Yu Qi opened her eyes and saw a white ceiling.
From the smell of this place, she knew it was a hospital.
She remembered seeing Long Hui right before she lost her consciousness.
It must have been him that brought her here.

Looking around, she saw Grandpa Tang and Sister Chu Xiao, even Uncle Song Nan there too.
Her heart somehow felt very warm.
They must have been worried about me for the whole night, thank goodness nothing happened to them.

”Qi Qi. ”

Yu Qi heard a voice, a voice that she knew.
Looking over to the door she saw Long Hui walk inside her room.
Yu Qj smiled weakly, happy to see him.
Seeing Ren Qian Yi behind Long Hui, Yu Qi was surprised.

”Thank you for saving me. ”

Long Hui held Yu Qi ’s hand.
”You are my future wife, of course, I would try my best to take care of you. ” Then he kissed her hand.

”What about those men? ”

”Don ’t worry about them.
I have already taken care of it. ” Long Hui assured Yu Qi.

”Okay. ”

”Hui has already cleaned everything up, Sister in law.
There is nothing to worry about. ” Ren Qian Yi showed the thumb up to Yu Qi.

”How long has my grandfather been here? ” Yu Qi turned to look at Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang was an old man, it would not be good if he rested like that for a long period of time.
She was afraid that his health would take a turn for the worse if this kept up.

Hearing someone talked around him, Grandpa Tang woke up from his sleep.
The first thing he saw was that his granddaughter was finally awake.
He quickly approached his granddaughter.

”Yu Qi dear. ” Grandpa Tang called.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I was so worried about you.
Thank goodness nothing happened to you. ” Grandpa Tang sighed.
Then he turned to Long Hui.
”Thank you once again.
You have saved my granddaughter. ”

”I ’m not only saving your granddaughter but my future wife as well. ” Long Hui declared.

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Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes.
’This brat.
Always make that declaration. ’ Even though he has proved himself many times, Grandpa Tang still thought he was an annoying little brat.
”Humph. ”

Yu Qi chuckled when she saw how Grandpa Tang changed his tone.
’Grandfather is a tsundere. ’ Long Hui smiled when seeing his beloved Qi Qi smiling.

”I want to go home. ” Yu Qi made the announcement.

”Wait here, I will call a doctor here to check you. ” Long Hui went out to call a doctor in order to give Yu Qi a check-up.

The doctor came and gave a check-up to Yu Qi.
He was slightly nervous when he saw that the legendary doctor was watching him doing his check-up on his granddaughter.
After that, the doctor confirmed that nothing wrong with Yu Qi and gave his permission for her to go home.

Yu Qi contacted Aoi, asking him where he was.
Aoi was currently staying outside the hospital.
Listening to his master ’s voice and knowing that his master was truly okay, he was relieved.
His master informed him that they would be going home soon.
Aoi was excitedly waiting at the main door for Yu Qi.
When he saw his master coming out, he went to greet his master.

”Woof. ” Aoi barked his greeting at Yu Qi.

”Aoi, let ’s go home. ” Yu Qi said.

Aoi, let ’s go home. ” Sister Chu Xiao lifted up Aoi.

Aoi was the one that had made the most contribution when it came to saving Yu Qi.
Without his help, they would not know where that man was bringing Yu Qi to.

”Woof, ” Aoi answered.

”After we got home, I will give you a lot of food. ” Sister Chu Xiao smiled.

As a foodie, when he heard that someone wanted to give him food, well, a lot of food, of course, he would be extremely happy.

Yu Qi chuckled when she saw her dog ’s expression.
She did not need to listen to the telepathy in order to know that he was extremely happy about getting a lot of food.

Long Hui wanted Yu Qi to be in his car.
Grandpa Tang had just gone into Uncle Song Nan ’s car without making a comment, he knew that he would never win against this brat.

”Hui, how about me? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”Call someone from the military camp to come to pick you up. ” Long Hui said.

’Ungrateful friend. ” Ren Qian Yi shouted in his mind.
He did not wait to stay any longer, so he went to the Uncle Song Nan ’s car to ask for a ride.
Luckily for him, Grandpa Tang did not mind giving him a ride.
So, Ren Qian Yi would be going to Shiwa Town together with Grandpa Tang ’s group.
After they arrived in the town, he would call someone from the military camp to pick him up from there.

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Only Long Hui and Yu Qi were inside of Long Hui ’s car.
Aoi was still in Sister Chu Xiao ’s embrace after being promised food.
Before Long Hui could start the engine, he noticed that his beloved Qi Qi was not wearing her safety belt, so he leaned closer toward Yu Qi.

Yu Qi saw his actions and suddenly asked the man what he wanted to do.
”What do you want to do? ”

Long Hui gave a smile.
Yu Qi thought he wanted to give her a kiss, so she closed her eyes, however, the kiss never came.
Yu Qi opened her eyes and saw Long Hui reaching the safety belt and placing it around her body.
She was embarrassed when she thought that he wanted to give her a kiss.

Long Hui watched his beloved Qi Qi, smiling.
”What are you thinking about, hmm? ” Long Hui was asking in a teasing tone.

”Nothing. ” Yu Qi answered.
Her face was blushing red.
She was becoming a lewd girl.

Long Hui made a move.
He gave a kiss on Yu Qi ’s lips, a light one.
”I will give more to you later. ”

Yu Qi placed her hand on her lips and looked at Long Hui.
Long Hui had already started the car engine and left the hospital.
’This man really liked to make a surprise attack on me.
Well, it ’s not like I don ’t like it. ’

After an hour of driving, they arrived at Godly Herbs.
Long Hui brought Yu Qi inside the house.
Yu Qi already said that she was okay, but Long Hui insisted.
Well, it was not because Long Hui thought Yu Qi was sick, but he just wanted to be together with Yu Qi for a little bit longer.

Grandpa Tang and others had already arrived home earlier than Long Hui and Yu Qi.
Sister Chu Xiao currently in the kitchen preparing the food for them.
They had not eaten since last night because they were so worried about Yu Qi ’s safety.
They had not even realized that they did not eat.

When everything was over, they realized that they were quite hungry.
Aoi was also waiting in the kitchen for his dinner.
It became his hobby to watch someone cooking his food like he did when Yu Qi was cooking for him in her space.

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Working faster than ever, Sister Chu Xiao finished preparing some food, it was not much, but it was enough for them to deal with their hungry stomach.

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