Mu Qingyun never doubted that he was a top alpha.

He has strong family genes, and is a young general who has a bright future…

His high self-esteem and pride are innate, and reasonable.

Putting aside the status gap because of social status, as a top alpha, he has never been afraid of anyone.

Until this moment –

Ling Changfeng stood there, unscrupulously releasing his pheromones.

The powerful pressure made him breathless.

Cold sweat slid down his side face, and he froze in place, unable to move.

He couldn’t believe that someone could do this with pheromones alone.

It caused him to instinctively fear, and his soul shuddered.

As soon as Ling Changfeng’s pheromone came out, a majestic aura spread within 100 meters.

Too powerful and too aggressive.

Almost half of the banquet hall’s alphas were affected to varying degrees.

“Changfeng? What happened? Stop!”

An exclamation came from not far away.

Xu Xinghe turned his head and saw that it was a man of the same age as Ling Changfeng, wearing a blue military uniform.

His epaulets, chest insignia and rank badge roughly indicate who he is-

a vice admiral.

Ling Changfeng glanced at the person who came, patted Xu Xinghe on the shoulder lightly, and then walked towards Mu Qingyun.

As soon as the pheromone pressure was withdrawn, Mu Qingyun immediately fell down without any strength.

Breathing heavily, his body still shaking slightly.

A pair of shiny military boots appeared in front of him.

Mu Qingyun raised his cold sweaty black eyes and looked up at the man with a pair of mismatched pupils.

“Releasing pheromones at my people, what are you trying to do?” Ling Changfeng looked at Mu Qingyun condescendingly.
“You obviously don’t have the discipline, endurance, and self-control that soldiers need.”

Mu Qingyun’s pupils shrank.

“I will tell Marshal Ouyang that Capital Star is not suitable for you.
You can take advantage of the next few days to think about where you want to go among the remaining eleven planets in the galaxy.”

Ling Changfeng’s thin lips parted lightly, said coldly: “Now, get out.”

Mu Qingyun stood up tremblingly and stumbled away.

Ling Changfeng then turned around to his old classmate.
“Why are you here?”

“What do you think? Your pheromones almost overflowed from the banquet hall!” General Walker Waite admonished as he walked over.
“How are you going to explain it?”

“No need to explain.” Ling Changfeng lightly brushed the corner of his clothes and walked back to Xu Xinghe.

In the blink of an eye, the turbulent waves seemed to turn into a babbling stream again.

“Go back, the dance is about to start.”

General Weite also knew his temperament, and could only sigh helplessly.
“Forget it, remember to say hello for me to Lao Qin later.”

After speaking, he turned his eyes to Xu Xinghe.

Looking at the other party’s smooth and delicate skin and youthful face, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
What a young omega…

Ling Changfeng is quite lucky.

“Tsk, thanks to the class reunion that day.
We were still worried about your life-long affairs.” Waite smiled at Ling Changfeng, “I didn’t expect the mastermind to treat you so kindly – this is almost like old cows eating young grass.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly felt a chill behind him.

He hurriedly raised his hands and surrendered.
“Okay, okay, I’m not going to say anything else.
Big brother, please don’t, otherwise that guy Qin Yuan will call and scold me later.”

General Waite said, and walked over to Xu Xinghe and greeted him.
“Introduce myself, I’m Walker Waite.
Changfeng’s classmate from First Military Academy.”

“Hello.” Xu Xinghe recovered from what had just happened, and stretched out his hand ignorantly to shake hands.
“Nice to meet you…”

Before he finished speaking, a big hand suddenly stretched out from behind and shook the other party’s hand.

Waite: “…”

No need, really no need.1as in there’s no need for LCF to shake his hand

He felt that something was wrong with Ling Changfeng tonight.

In fact, not only General Waite, but even Marshal Ling himself felt that something was wrong with himself tonight.

He suddenly became unable to tolerate other alphas having physical contact with Xu Xinghe.
Not even a single touch.

Even if this person is a comrade-in-arms and classmate who he’s known for many years.

Ling Changfeng slowly inhaled, and then slowly exhaled, trying to relieve the inexplicable restlessness in his heart.

Then calmly said to Xu Xinghe: “Go back.”

“Let’s go, let’s go back together.” Waite followed, and said to Ling Changfeng: “Parrish and the rest will be in the V1 box on the second floor later.”

