ts today?”

“It’s absolutely true! The steward has already sent someone to set up the dining room!”

“I’ll be damned, since the Marshal returned to Capital Star this year, I’ve never seen him eat natural food once in the mansion!”

“I almost forgot that there is a dining room in the house…”

“Why did our marshal suddenly change? Is it because Mr.
Xu cooked it himself?”

”The aroma can be smelled across the hall, of course the marshal is moved!”

“Please, what does this have to do with cooking skills? Isn’t the food at the state banquet delicious? Our marshal was still not interested.
In the end, it’s still loving one’s house and those inside.”

“It’s really hard to see, but this omega is really good!”

“Hey! Be careful what you say! I just heard that the steward went to talk to York.
It seems that he was whispering and was heard by the marshal.
Don’t know what the punishment is…”

Although everyone outside was chatting hotly, the atmosphere in the dining room was quite silent.

Xu Xinghe sat at the dining table and savored the fruits of his labor, while Marshal Ling read electronic documents quietly at the other end of the long table, and from time to time he picked up a knife and fork to cut a piece of steak into his mouth.

It looked rather perfunctory.

Xu Xinghe was a little depressed.

He doubted whether Ling Changfeng had damaged taste buds, or had a sense of taste at all.

Any chef wants his food to be taken seriously.

Even if Xu Xinghe is just a half-baked chef.

If he were eating with his friends as usual, he would have started commenting long ago.

It’s a pity that the man in front of him is not his friend, but an Alliance marshal who gallops across the five galaxies, so Chef Xu can only change the way he spoke: “That… working while eating is not good for the digestive system.”

The man on the opposite side of the table moved.
Putting down the document, he looked over with a pair of multi-colored pupils that were glowed with cold light.

Xu Xinghe suddenly felt a little regret.

He stopped talking, lowered his head and began to silently eat.
At the same time, he sullenly thought to himself: “Never eat with this person again!”

Just as the thought came to his mind, he suddenly heard a voice from the other side: “Okay.”

Xu Xinghe raised his head to see Ling Changfeng turn off the electronic screen and began to concentrate on eating lunch.

Marshal Ling quickly cleared the steak on the plate at the speed of cleaning the battlefield, then put down his knife and fork, and finally commented with four words: “It tastes pretty good.”

At this time, Chef Xu didn’t know that even the highest-level state banquet had never been evaluated by Marshal Ling as “tasting good”.

However, this did not prevent Xu Xinghe from reciprocating with a big smile.

Ling Changfeng was slightly startled and lowered his eyes.

He didn’t know that this smile only came from the joy of a person who loves cooking after hearing diners compliment his cooking skills.

He was taken aback by that bright smile.

The contented young man put his complaints behind him, and turned to look at the master of the Marshal’s mansion with a little anticipation: “Then I can always use the kitchen here in the future?”

Four eyes faced each other, and Ling Changfeng looked at the pair of bright black eyes on the opposite side speechlessly for a while.

After a long while, he said, “Okay.”

After a while, he added, “I’ll ask them to buy more ingredients.”

He wanted to say more, but the smartphone on his wrist rang at this time.

Ling Changfeng glanced at it, didn’t answer, but wiped his mouth, got up and said, “I have to go out for something, and can only come back at night.”

“Oh.” Xu Xinghe nodded in confusion, not understanding why the marshal had to explain things to him.

Ling Changfeng didn’t say any more, turned around and went out.

As an Alliance marshal, he has no marriage leave.

A special vehicle had been waiting outside for a long time when he stepped out of the gate of the mansion.

Marshal Ling returned Qin Yuan’s call.
The moment he connected, Major General Qin Yuan began to bombard wildly: “Old man, you’re finally willing to answer my call? You’re almost late for the meeting! Don’t you usually come to meetings early??”

Although Qin Yuan knew better than anyone that Marshal was not late for his old age, and the meeting wouldn’t start until he arrived, but because Marshal Ling usually has a strong sense of time, his subordinates followed suit and were very punctual.

Marshal Ling leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes.
He didn’t even bother lifting his eyelids at his adjutant’s words.
“There’s time.”

Qin Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “I know there’s time — I contacted the Air Orbit Bureau to open an emergency passage on S-02 for you.
Please fly over as soon as possible… eh? Did anything good happen today?”

Major General Qin suddenly changed the subject and looked at Marshal Ling at the other end of the video in shock.

Ling Changfeng said blankly: “It’s nothing.”

Major General Qin continued to be shocked: “But you seem to be in a good mood…”

Marshal Ling replied blankly: “You are wrong.”

Qin Yuan: “… “

Major General Qin opened his mouth and suddenly realized something.
His anxious tone quickly morphed into a hippie smile.
“I almost forgot that you are a man with a family now.
How is it? The wedding night, last night did you…”

Ling Changfeng opened his eyes, and simply turned off the video.


Hahaha, everyone (MC, Qin Yuan…) eyes are popping out at LCF’s antics.

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