwise you’ll have to trouble Mu Qingyun to fetch you in person.”

The Ark is the location of the mastermind’s server, which stores the information of tens of billions of people in the Gamma galaxy.

Security guards are all armed with guns, and there are armed police patrolling the main building.
The consequences of trespassing without authorization are very serious.

Miles’s face turned pale.
“You dare! Qingyun will not let you go…”

Xu Xinghe shrugged.
“I’m sorry, I already did.
Save your words for the security department.
I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, he walked around him and walked into the parking lot.

Miles originally wanted to chase him, but he didn’t dare.

Although he was used to being pampered, he still knew where the Ark was.
Moreover, this time he came without Mu Qingyun’s knowledge, and didn’t bring bodyguards.
It would be very troublesome if he was caught.

Thinking of this, Miles had no choice but to stomp his feet and call someone for help.

There was the sound of an aircraft starting not far away.
As soon as Miles looked up, he saw Xu Xinghe driving a Phantom S-86 away, and was so angry that he almost bit his silver teeth.

The blue car left a long blue streak in the air, heading towards the streets above the sky.

Inside the car, after setting up autopilot, Xu Xinghe turned on his favorite radio station.

Melodious music began to reverberate in the car.

Although there was an unpleasant episode just now, it didn’t affect his good mood.

He leaned back on his seat comfortably with his hands on his back, and started thinking about what to eat tonight.

At this time, his smartphone rang.

A group named “Capital University F4” flashed on the screen.

Xu Xinghe’s lips curled and he clicked on the holographic projection to see his three good classmates from Capital University who invited him to have dinner together.

This group was established in his freshman year to sign up for a robot creativity competition.

In addition to him, there is a female alpha Cheryl Brown, a male Beta Lin Qi, and a male alpha Vincent Cohen.

The four of them are all top students in the Department of Computer Science, and together they formed the famous F4 in the school.

Xu Xinghe replied: “Sure, it’s Brother Xu’s treat today.
You can choose the place.”

Cheryl immediately sent a restaurant address.

Xu Xinghe glanced at it, and said in a lazy voice, “Huh, typically I invite you out, but I’ll be invited out instead?”

This Georges Grolet restaurant in Nebula City was sent by Cheryl, and had a military background.
It’s a high-end restaurant not open to the public, and requires one to be brought by members.

In this kind of place, the till is generally registered, and he can’t swipe his card if he goes.

If the three of them wanted to spend money here, the bill could only be placed in the name of Cheryl’s father, Colonel Brown.

Lin Qi: “Old rules, want to eat Georges Grolet’s, type 1.
Those who don’t, 2.”

Lin Qi: “1”

Cheryl: “1”

Vincent: “1”

Xu Xinghe: “?”

Lin Qi: “Three to one.
Brother Xu, please invite us another day.”

Xu Xinghe: “Why, is this restaurant so delicious that you’re all obsessed?”

Lin Qi: “The key point is that this place is not somewhere you can eat if you want.”

Vincent: “It just so happened that Cheryl took her dad’s card today.”

Lin Qi: “It just so happens that today is the big day that you’re single again.”

Vincent: “I’ve been eyeing this place for a long time.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Xu Xinghe: “Shut up, I’ll go right now.”

The blue speeder turned at the next intersection and headed automatically towards the new destination.




The Georges Grolet is built on a hillside with a beautiful environment in the western suburbs and looks like a gorgeous manor from a distance.

The guards with guns stood outside the manor, adding a mysterious and solemn atmosphere to the place.

Compared with the Nebula city district, which is full of electronics and metal products, the greenery here is extravagant.

Xu Xinghe got out of the car and couldn’t help taking a deep breath of the fresh air.

At the entrance to the manor stood a young female alpha in a red leather jacket, talking to two other men.

Xu Xinghe saw Cheryl’s iconic red leather jacket at a glance, and waved.
“Cheryl! Lin Qi! Vincent!”

“Damn! You’re finally here.
We were waiting.” Lin Qi rushed over and hooked Xu Xinghe’s shoulder with one hand, patting his chest with the other hand.
“Did your newly purchased Phantom S-86 fail on the road?”

Xu Xinghe: “Take your claws3 off… Z-084 in the western suburbs is restricted currently, with a checkpoint.
Did you not encounter it when you came?”

Vincent was a little surprised: “It was fine when we came.
Isn’t Z-08 the way to this place? Was there any restriction?”

“Huh?” Xu Xinghe raised his head and glanced at the splendid restaurant.
Suddenly thinking of something, he snorted coldly.
“Maybe some big man came, so it’s temporarily restricted.”


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