Ling Changfeng refused.
“I won’t go.”

When the few of them reserve a box, they usually chat and catch up, and also discuss things.
Confidential topics are inevitably brought up, so in principle, they cannot bring their family members along.

Waite said in amazement: “Then why are you here today? Are you really here for dinner? Parrish just came back a few days ago, and we haven’t seen him yet.”

Ling Changfeng originally wanted to meet his old friend, But the problem is, right now, he doesn’t want Xu Xinghe to leave his side for a moment.

“Let’s make an appointment in a few days.
Say hello to them for me later.” After speaking, he glanced at Xu Xinghe beside him intentionally or unintentionally, and continued: “I’m not feeling well today, so I might leave early.”

When the two returned to their seats together, the banquet had come to an end, and desserts were being served.

Xu Xinghe turned his head and asked Ling Changfeng: “Why are you uncomfortable?”

Ling Changfeng lowered his eyes.
“It’s nothing, just an excuse.”

Xu Xinghe looked at the fennel lemon jelly in front of Ling Changfeng, and then looked at the chestnut rum meringue in front of him.” Why are our desserts different?”

Ling Changfeng said, “I don’t like sweets.”

“This is sour, why don’t you eat it?”

“I don’t like it either.”

Xu Xinghe: “…Then what do you like to eat?”

Ling Changfeng gave him a thoughtful look, but did not answer.

Xu Xinghe: “…” This person is very picky.

Thinking it was a waste, Chef Xu opened his mouth earnestly: “It’s too wasteful if you don’t eat.
This seems to be the specialty of a dessert master.
I read it in an online book before, it uses lime jelly, served with fennel milk foam and black tapenade…”

Chef Xu began to talk about topics of interest.

Seeing him staring at his dessert cup, Ling Changfeng asked, “Want to eat?”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

That’s not what he meant, but—

“You can have a bite.” Ling Changfeng stretched out two slender fingers and pushed the small cup over.
“It’s yours.”

Xu Xinghe was not polite, and stretched out his spoon in satisfaction…

When the distinguished guests of the state banquet saw this, their eyes popped open.

They actually saw Xu Xinghe pick up the spoon and dive straight into Marshal Ling’s bowl!

And Marshal Ling wasn’t angry, but also pushed it towards him! It’s really too cute!

After dinner, the next stage is the dance party.

Under the gorgeous crystal chandeliers, in the center of the splendid stage, people with matching feelings danced to the melodious symphony, painting the most beautiful and hotly discussed image.

“Look at Speaker William and his wife.
Dancing together every year, it’s such a good feeling.”

“Who is that who danced with President Worcester?”

“It seems to be the chief consultant of Fit Technology Group.”

“You say, will Marshal Ling invite his partner to dance with him tonight?”

The people around looked at each other, and fell into a collective silence.

It took a few seconds before someone said, “I haven’t seen Marshal Ling dance yet, it’s a little hard to imagine such a scene…”

“Marshal Ling has been single for so long, he shouldn’t have danced with anyone, right?”

“I heard that Marshal Ling and his wife have a good relationship.
We might see it in a while.”

“Hey, wasn’t it rumored before that that omega had a crush on General Mu and wanted to remarry him? How did he get along with Marshal Ling so quickly?”

“How does Mu Qingyun compare to Marshal Ling? Who would you choose?”

“I heard that Mu Qingyun came alone today, and he didn’t bring his fiancé.”

“As an unmarried person, this occasion is really not right.”

“Speaking of which, why haven’t you seen General Mu? It’s not to avoid suspicion, right?”

After Mu Qingyun cleaned up in the bathroom, the dance started, so he left the banquet hall quietly while everyone’s eyes were focused on the stage.

There were dark clouds in his eyes.
All kinds of dark emotions smashed into a ball, filling with more jealousy than hatred.

After walking not far, I heard the crowd exclaiming from behind: “Look! Marshal Ling invited that omega to dance!”

“Where, where? … what ‘that omega’, isn’t that his spouse? I almost thought Marshal Ling had invited another omega.”

Mu Qingyun stiffened.
At a distance, he could see Ling Changfeng facing Xu Xinghe in the center of the stage, stretching out his hand under lights.

He couldn’t believe it.
These two people still have the heart to dance?

