Having the big bed to himself last night, Xu Xinghe finally thought he could get a good night’s sleep.

Unexpectedly, he had a nightmare in the middle of the night.

When he opened his eyes the next morning, his head was dizzy and heavy, and the scar on the back of the neck gland was aching.

Ling Changfeng didn’t return all night yesterday, which made him very depressed-

He vaguely realized he was completely fooled on his wedding night!

‘Newlyweds must share the same bed every night.’ These nonsense regulations from the marriage matching laws indeed do not apply to Ling Changfeng!

He was deceived!

Chef Xu did not cook due to his mood, and asked the servants to bring a ready-made breakfast.

As a result, He Han actually came in person, not only bringing breakfast, but also an red invitation letter embossed with gold.

“Uh… the marshal wants to invite me to dinner?” Xu Xinghe’s head hurt even more as he stared blankly at the invitation letter in his hand.

He turned his head and asked He Han, “Why?”

The young steward was at a loss for words.

He didn’t understand what was the point of asking “why” when a new husband invites his spouse to a candlelight dinner.

This was the first time He Han has seen the marshal invite others to dinner personally.
From this point of view, the marshal is not unconcerned about his spouse.

But as a newlywed husband, not only did he fail to pick up his partner on the day of the wedding, he didn’t even go home at night on the second day of the wedding…

He Han couldn’t figure out what the marshal was thinking, so he could only make something up.
“This may be one of the marshal’s little ideas.”

Xu Xinghe said worriedly: “That… I’m a little uncomfortable, can I not go?”

He Han: “…”

The young steward was once again surprised.

It was strange enough for Marshal Ling to invite people to a candlelight dinner, but the person invited didn’t want to go??

The perfunctory remarks of “a little uncomfortable” were automatically attributed by He Han as an excuse for not wanting to go, and he replied with some embarrassment: “If you have other arrangements tonight and cannot attend the appointment, it is best to explain to the marshal in person.
Just a moment.”

Xu Xinghe: “There are no arrangements.
I’m just not very comfortable…”

He Han asked, “Do you need me to call a doctor for you?”

Xu Xinghe shook his head.
“That’s not necessary, it may be that I’m tired during this time and need to rest more.”

Sitting in front of the dining table, Xu Xinghe was in a daze and didn’t have much of an appetite as he randomly grabbed something.
He suddenly remembered another thing: “By the way, tomorrow weekend, I want to return and live at home by myself.”

He Han: “???”

Xu Xinghe explained: “It was like this when I was at the Mu house.
From Monday to Friday, I will live in my partner’s house in accordance with the matching marriage law, but weekends are legal holidays, and also my free time.
I want to go back to my own house, is that okay?”

He Han: “…”

This question is seriously out of line.

He didn’t even dare to convey this directly to the marshal.

Isn’t this a clear way to tell the other party, “I am willing to live with you because the mastermind matched us, and I had to”?

He Han lowered his head and said, “About this issue… you’d better go and tell the marshal in person.”

“Okay.” Xu Xinghe rubbed the invitation letter with his fingers, looked at the familiar restaurant name on the paper, and struggled for a moment.
He and finally said: “Then I’ll go and talk to him at night.”




Lin Qi: “Is it hot pot tonight? @everyone”

At half past five in the evening, when Xu Xinghe got into the car to go to Yundu Garden for the appointment, he saw Lin Qi start a group message.

He instantly regretted it a little— if he knew, he wouldn’t have agreed to Yundu Garden with Marshal Ling.

Friday night is time to sing, drink, and eat hot pot with friends!

Vincent: “Outrageous, you were telling me three hours ago that the code can’t work and you’re going to crash”

Cheryl: “I have an exam on the weekend, let’s meet after the exam” exam”

Lin Qi: “The crash is real, but after I collapsed, I realized a truth—life is all about having fun in the moment!”

Cheryl: “Makes sense, where to eat?”

