ing Changfeng was already tidying up his sleeves casually.

Xu Xinghe was stunned: “You, you…how did you break into the house?”

“I rang the doorbell, and you said ‘please come in’.” Ling Changfeng pulled down his sleeve, raised his eyes and asked back: “Why didn’t you answer my call?”

“Did you call?” Xu Xinghe used his dizzy brain to think slowly for two seconds.
“Uh…Did we not exchange contact information yet?”

Ling Changfeng looked at him, his thin lips pursed slightly, and he did not answer.

Xu Xinghe was a little uncomfortable seeing him like this, so he turned his head sideways to avoid looking.
“I set Do Not Disturb for all unfamiliar numbers.
It’s not on purpose.”

Ling Changfeng couldn’t see the expression on his face.
“You’re in my address book.”

Xu Xinghe: “…Ah?”

He was stunned for two seconds, and raised his hand with difficulty: “I’ll add you— what’s your number?”

Ling Changfeng fell silent for a while.
When he spoke again, he changed the subject: “Last night, there was an accident on my way to the restaurant.
It happened too suddenly, and I didn’t have time to tell you… When the matter was over, your phone was no longer available.”

Xu Xinghe finally remembered that Marshal Ling did not show last night.

Although he didn’t have any expectations for this dinner at first, the behavior of releasing pigeons1no show on an appointment is too annoying!

So that little guilt just now turned into a sense of self-righteousness.

Xu Xinghe turned around, covered himself with the small blanket, turned his back to Ling Changfeng, closed his eyes, and said hoarsely, “I’m not feeling well.
We’ll talk about it tomorrow.
If there’s nothing else, please leave.”

The house suddenly became quiet.

Ling Changfeng stood in front of the bed for a while without saying a word, then leaned over and picked up the broken glass on the ground.

Then he turned and left the bedroom.


Xu Xinghe listened to the sound of the footsteps getting farther away, heaved a sigh of relief, and gradually relaxed.

His head was still dizzy.

In a daze, he thought to himself, the fever seems to be a little severe.
Should he go to the hospital later?

Having said that, why did Ling Changfeng come??




Marshal Ling has not done any housework for more than ten years.

After he cleaned up the glass on the ground, he thought about pouring a new glass of water, but he didn’t know which button to press to dispense water from the newer water purifier models.

After tossing in the kitchen for a while, he returned to the bedroom on the second floor with a full glass of water.

Xu Xinghe fell asleep again.

Ling Changfeng stood in front of the bed, looking at the fluffy back of Xu Xinghe’s head, speechless.

Is this guy a pig, so able to sleep?

He put the water glass on the bedside table and gently lifted a corner of the quilt.

The glass really scratched Xu Xinghe’s index finger, but fortunately, it was only a shallow wound, and the bleeding had stopped.

Thinking of this, Ling Changfeng glanced at his left arm.

After confirming that there was no trace, he put down his hand.

He re-covered the quilt for him, then pressed the earphone and said softly: “What’s the matter?”

Colonel Lewis’s, the captain of the guard, came from the earphone: “Reporting, sir! There is a lady named Sophia outside the door, claiming to be Mr.
Xu’s friend.
She’s the vice president of the Capital Seventh Welfare Institute, and was entrusted by Mr.
Xu to deliver medicine.
Do you want to let her in?”

Ling Changfeng turned to look at his sleeping young spouse.
“Tell her Xu Xinghe is resting, and to come back next time.”


“Wait a minute—” Before he hung up, Marshal Ling suddenly thought of something.
“Vice president of the Seventh Welfare Institute?”

Before getting married, he hurriedly glanced through Xu Xinghe’s information, and knew that he was raised in the Seventh Welfare Institute.

Ling Changfeng changed his mind.
“Invite her in.” After that, he gently closed the bedroom door and walked down the stairs.

Sophia is sixty-eight years old this year.
In an era where the average life expectancy is more than 200 years, she’s still considered in her prime.

Even if it was the first time she saw a bigshot like the Marshal of the Alliance, she wasn’t frightened, and greeted him with a smile and nod.
“Marshal Ling, I’ve admired you for a long time, it’s a pleasure to finally meet.”

Ling Changfeng nodded as he entered the living room, and stretched out his hand to gesture.
“Sit down.”

Sophia asked, “Is Xinghe okay now?”

Ling Changfeng said, “He said there was nothing wrong, and he fell asleep again.”

Sophia looked at him in surprise.
Just as she was about to say something, Ling Changfeng had already asked, “How long have you been working in the capital’s welfare institute?”

Sophia replied, “This year happens to be the 40th year.”

Ling Changfeng asked again: “Did Xinghe grow up in your welfare home?”

Sophia said with a smile: “Yes, he is a very special existence in our welfare home.
He has been smart, kind, and strong since he was a child.
Although he can be a little stubborn sometimes, which causes headaches for the teacher, but he’s really a good kid at heart.”

Ling Changfeng nodded: “I have a question to ask, you can choose to answer or not to answer.”

He used the word “ask”, which was already rarely courteous of him.

Sophia said: “Ask.
If I know, I will try to answer you.”

“On our wedding day, he told me that if there is a child in the future, he wants joint custody of the child.”

Ling Changfeng raised his head and said with a low voice: “You watched him grow up, do you know why?”


T/N: LCF and the Mu family’s question and surprise why XXH insists on joint custody is in part due to the settings of SMM – omegas don’t normally get them / they’re normally more like Miles in personality.

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1no show

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