As if unaware of what was going to happen.

If they don’t want things to turn ugly, they should at least inject inhibitors now, otherwise…

Mu Qingyun’s eyes flashed, turned around, and continued to walk out.

Yes, no one realized what was about to happen.

Neither Xu Xinghe nor Ling Changfeng had any experience in this area.

And those with experience, they can’t smell it.

So no one reminded the people on stage how dangerous their current situation is.

He was the only one who knew exactly what was going on.

Mu Qingyun was a little smug as he thought about the current situation.

That person said that he did not have the self-control as a soldier?

He really wanted to stay and see what kind of self-control Ling Changfeng had, and how he resisted the first wave of thunder and tsunami in fifty years?

Will it get out of control?

Will he go crazy?

Will… he rip him apart?

Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay.

Mu Qingyun walked out of the gate of Prosperity Palace without looking back.

He was afraid that he’d lose control.

Xu Xinghe was shocked.

But under the watchful eyes, he still chose to take Ling Changfeng’s hand.

He followed him to the center of the stage.

Then he gritted his teeth and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

Ling Changfeng didn’t understand.
“Tell what in advance?”

Xu Xinghe: “If you want to dance, you should have told me sooner, so I can practice hard!”

Ling Changfeng looked at him strangely.
“Then why do you think I invited a dance teacher for you?”

After a while, he asked: “What’s the matter, don’t you want to dance?”

Xu Xinghe turned his face away and whispered, “Didn’t I tell you, my dancing… very average?”

Ling Changfeng finally understood what he cared about.
Unable to stop the smile, he whispered, “Then let me see how average it is.”

Xu Xinghe raised his head and glared at him.

It seems that there is a little shyness in the anger.
A little cute.

Ling Changfeng pursed his thin lips and said, “It’s all simple movements, just dance with my rhythm.”

Then he calmly returned to his normal volume.
“Don’t worry, no matter how your dancing is, no one will dare say anything.”

As soon as his voice fell, the music started.

The people on the dance floor began to dance, and Xu Xinghe had to start moving with Ling Changfeng’s rhythm.

Then Ling Changfeng realized how modest the so-called “average” was.

Because Xu Xinghe had already stepped on his feet after only a few steps…

At that moment, Ling Changfeng suspected that his little spouse was deliberately taking revenge on him.

He was silent for a while, then looked down at the little hedgehog in front of him who wanted to bury his head in his chest.
“You seem to have very coordinated limbs.”

Xu Xinghe: “…” I thank you.

When he was nervous, he stepped on Marshal Ling again in front of the crowd.

Ling Changfeng: “…”

This is not the most terrible thing, the most terrible thing is that Xu Xinghe was nervous, and the dizziness that had finally disappeared came back.

And this time, it came more violently.

He felt that his feet were weak, his body was numb, and his breathing became quicker.

“Ling Changfeng.” Xu Xinghe suddenly clenched his hand that was just on the opponent’s palm, and said in a hoarse voice, “I seem to have a fever again.”

But Ling Changfeng didn’t hear what he said.

He put one hand on Xu Xinghe’s waist and held his hand with the other.
This dance posture made him very close to his glands.

As soon as he lowered his head, he could see the white neck, and watched helplessly as a peach red quickly spread there.

An incomparably strong, incomparably seductive, incomparable aroma exploded.

The next moment, an electric current rushed straight to Ling Changfeng’s brain.

Some mysterious and primitive power began to rush and scream in the body.

It made him want to possess, conquer, invade…

This was a feeling he had never felt in fifty years.

The whole world has lost its color in this strange fragrance, leaving only the most primitive instinct.

So Ling Changfeng stopped, followed his instinct, lowered his head –

Dropping a kiss on the back of Xu Xinghe’s neck.

This time, the crazy person became Xu Xinghe.

An indescribable tingling sensation exploded from the glands, along his spine, all the way to his tailbone.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him.
In his more than 20 years of life, he had never been through such an unbearable moment.

Like a flower that has been in bud for twenty years.
After twenty years of careful cultivation and irrigation, it finally ushered in full bloom.

The originally hidden aroma finally began to show recklessly…

This time, all the alphas present could smell it.

The entire banquet hall immediately exploded!



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1as in there’s no need for LCF to shake his hand

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