”How was the trip? ”

Yu Qi and Ding Na An were hearing the question many times when they appeared in the first lecture for today.

Because they were very interested in the medical conference but did not have a chance to participate.

”Guys, enough.
Yu Qi and Na An are probably tired now to answer all of your questions. ” So Pang Lim said.

”We will submit the report about the medical conference this week.
The lecturers would be giving you access to the report, so you all can read those later. ” Yu Qi descended from the crowd.

Hearing this, the students finally left Yu Qi and Ding Na An.
The two of them could finally take a breath.

”You must have enjoyed the trip.
Lucky girl. ” So Pang Lim said.

They were currently at the cafe eating lunch.

I enjoyed it. ” Yu Qi answered while smiling.

”What? What is this? Why are you so happy? ” Mei Lilli turned to Yu Qi.

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”Na An, tell us about it. ” So Pang Lim attacked Ding Na An when seeing Yu Qi had no intention to tell them.

Ding Na An looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi did not seem to care if someone knew about it.
Yu Qi nodded.

”Elder Tang came over. ” Ding Na An said.

”Huh? Just her grandfather? Really? Na An spill everything. ” So Pang Lim did not let Ding Na An go.

”With Yu Qi ’s boyfriend. ” Ding Na An let out the truth.

That is why you have enjoyed the trip.
I ’m very jealous. ” So Pang Lim loudly sighed.

”You need to find a boyfriend first to be like Yu Qi. ” Mei Lilli rubbed the wound.

”No one likes me. ” So Pang Lim pretended to cry.

”You will find someone later. ”

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They smoothed So Pang Lim ’s feeling.

Yu Qi completed the report that her faculty requested.
Finally, she had time to check the information that she got from the bank that she had hacked while she was in Fanghai Nation.

She opened the file.
The person that wanted to harm her was indeed a woman.
She was from Fanghai Nation.

”Mu Rong Xie? Do I know this name? ”

Yu Qi could not remember this name and how had she offend her before.
The name did not ring any bell at all.

”Better look at her picture. ”

Yu Qi opened the picture.
She was surprised to see the picture.
The woman in the picture was someone she only had met her once.
However, she could feel the familiarity when she was looking at this woman.

This woman was the one who argued with her the day when she had brought her friends to eat at the restaurant.
She was the one who insulted Yu Qi and her friends saying Yu Qi and her friends did not have the right to eat at the restaurant.
Yu Qi slapped her face by entering a private room.

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”So, she wants to harm me because of that matter? Yes, probably that matter because that is the only time I have met her. ”

Yu Qi smiled wickedly.
”You want to harm me? Let ’s see which dirty secrets that you have? ”

Yu Qi ’s fingers started to dance on the keyboard.
She dug all the information that Mu Rong Xie had.
Her personal information, her education, all of it.

Yu Qi started to read the information.
The more she read the information the more she became familiar with the information.
She felt that she already knew all of this.

Then, she started to read the information about her family.
She had a father, mother and an older sister.
The older sister was Mu Yian, another woman who had accompanied her another day when she had insulted Yu Qi and her friends.

However, when she took a look at one picture.
Her tear suddenly busted out.

”It ’s him…
It ’s him…
I finally found him. ” Yu Qi said while crying.

Aoi and Bo Ya heard her master cried, quickly entered their master ’s room.
They were worried about the sudden cry.

Aoi: Master, what happened?

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Bo Ya: Master, why are you crying?

Still, in crying, Yu Qi hugged her two little cuties.
She did not answer their questions.
She found him.
When she saw his picture, all the memories of her real family in her past life played in her mind.

How she was found by her real grandfather in her past life…
How she entered university…
How she became a friend with Fung Meng Xuan…
How she had been told by her grandfather that she had a fiancee…
How her relatives expressed their dislike to her? How she managed her life in her real family…

All of them came in her mind like she was watching a movie.
Ironically, the main lead of the movie was her.

I have found you…
I have found you… ” Yu Qi let the words out while she was still crying.

Aoi and Bo Ya looked at each other.
They were feeling confused.
’Grandfather? Was that Grandpa Tang? ’

The two little cuties that still in their master ’s hug remained silent.
They just let their master cry until she was satisfied.

After one hour of crying, Yu Qi finally calmed down.
The two little cuties were very worried while looking at her.

”I ’m sorry to let you two see me like this. ” Yu Qi patted the two little cuties.

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”It ’s okay master.
But can you tell us why are you crying like this? ” Bo Ya asked.
He was very shocked to see his master crying like that because she had never cried like that.

”See this old man? ” Yu Qi pointed to the picture on the computer.

Aoi and Bo Ya turned to the picture.

”This is my real grandfather. ” Yu Qi stated.

”Your real grandfather? ” Aoi asked.

After rebirth, I have forgotten all the memories of my real family.
It ’s like it has been sealed by something.
So, I have kept searching for the clues.
Still not working.
But when I have a look at this picture, all of the memories have come back to me. ” Yu Qi traced her finger on her real grandfather ’s picture.

They were silent for a while.

”So, master, do you want to return to your real family? ” Bo Ya posed the question.

”No. ” Without hesitation, Yu Qi answered the question.

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”Why, master? ” Aoi did not understand.
His master should be happy since she found her real family.

”If your real family wants to kill you, do you want to stay with them and always be on guard? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No. ” This time Aoi quickly answered without hesitation.

Who wanted to stay with a family like that? It just like order a grave for yourself.

”I only care about my grandfather.
He gave me the family love that I wanted in my past life. ” Yu Qi sighed.

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