Xu Xinghe: “…Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Xu Xinghe: “I have an appointment tonight… let’s go to another day.”

Lin Qi: “? On Friday night, apart from the few of us, who else would dare to ask you out during your wedding holiday and honeymoon period?”

Xu Xinghe was forced to type: “Marshal Ling.”

Lin Qi: “???”

Vincent: “???”

Cheryl: “???”

Xu Xinghe: “What are you doing?”

Lin Qi: “What the hell?!”

Vincent: “Is this a date?”

Xu Xinghe: “…not a date”

Cheryl: “I say, there must be a reason why Marshal Ling didn’t pick you up yesterday! This is to make up for the candlelight dinner, right?”

Xu Xinghe: “…It’s not a date.”

Lin Qi: “I’m sorry! It’s me who doesn’t have eyes.”

Vincent: “Hurry up and shut up! Don’t disturb my brother Xu’s date!”

Cheryl: “I wish you happiness!”

Lin Qi: “Brother Xu, put down your smartphone! Pay attention when you are on a date! Don’t reply to messages!”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Xu Xinghe: “This group is about to be blocked by me”

Lin Qi: “I’m offline, I ’m writing my thesis”

Vincent: “I’m offline, I’m walking the dog.”

Cheryl: “I’m offline, I’m going to review.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He raised his head in confusion and looked at his own reflection in the car window.

Because he was going to a high-end restaurant, he put on a suit and tie prepared for him by the Marshal’s mansion, wore a pocket scarf, and fastened his cufflinks… It looked like he was going on a date.

Five fifty in the evening.

The black military vehicle slowly landed on the VIP parking lot of Yundu Garden.

Yundu Garden is a famous high-end restaurant in Nebula City.

As a half-baked chef, Xu Xinghe has always been keen to check in the major restaurants on Capital Star.
And Yundu Garden belonged to the kind that he couldn’t afford when he was in school and didn’t have time to try after beginning work.

Coincidentally, on the night that he and Mu Qingyun got married, Mu Qingyun brought Miles to eat at this restaurant.

Afterwards, Miles arrogantly ran to show off, making him very upset for a while, so he even blocked Yundu Garden from his mind.
After thinking about it later, good food is still good food; giving it up for those 2 bastards wasn’t worth it.

It happened that Marshal Ling invited him here today, so he could finally taste the delicacies of Yundu.

When Xu Xinghe got out of the car, the waiter had been waiting there for a long time.

Under the guidance of the waiter, he walked through the glass corridor and took the elevator to the reserved VIP box.


“The third floor is here.” The elevator door opened with a sound.

Suddenly, a clear and sweet voice came from the other side of the corridor –

“Qingyun, shall we go to the movies after dinner?”

Xu Xinghe stepped out of the elevator door and paused.

As soon as he looked up, two familiar figures suddenly came into view.

It’s really a narrow road.

Xu Xinghe thought blankly: “This is bad.”

The two people on the opposite side obviously saw him.

The conversation stopped abruptly, and the atmosphere was eerily quiet for a moment.

Not only Xu Xinghe, but also Miles felt unlucky.

Holding Mu Qingyun’s arm, he turned his head and was about to withdraw, but found that Xu Xinghe was alone, so he couldn’t help raising his spirits.
“What a coincidence, coming alone?”

“Miles!” Mu Qingyun frowned and lowered his eyes, urging his lover to stop.

He eagerly ended the marriage, so the divorce was very simple and decisive.

But this does not mean that, as an alpha, he was willing to see his former omega being matched to others by the mastermind in such a short period of time.

In particular, this “match” is still his own superior.

Every alpha has some possessiveness carved in their bones, similar to an innate desire to be emotionally clean.
It has nothing to do with whether they are in a susceptible period, but is their nature.

Therefore, when he heard that Marshal Ling was absent from the ceremony on the wedding day and did not pick up Xu Xinghe in person, he was strangely relieved.

