Xu Xinghe learned the news of his divorce from a colleague.

Year 329 of the Milky Way calendar, the first day of summer.

There was still more than half an hour before the lunch break.
Team Leader Xu has already replied to all the work emails in advance, as well as routine inspection and maintenance of the B16 area of ​​the mainframe.

Bright sunlight poured into the Ark through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, adding a touch of amber to his black eyes and black hair.

It should have been a perfect day, if only his coffee machine hadn’t crashed.

Xu Xinghe stretched his waist under the artificial sun, picked up the cup and walked towards the coffee room.

Then he heard everything at the door of the pantry-

“Breaking news! General Mu just announced his divorce!”

“Which General Mu?”

“Which one is there? Major General Mu Qingyun! Xu Xinghe is his spouse!”

“No way! Let me see- What’s going on? Haven’t they only been married for a year?”

“Of course, General Mu filed for divorce right after the one-year marriage protection period.”

“So decisive?!”

“How can this be the end? Think about Xu Xinghe’s usual arrogant appearance, which alpha would like him? General Mu must have had enough of him this past year!”

“Yeah, Xu Xinghe is an omega, being in the limelight at work every day, what kind of character is this?”

At this time, a girl in the corner whispered: “Eh? I think Team Leader Xu is not bad.
He helped me before…”

Someone immediately refuted her: “You just came here, how many times have you met him? Let me tell you, this person’s personality is not ordinary! Otherwise, why can’t he keep the general’s heart after a year?”

The little girl in the corner lowered her head, and remained silent.

“It’s not just that he has a personality problem.
To be honest, I sometimes wonder if his physiology as an omega is still healthy—” The speaker pointed to the gland on the back of his neck and made a “you know” look.

“No one has ever smelled his pheromone, and I don’t usually see him using blockers and inhibitors.”

“Ah… Poor General Mu wasted a year on such a person.
To be honest, if I were an alpha, I would definitely rather pay the fine than marry him.”

In the interstellar era, the omega fertility rate dropped to a historical freezing point.

For the continuation of the human race, the Alliance began to implement the “Matched Marriage Law”, whereby the mastermind system1 designates marriages based on the degree of genetic matching between unmarried alphas and omegas with the premise of maximizing the fertility rate.

If the matched object does not obey the mastermind’s arrangements, he must pay a huge fine.

And government officials or active-duty members of the Alliance will be subject to additional penalties if they refuse to marry.

“T Club broke the news that General Mu originally had a lover, and the divorce now is to get back with his old lover.”

“Yes! It is said that they both started talking about marriage a year ago, but things were messed up by the mastermind’s matching.”

“Ah? Then why did General Mu agree to marry Xu Xinghe in the first place? For someone of his rank, if he really wants to escape the mastermind match, it’s not completely impossible, right? Why wait for a year?”

“Maybe it’s for the sake of having children? A big family like the Mu family needs an heir.”

“It’s a pity that Xu Xinghe’s stomach is unsatisfactory, and he didn’t get pregnant in a year… it should be difficult too in the future?”

According to the mastermind’s matching algorithm, omegas approaching estrus will be given matching priority.

Therefore, more than 65% of couples will become pregnant in the first year of marriage, and omegas who do not become pregnant within a year have a high probability of not becoming pregnant in the future.

“I think Xu Xinghe came to work as usual today.
I don’t know whether to admire him or sympathize with him.”

“Hmph, there’s no need to sympathize with him.
I worked with him for a while when I participated in the Young Eagle Project.
That guy is competitive, eccentric, and arrogant.
What is the use of this kind of omega working? Can’t arouse an alpha’s desire for protection, and will only be annoying!”

Just as the voice fell, someone called out: “Team Leader Xu, good day.”

Everyone in the room: “…”

Xu Xinghe, who was eating his own melons2 outside the door: “…”

Team Leader Xu paused for two seconds, then put one hand in his pocket and casually kicked open the door of the pantry with his toes while holding a blue starry sky coffee cup in his free hand.

The room was suddenly silent.

Xu Xinghe looked around and took a sip of coffee.

There are 4 people in the pantry at present.
Three women and one man, and based on their uniforms, they all work in the logistics department.

Xu Xinghe, who works in the technical department, is not very familiar with them.

Ark’s rest areas are divided according to ABO3 attributes, not by department, which makes it difficult for him to meet acquaintances from the same department in the omega exclusive rest area.

Among the hundreds of people across Ark’s entire technical department, the number of omegas can be counted on one hand.

And an omega like Xu Xinghe, who was promoted to the leader of the sixth group right after his first year, is even more unprecedented.

Therefore, he became a “competitive and pushy” outlier in the eyes of everyone.

Xu Xinghe turned his gaze to the male omega whose voice was the loudest, and said lightly: “I’m sorry, I just passed by and heard someone say that they participated in the ‘Young Eagle Project’ with me, so I wanted to come in and say hello.

Xu Xinghe looked at him from top to bottom, and said quietly, “Who are you?”

Dong Yue’s face stiffened.

The “Young Eagle Project” is Ark’s cultivation plan for the outstanding employees who have just joined the company.
It is divided into several rounds and layers of screening.
The final people who can stay are the key cultivation targets, and most of them will be entrusted with important tasks in the future.

Although Dong Yue was selected that year, he was screened out in the first round.
After that, he could only see Xinghe from a distance.
The two never spoke at all, so it was normal for Xu Xinghe not to know him.

But the problem is that he boasted that he was part of the Ark’s “Young Eagle Project” and was a key training target.
Wasn’t Xu Xinghe saying he didn’t know him a direct slap in the face?

The corners of Dong Yue’s mouth twitched, and he said without a smile: “There are not many people who can enter Team Leader Xu’s eyes.
Of course you don’t remember me… By the way, has Team Leader Xu watched today’s news?”

“News?” Xu Xinghe tilted his head.
“No, of course, I didn’t.
There are still more than ten minutes before lunch break.
It’s working time right now.
All employees are unable to use their devices for non-work related matters, and violators will be fined 500 union coins per violation.
Isn’t this expressly stipulated in the “Ark Rules and Regulations”? Are you breaking rules in private?”

Dong Yue’s face turned even darker.

The other omega beside him silently put her hands behind her back and turned off the electronic smartphone on her wrist.

Most companies will have similar rules, and Ark is no exception.

But these days, everyone basically turns on their personal devices in their spare time to chat with family and friends, or read news.
The related regulations have long since become empty words; how can anyone comply with them in private?

Xu Xinghe seemed to see through what they were thinking, and smiled lightly.
“It’s because I strictly abide by the Ark rules and regulations, coupled with my strong work ability and high efficiency, that I won the Outstanding Employee Award in the first year of my arrival.
All of you work hard.
If you follow the rules, you will have a chance to win this honor next year.”

The faces of the people in the pantry turned darker, but they couldn’t refute him.

No matter how cynical they were behind his back, it couldn’t change the fact that Xu Xinghe indeed had outstanding ability.

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