Yu Qi ’s Past Life

After finishing school, Yu Qi worked at the flower shop in a neighbouring town.
She earned a mediocre salary.
However, Yu Qi was still in poor condition because of the Wang Family.

Since Wang Ha Na and Wang Yu Jin were still in school, Madam Wang requested her to hand over her salary to her.
So that Madam Wang could cover the school expenses of her children.
Madam Wang said Mr Wang ’s salary can not make both ends meet because of Wang Fu Ya.
Since Yu Qi was their older sister, Yu Qi should support them.

Wang Fu Ya was studying at a university.
No one knows how she managed to enter the university.
Even though it is not that good she used to show off.
But poor villagers sing praise for her.
And also always compared Yu Qi with her.
With that, she always felt a sense of accomplishment.

Thankfully, the owner of the flower shop was a good person.
She provided her with a place to live.
And also fed her.
The owner of the flower shop was a middle-aged woman.
She had a daughter and a son.
They did not live with her.
So Yu Qi did not know many details about them.
It was not like she cared about them anyway.

One day, Yu Qi was greeted by a man.
That man looked similar to the owner of the flower shop, so she guessed him to be the son of the flower shop owner.

Indeed her guess was right.
He was the son of the flower shop owner.

That night, she was invited to the owner ’s house for their family dinner gathering.
She felt touched when her owner invited her.
She felt like it was her home too.
The dinner was served.
Their dinner was filled with tasty food, jokes, and laughter.
Which made her feel warm.

Since it was late at night, the owner asked her to stay at her place for that night.
She wanted to reject her as she felt uncomfortable with her son ’s presence.
But she did not want to reject her kindness.
So she accepted at the end.

She could not fall asleep.
She tossed and turned on her bed.
When she was fiddling with her sleep.
She heard a click.
She got up and started at the door.
Before she went to her sleep she locked the door.
Now Someone opened her door.
It only meant it was either the owner or her son.

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The room was filled with complete darkness.
But still, she can see a figure entering her room.
But the figure which entered her room was not similar to her owner ’s figure.
When the figure took a few more steps she can clearly see that figure.
It was the owner ’s son.

Warning sirens are blowing in her mind.
She became alert.

The man who just entered saw Yu Qi was awake.
He smiled at her gently.

”Yu Qi, you are awake. ” He said.

”What do you want? Why do you enter my room at this hour? ” Yu Qi asked in a scared tone.

”What do you think about that? ” The son did not answer her question but giving her a question.

Get out.
Don ’t come over. ” Yu Qi panicked

He approached her slowly.
She backed out until she reached the end of her bed.
She got off the bed and ran towards the door.
But she was quickly blocked by him.
She screamed.
She called the owner.
But everything is futile.

She was tossed on to the bed by him recklessly.
He climbed over her.
And pressed her down.
Now she was trapped by him completely.
She had no way to run.

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She screamed again very loudly in such a way that his eardrums hurt.
He closed her mouth with his hand.
She saw his eyes turning dark.
His eyes filled with nothing but l.u.s.t.
She shivered at his gaze.
She started crying.

The owner who was sleeping heard the commotion.
She decided to wake up from her sleep.
When she came down she heard Yu Qi ’s muffled cries.
She went to her room only to see her despicable act.

She saw her son hovering over Yu Qi ’s body.
She quickly entered her room and took a lamp near her.
She hit her son with it and pushed him aside.
You Qi, who was crying ran away from the house the next second.
She ran aimlessly.

She ran, ran, and ran until she reached a silent beach filled with sand.
She started at water dazed by.
She saw the tides rising and falling continuously.
She stayed until the sunrise.

She went to the flower shop.
The owner was already doing the chores in the shop while gazing at the clock on the wall from time to time.
It looked like she was waiting for Yu Qi.

When she heard a noise at the door she turned back to see Yu Qi

”Yu Qi, are you okay? ” The owner asked.

She was worried when she didn ’t find her yesterday night.
She thought she went to the police station to report.

”Owner, I… ” Yu Qi wanted to say something.

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”Yu Qi, I beg you.
Please, Don ’t report this to the police.
The owner cut Yu Qi ’s sentence.

She froze in her spot.
She was speechless.
Yeah, every mother would do anything to protect her children.
They would not let their children be wronged.

”My son is not in his correct state of mind yesterday.
Otherwise, he would not do something like that. ” The owner said again.

Yu Qi did not respond to the owner.
Seeing Yu Qi remaining silent, the owner begged again.

”Yu Qi, please.
Think about all the kindness that I showed you.
Repay my kindness by leaving this thing.
” The owner begged her again as she kneeled in front of her.

Yu Qi quickly helped the owner to stand up.
She could not see the kind lady that helped her when she kneeled in front of her.

”Please Yu Qi.
Don ’t report this to the police. ” The owner held Yu Qi ’s hand.

Finally, she understood one thing that her owner will not leave until she agreed.

I will not report it to the police. ” Yu Qi finally said the thing that her owner wanted to hear.

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”Thank you, Yu Qi.
Thank you. ” The owner thanked Yu Qi many times.

”Owner, I want to freshen up. ” Yu Qi wanted to go to her room behind the flower shop.

”Okay, okay.
You can go. ” The owner released Yu Qi ’s hand.

Yu Qi became silent, who was a chatterbox.
Normally she used to talk a lot with her owner about a lot of itty-bitty things.
But now she was no longer the chatterbox.
She spoke only if it was necessary.

It was obvious that their relationship was affected after that incident.

The owner realized the changes but she could not do anything as it was her son ’s fault.

After a month she decided to quit the job.
The owner panicked when she mentioned it.
She wanted to stop it by offering high pay.
She was afraid that if she quits she might complain to the police.

She thought if she worked here she could watch Yu Qi.
She particular begging Yu Qi for Yu Qi to continue working with her.

Yu Qi who knew the owner ’s intentions didn ’t say a word.
She stood in front of her with a smile.
The owner felt for the first time the smile that Yu Qi gave her was filled with contempt.

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Yu Qi could not spare her owner ’s presence.
Whenever she saw her she remembers that fateful night.
Which made her feel scared.
Every time she remembered it a chill ran through her spine.
She did not feel safe anymore here.
She only wanted to quit.


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