”You remember everything about your past life, Master? ” Aoi asked excitedly.

Everything. ” Yu Qi took a long breath to calm her heart.

Yeah, she remembered everything.
Her grandfather, her family, Fung Meng Xuan ’s betrayal, Bai Shu Jin ’s play.
She thought she would no longer remember it.
However, when she saw a picture of her real grandfather.
She remembered everything.

”You always eager to meet your real grandfather, right? So, you can go and meet him. ” Aoi said to Yu Qi.

”My little cutie, it is not easy. ” Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

”Why? ” Aoi did not understand.

”If I go to meet him now, what should I say to him? Saying, that I ’m your missing granddaughter, he might think that I just a wild person that want to enter his rich family. ” Yu Qi said.

”Owh, I did not think that. ” Aoi bowed down.

”I will think about that later. ” Yu Qi stood up.
”I will cook something for you guys. ”

I have been waiting for it. ” Bo Ya jumped.

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”I want to eat meat, Master. ” Aoi also jumping.

”Okay, my little cuties… ”


Yu Qi attended the university as usual.
The normal lecture class began to decrease as the second year students started to choose their major.
Yu Qi that chose surgery major began to went to the surgery lab to study more about surgery.

Besides that, Yu Qi began to think about the ways to meet with his real grandfather.
She did not want to enter the Mu family.
She just wanted Grandpa Mu to know that he had a granddaughter outside.

And also, she wanted to check Grandpa Mu ’s health.
In her past life, the pair of bastard and bitch said other family members poisoned Grandpa Mu by giving him a slow poison.
She wanted to know if they already started to poison Grandpa Mu or not.

If they already poisoned Grandpa Mu, she needed to know what poison it was and tried to develop the antidote.
Or if they had not to poison Grandpa Mu yet, she would give Grandpa Mu a shield for the poison.
The medicine that could help to protect people from all poison.
She was still in her research.

Suddenly she missed Long Hui.
She wanted to share the happiness that she found her real grandfather to Long Hui.
She did not want to tell Tang Family first.
She would tell them after meeting with Grandpa Mu and let him knew first.

She did not want Grandpa Tang meet with Grandpa Mu and told him the truth.
She knew Grandpa Tang capable of.

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That night, she called Long Hui.
The call had been answered after one ringing.

Yu Qi: ”Hello, Brother Hui. ”

Long Hui: ”Hello Qi Qi. ”

Yu Qi: ”Are you busy right now? ”

Long Hui: ”I just finished doing some paperwork. ”

Yu Qi: ”Owh, I see.
You must be tired then. ”

Long Hui: ”Of course.
In fact, hearing your voice makes me feels energetic. ”

Yu Qi: ”I just want to call you because I miss you. ”

Long Hui: ”… ”

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Yu Qi: ”Brother Hui? ”

Long Hui: ”Qi Qi, I miss you too. ”

Yu Qi: ”Actually…
It ’s nothing.
I just call to hear your voice. ”

Long Hui: ”I just hope I ’m beside you.
So, I can cuddle you all the time. ”

Yu Qi: ”Hahaha…
Me too. ”

Long Hui: ”It already late.
Go to sleep. ”

Yu Qi: ”Okay. ”

Long Hui: ”Don ’t forget to dream about me. ”

Yu Qi: ”You too.
Bye. ”

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Long Hui: ”Bye, my beloved Qi Qi. ”

Yu Qi looked at her phone.
She thought it was not wise to tell Long Hui about that matter in the phone.
That matter should be told face to face.

Long Hui also looked at his phone after finished in call with his beloved Qi Qi.
He thought Yu Qi wanted to tell him about she could not.
She seemed to hesitate to tell him.
He became anxious.

”Oi, I ’m still here. ” Ren Qian Yi waved his hands in front of Long Hui that already in a dazed state.

He knew that call was from his sister in law that made Long Hui like this.
Couple in love always in dazed.

”Oi, Hui. ” Ren Qian Yi called Long Hui again.

This time, Long Hui responded to him.
”What? ”

”What ’s wrong? Is something happens to sister in law? ” Ren Qian Yi inquired.

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”On the call just now, she seems to tell me something but she doesn ’t.
What do you think? ” Long Hui asked Ren Qian Yi.

”Oh, it must be something happen to her. ” Ren Qian Yi touched his chin.

Long Hui frowned.
Just what happened to his beloved Qi Qi? He really wanted to know.

”I want to go to Wenya City tomorrow. ” Long Hui made the decision.

”Eh…..! ” Ren Qian Yi looked at Long Hui.

”If I can not get to know what happened to Qi Qi, I can not focus on anything.
It is better to go to her and ask her face to face. ” Long Hui said.

”If she doesn ’t want to tell you? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”If she doesn ’t want to tell me, I have my own ways to make she tells me on her own. ” Long Hui narrowed his eyes and gave a cold smile.

Ren Qian Yi shivered.
This bastard, even his love, he did not give a spare.

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Long Hui did not care what Ren Qian Yi thought.
Ren Qian Yi thought Long Hui would be using the method that made spy told their secret.
Of course…
not! Long Hui would do a different kind of methods to make Yu Qi told him.

At the same time, Yu Qi shivered.
She looked around.
’Why do I suddenly feel cold? ’

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