The flight safely landed at the Binhai International Airport.
All the passengers checked out.
Because her grandfather came out first with Ding Na An, they were waiting for Yu Qi and Long Hui.

Yu Qi and Long Hui went together while holding hands.
The girls from their university were very jealous when seeing this.
The two of them ignored the public eyes and walked straight to Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes when seeing the two of them were acting like this.
If he did not know the two of them, he would think that the two of them were newlywed and coming home from their honeymoon.
Thinking about that, he became grumpy.
He could not allow his beloved granddaughter to go just like that.
He still wanted to pamper and dote on her.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi greeted her grandfather.

”Are you okay? Are you tired? ” She released her hand from Long Hui ’s grip and went towards him and asked her grandfather when she saw his grumpy face.

Seeing Yu Qi pulled her hand from Long Hui ’s hand and asked him in the worried tone, Grandpa Tang secretly smiled proudly to Long Hui behind Yu Qi.

Long Hui ’s turn to roll his eyes.
’This old man really don ’t like to accept his defeat. ’ Ignoring Grandpa Tang, Long Hui ’s eyes went to Yu Qi.
Still, his beloved Qi Qi was the best.

”Remember to take care of your health, grandfather. ” Yu Qi reminded her grandfather about his health.

”Okay, okay.
I know. ” Grandpa Tang felt like his beloved granddaughter already became like his eldest grandson who liked to nag at him.

”Brother Hui… ” Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.

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Long Hui was waiting for her to finish the sentence.

”Be careful in your missions.
Don ’t neglect your health. ” Yu Qi was about to leave after saying the sentence.

However, Long Hui stopped her by pulling her hand.
Without saying anything, Long Hui gave a light peck on her lips.

”You too.
Take care. ” Long Hui said.

”You brat!!! ” Grandpa Tang felt angry after seeing that Long Brat steadily ate his granddaughter ’s tofu.

Without waiting for any longer, Yu Qi ran away.
Her face was blushing.
The kiss was light but she could not help but felt embarrassed because Grandpa Tang saw the scene.
Yu Qi arrived at the place all the students from her university were waiting for their university ’s bus to come and take them to the university.

Only two lecturers and Ding Na An was there.
Others seemed to walk around.
Yu Qi asked Ding Na An.
Ding Na An told that the lecturer told the students that the bus would arrive in one hour.
So they took the opportunity to walk around while searching for something to eat.

”You are not hungry? ” Yu Qi asked.

I have eaten on the flight.
The first class flight is very nice.
Tell major Long that I ’m saying thank you for letting me experience the first class.
Probably I will never experience it again. ” Ding Na An said.

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I will pass the message.
I will buy something for Aoi to eat. ” Yu Qi remembered that her little cutie was hungry since he ate a little on the flight.

”Okay. ” Ding Na An nodded.

Yu Qi took Aoi walked around.
They found a BBQ shop.
Aoi was drooling when looking at the meat.

”You want to eat that? ” Yu Qi pointed to the meat while asking to Aoi.

Aoi was very happy when his master asking him that.
He nodded happily.

Since you want it, let ’s go and buy it. ” Yu Qi walked m the shop.

”Sir, I want to buy half a kilo of this. ” Yu Qi said while pointing to the meat.

”Okay, young miss.
Wait for a while. ” The man said

’Master, buy a lot. ’ Aoi said.

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”Oh, sir, make it one kilo. ” Yu Qi told the man.

”Alright. ” The man nodded.
”Young girl, you sure eat a lot. ”

”This is for my little cutie. ” Yu Qi looked at Aoi.

”Owh, I see.
The meat is for you. ” The man said.

”Woof. ” ’ Of course, she is my beloved master. ’ The last sentence must not be heard.

”Is this dog male or female dog? ” The man said

”Male. ” Yu Qi answered.

”It is a Siberian Husky breed, right? ” The man asked again.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi could answer ’yes ’ because she actually did not know which breed Aoi was.
Aoi was a beast.
Probably different from the breed.

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”I also had a dog but he died in a car accident. ” The man sighed sadly.

Yu Qi was silent.

”Here is your order.
I talk too much.
I just got excited to see a cute dog. ” The man gave the plastic bag to Yu Qi.

”It ’s okay. ” Yu Qi paid for the meat.

Yu Qi left and went back to Ding Na An.
Aoi was waiting for Yu Qi to give the meat to him.
Seeing the impatient look on Aoi ’s face, Yu Qi laughed.

I know you are hungry. ” Yu Qi gave the meat to Aoi.

Seeing the meat was served in front of him, Aoi did not wait any longer.
He pounced on the meat.

One bite and Aoi said, ’It is delicious. ’

Ding Na An saw this scene laughed.
Somehow she could understand the expression on Aoi ’s look.
He looked very satisfied with the meat.

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”Aoi is very cute. ” Ding Na An commented.

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