Everyone laughed when they heard Su Jin was joking about something like that.
However, only one was watching Su Jin with a cold look.
Su Jin could not help to tremble when he sensed someone was looking at him intensely.
He turned to that source.
He saw a young and handsome man that looked at him like that man wanted to kill him.

”Joke like this again, I think you will be missing from this world. ” Grandpa Tang whispered to Su Jin.

”Who is that man? ” Su Jin asked.

”He? He is the major general in my country, Long Hui.
He is my bodyguard on this trip. ” Grandpa Tang told him.

”Then why is he looking at me like that? ” Su Jin whispered again.

”Because from his perspective, you are flirting with his girlfriend. ” Grandpa Tang said grumpily.

”Huh? His girlfriend? Who is…. ” That question did not finish yet but Su Jin already got the answer.

Long Hui still gave a murderous to Su Jin.
Even Yu Qi could feel it.
Yu Qi turned to Long Hui and glared to Long Hui.
After that, Long Hui was looking very gentle like he was not the person that let out the murderous look to Su Jin.

The people who kept watching the scene were dumbfounded with this.
It was indeed the truth.
People in love were behaving differently in front of their beloved.

”Grandpa Su, I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi apologized.

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”It ’s okay.
Don ’t worry about that.
I understand. ” Su Jin waved his hand while giving out a small laugh.

”Miss, these are the seeds that you have requested for, earlier. ” The shopkeeper came out and handled the three bags of seeds.

Yu Qi reached out her hand took the three seeds with a smile.
”Thank you. ”

”What are these? ” Su Jin asked looking at the bags.

”Spring root seeds, Bianca flower seeds and Anise hyssop seeds. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yu Qi, you want to plant these herbs in our country? ” Grandpa Tang guessed Yu Qi ’s intention.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But you know it would be hard right? ” Grandpa Tang told the truth.

”Don ’t worry.
I have various methods to try. ” Yu Qi would not give up.

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”Your granddaughter is an ambitious person. ” Su Jin praised Yu Qi.

”Of course, she is my granddaughter. ” Grandpa Tang put the proud face.

”Grandfather, I ’m here. ” A voice came from the door.

All of the eyes turned to the source of the voice.
At the door, there was a man dressed in a great outfit giving out the vibrate of a young man that liked to play around.

The man looked around and stopped at Yu Qi.
He was mesmerized with Yu Qi ’s beauty.
So, he was approaching Yu Qi.
However, before he got close to Yu Qi, someone had blocked him from approaching Yu Qi.

”What the hell… ” He wanted to get angry with the person that blocked him but he got scared when he looked at that person ’s face.

The man gulped his saliva.
’This person is very scary. ’ Then he turned to his grandfather asking for some help.

”Grandfather. ” The man hid behind Su Jin.

Su Jin wanted to laugh.
His grandson needed to be taught otherwise he would flirt with anyone whom he thought beautiful.

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”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi called Long Hui ’s name.

Long Hui no longer paid attention to the man.

”That was scary.
I thought my time had come. ” The man said.

”You should learn your lesson.
Don ’t just go flirting with anyone. ” Su Jin hit the man ’s head.

”Grandfather, it hurts. ” The man stepped back avoiding Su Jin ’s hand.

”Tang Girl.
This is my grandson, Su Fan.
I ’m sorry for his behaviour. ” Su Jin said.

”It ’s okay. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Ding Na An appeared.
She was walking outside the herbs garden.
She wanted to go to the toilet however she did not find one.
Also, there was nobody around.
So, she entered the shop.
But she saw many people gathered around.
So, it was kind of embarrassing to ask where was the toilet.
Ding Na An spotted Yu Qi.

”Oh, another beauty. ” Su Fan stepped closer to Ding Na An as he wanted to hug Ding Na An.

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Seeing an unknown person wanted to hug her, Ding Na An grabbed his hand and made a judo skill, which was ’throwback ’.

”AH! ” Su Fan screamed on pain.

People were dumbfounded once again.
Then Su Jin let a small laugh and then became sober.

Ding Na An glared to Su Fan.
He dared to hug her in the public, this was what he got.

Meanwhile, Long Hui silently gave a thumb up to Ding Na An.
This man needed to be taught some lesson.

After enough of laughing, Su Jin helped Su Fan to get up.

”Grandfather, slowly…
It hurts. ” Su Fan got up.

”How dare you do this to me? ” Su Fan pointed angrily to Ding Na An.

Ding Na An did not answer that.
She gave a cold snort to Su Fan.

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”Sir, where is the toilet? ” Ding Na An asked the shopkeeper in low voice.

”Oh, it is right this corner. ” The shopkeeper also replied in the low voice.

”Thank you. ” Ding Na An said.

Seeing Ding Na An left, Yu Qi also followed her.

”That girl just leave after hitting this young master? ” Su Fan shouted angrily.

”Serves you right. ” Long Hui sneered to Su Fan.

Su Fan remembered that Long Hui was very terrified.

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