Long Hui still did not let Yu Qi go.
It was the first time that Yu Qi did not answer his call.
That was why he was panicking. 

”How did you know I was here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Since I can not find you everywhere, I went to Miracle Space, taking your pet out.
He can sense you.
He told me that the last smell that he sensed was here.
So, we came here. ” Long Hui explained.

”Master, ” Aoi called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi knew which pet Long Hui referred to.
She did not mean to make this as a big deal.

”I am really sorry for causing problems for you guys. ” Yu Qi apologized again. 

”Let ’s go back first.
We can talk about this later. ” Long Hui stated. 

So, they left the mountain.
Long Hui was driving.
Yu Qi took a look at her phone.
Her phone was full of missing calls from Long Hui and her family. 

Because Long Hui could not reach Yu Qi, he immediately asked the Tang Family about Yu Qi ’s whereabouts.
So, the Tang Family also knew that she went missing.

She made the decision to call Grandpa Tang.
The call was answered in an instant. 

”Yu Qi! ” 

Yu Qi could sense the worried tone from Grandpa Tang.

”Grandpa. ” Yu Qi answered.

”It is really you, Yu Qi? ” Grandpa Tang was so happy to hear his granddaughter ’s voice.

I am sorry for making you worry. ” Yu Qi was feeling guilty that she made Grandpa Tang so worried about her.

”That brat told me that he could not reach you.
Where did you go? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”I went to the mountain.
That is why your call could not reach me. ” Yu Qi made a lie.

”Why did you go to the mountain? ” Grandpa Tang asked again.

”Well, I heard that a rare herb was found on the mountain.
So, I get to see it. ” Yu Qi made a second lie.

”What herbs make you crazy as far as going alone in the mountain? ” Grandpa Tang became interested.

”Well, I will tell you later about that.
For now, please tell others that I am safe and sound.
I will not come back home tonight. ” Yu Qi said.

”Huh? Then where do you want to go? ” Grandpa Tang asked even though he already knew the answer.

”Brother Hui ’s house. ” Yu Qi was honest.

”That brat!!!! ” Grandpa Tang shouted.

Yu Qi quickly ended the call. 

”Good. ” Long Hui suddenly said that.

”Huh? Good what? ” Yu Qi could not understand.

”Understand that you will not go home tonight. ” Long Hui glanced sideways at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi gulped.
She hoped she could survive tomorrow. 


Even though Chi Yuan stayed in jail only for two days, she looked like she already stayed there for years.
She lost several kilograms because she did not want to eat food prepared by the jail.
She just drank some water. 

She sat at the corner of the cell.
There were already two other people inside.
One was an old woman and the other one was a middle aged woman. 

The first time Chi Yuan entered the jail, there was another woman but she already went out.
Chi Yuan did not want to speak with them as they were having a lower status compared to her.

She believed that she would not be staying here for a long time.
She would go out later.
She just needed to wait.
Her uncle would not let her stay in jail like this.
She was his only blood-related relative.
She closed her eyes.

”Hey! ” 

”Hey! ” 

Chi Yuan heard it.
She did not know that the middle aged woman was calling for her.
Then, she felt that someone kicked her leg.
It hurt.

”Why are you kicking me like this? That hurts! ” Chi Yuan gritted her teeth.

”I just want to ask you.
What have you done for you ending here? ” The middle aged woman asked.

The old woman did not get involved but she also put her ears to listen to the conversation.

”It is just a misunderstanding.
I did not do anything wrong.
I will go home soon. ” Chi Yuan said.

The middle aged woman and the old woman just smiled. 

”I really wonder what did you do.
I can see that you are from a proper family. ” The middle aged woman stated.
She looked up and down at Chi Yuan.
”Since you are rich, you must be involved in drugs.
Are you a drug addict? ” 

”Of course not! ” Chi Yuan shouted angrily. 

”Since it is not the case, then you are involved in prostitution? ” The middle aged woman guessed another one.
It was not impossible since Chi Yuan looked beautiful.

”No! I am not.
Stop talking to me! ” Chi Yuan still shouted angrily. 

”Stop shouting! ” The guard came over and reprimanded Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan felt aggrieved when the guard reprimanded her.
It was not her fault.
This middle aged woman came to her and talked nonsense about the reason she was there. 

She hid her head as she hugged her knees and cried.
She felt very miserable right now.

The middle aged woman still wanted to continue the conversation with Chi Yuan even though she was already like that.

”As you say, we are going out later.
This is my sixth time coming here.
I stole some food from a stall. ” The middle aged woman sighed.
”So, you don ’t need to worry much. ” 

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