Ling Changfeng obviously did not take this marriage seriously.

He didn’t take a newly divorced, ruthless omega to heart.

So he won’t touch him.

So he won’t tag him.

So a year later, he will end this marriage perfunctorily and decisively –

Like himself.

Before that, Mu Qingyun didn’t want anything to do with Xu Xinghe. 

It would make him feel irritable for no reason.

It’s a pity that god isn’t merciful, and two people who don’t want to meet each other again met again on such a narrow path.

And at this moment, Xu Xinghe is still Marshal Ling’s nominal spouse.

Mu Qingyun could no longer allow Miles to quarrel with him openly.

He could only stop it himself, lest his lover make more radical behaviors.

Hearing this, Miles turned his head and glared at him, but he obediently shut his mouth.

Xu Xinghe didn’t acknowledge them and turned his head to ask the waiter, “Which box did Marshal Ling book?”

The smile on Miles’ mouth stiffened.

Only then did the waiter recover from the stiff atmosphere, and hurriedly lowered his head to say, “Please come with me.”

Leading him towards the box.

The moment he walked passed Mu Qingyun, Xu Xinghe felt a glance pass over him.

It was an uncomfortable, alpha’s look.




6pm, the agreed upon time.

Xu Xinghe sat bored in the box, always feeling strange.

The box is decorated with rose petals and golden candles, creating a charming and romantic atmosphere.

Is this a candlelit dinner??

However, Ling Changfeng did not appear on time.

At half past six in the evening, Xu Xinghe felt hungry.

Because he was not feeling well and had a poor appetite, he actually hadn’t eaten much during the day.

At this moment, he finally felt hungry, but I was told that the main food would have to wait until Ling Changfeng came.

Thinking about it, this was the other party’s treat, so Xu Xinghe waited.

This wait lasted until half past seven in the evening.

Xu Xinghe’s head began to hurt again.

His body felt hot and cold, and his breathing began to quicken.
When the smart terminal measured his temperature, it was 38.2°C.1100F+

He has a fever.

Ling Changfeng still had not appeared.

He sat there until 8p.m.
when the candle went out.

Xu Xinghe didn’t want to wait any longer.

He needs to go back and have a good rest.

Getting up, he tidied his suit, and walked out.

In the end, he actually met Mu Qingyun and Miles at the door again after they had finished eating.

When Miles saw him coming and going alone, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Then it turned into an unabashed mockery.

This time he didn’t say anything, just tightened his grip on Mu Qingyun’s arm.

Xu Xinghe seemed to be unaware of everything around him.

He walked forward without looking sideways, and left Yundu Garden without looking back.

The guard at the Marshal’s mansion who was standing at the door saw him coming out, so he didn’t dare to persuade him, and explained bravely: “I’m sorry, Mr.
Xu, the Marshal may have something urgent to deal with.
I’ll bring you back to the mansion first.”

“No need, I’m going back to my own house to sleep.
Take care of the cat for me.” Xu Xinghe couldn’t maintain his mood, and didn’t bother feigning anything.
He started to call for a car without a word.

The guards looked at each other.

It’s over! Madam is angry, what should we do now?

He looks very angry.
We can’t forcibly tie people back to the Marshal’s mansion, right?

Xu Xinghe didn’t care what they were thinking.
He had a headache, and just wanted to go home and get some sleep.

After a while, the taxi came.

The guards winked at each other, but no one dared to step forward to stop him.

In their opinion, the lady must be very angry now that he was flaked on his first date!

No one wants to touch him at such a time and get burned.

So they could only watch Xu Xinghe open the door, get in the car, and drive away.

“Why are you still standing there? Follow! If something happens to Mrs., nothing good will happen to us!”

“And you, hurry up and report – Mrs.
ran away from home!”


Chapter title refers to fact that enemies (Milo, MQY) are unavoidable.

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