Chi Yuan did not reply anything to the middle aged woman.
She cried again.
However, it seemed that the middle aged woman still wanted to know what crime Chi Yuan committed.

”So, tell me why are you here? ” The middle aged middle pushed Chi Yuan ’s body using her legs.

”Shut up! Shut up! ” Chi Yuan shouted. 

It was a loud shout.
The middle aged woman and the old woman were shocked hearing the loud.
Even the policemen on duty were surprised by the shout.

They went to Chi Yuan ’s cell.

”What ’s happening? ” The police officer asked.

”This young girl is crazy. ” The middle aged woman pointed to Chi Yuan.

”I am crazy? Why do you keep talking to me? I don ’t want to talk to you.
You keep asking what crime I committed over and over again.
What? Do you want to compare my crime with your crime? Are you proud of yourself for coming here over and over? Are you stupid? ” Chi Yuan made a series of questions to the middle aged woman.

The middle aged woman was flabbergasted by this young woman. 

I just…
know… ” The middle aged woman stuttered with her words.

”Just leave me alone.
I don ’t want to talk with you, peasant. ” Chi Yuan glared at the middle aged woman.

Because of Chi Yuan ’s high momentum, the middle aged woman could not reply to Chi Yuan. 

Chi Yuan turned to the police officers. 

”I want to change to another place.
I can ’t stay here.
I don ’t want to be with this peasant. ” Chi Yuan demanded.

”Miss Chi, this is not a hotel.
And we are not your servants.
We are not going to follow your order. ” The police officers lost interest here.
They immediately left and returned to their previous spot. 

”Hey, don ’t leave me. ” Chi Yuan shouted again.

The middle aged woman snapped out.
She did not know why she was afraid of this young woman earlier.
She should be the one that this young woman feared.

”Hey, you! How dare you talk rudely to me earlier? Didn ’t you learn how to respect the elderly? Since you have no one to teach you, I will gladly teach you. ” The middle aged woman said.

With that, she approached Chi Yuan and wanted to grab Chi Yuan ’s hair.
She was a little bit jealous of the hair owned by Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan noticed what the middle aged woman tried to her.
She avoided and kicked the middle aged woman.
Since the room was a little bit small, the middle aged woman bumped her back to the wall. 

”Ouch! ” The middle aged woman could not help to moan out.
”You bitch. ”

”Humph! ” Chi Yuan rolled her eyes.

Even though she liked to show the world that she was a delicate flower that needed their protection, she still went to Taekwondo class and managed to get the highest achievement in Taekwondo which was the black belt. 

”Help!!! -Help! Someone wants to kill me. ” This time, the middle aged woman shouted.

The police officers came over again.

”What ’s it this time? ” The police officer sighed.

Wants to kill me.
Please  help me. ” The middle aged woman stated while she pointed at Chi Yuan. 

The police officers were rolling their eyes.
Another idiot.
However, this stupid woman kept shouting louder. 

Chi Yuan closed her eyes while her hands closed her ears. 

”Stop shouting.
I will try to ask my superior about that. ” ’ The police officers stated.

”Why do you need to tell your superior when she asks and ignore me when I ask you? ” Chi Yuan asked.

The police officers could not answer the question, they did not know what to answer, so they left again.

The middle aged woman did not talk and provoke Chi Yuan anymore.
She already became afraid of Chi Yuan at the moment. 

Another police officer came. 

”Koh Pang Cu, your son is here to pick you up. ” The police officer stated.

Koh Pang Cu was the name of the middle aged woman. 

”That ’s me. ” The middle aged woman quickly approached the police officer. 

”Then, come and follow me. ” The police officers said.

Can you hurry up? ” The middle aged woman asked.

The police officer came to the cell and the middle aged woman came out.
She was glad to leave.
It was great that her son came and picked her up tonight.
Otherwise, she did not know how to sleep tonight.

Her son was waiting for her at the front desk.
After her son finished handling the papers, they were allowed to leave.
The middle aged woman immediately told her son about Chi Yuan.
She was very angry when the young woman called her a peasant.

Her son did not pay much attention to his mother ’s story because it was not related to them.
He still had a lot to think about rather than thinking about the young woman who had been arrested. 

The cell became silent when the middle aged woman left.
Chi Yuan was left with the old woman.
The old woman did not try to speak with her.
It was what she wanted. 

She still thought about how many days she would stay in this cell.
Her uncle should be sending someone here later.
She knew that her uncle loved her and would not leave her to stay here for a long time. 

She leaned over to the wall, hugging her knees and cried again.
This time, no one disturbed her. 

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