”What? You really can do it? ” Yu Qi was shocked.

”Of course. ” Qin Xia nodded.

”I know my senior brother Xia is the best. ” Yu Qi showed her thumb up to Qin Xia.

Qin Xia waved his hand and a portal appeared in front of them.
Qin Xia grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.

”It is to prevent you from disappearing from my side. ” Qin Xia explained.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi held her senior brother ’s hand firmly.

Then, they stepped into the portal.
A moment later, they arrived at one destination.
Yu Qi recognized the place at one glance.
She remembered this place.

Yu Qi looked around and saw what she wanted to see.
She walked quickly there.

Once she arrived there, she bowed down to the ground. 

”Master, I am back.
Your unfilial disciple is back. ” Yu Qi immediately cried while she was bowing down. 

The thought of not remembering her master for thousand years made her sad.
She took out the iris flower that she bought earlier. 

”Master, it is your favourite flower. ” Yu Qi put the bouquet on her master ’s tomb. 

The memory of when her master was alive lingered in her mind.
She ended up crying again.

Qin Xia looked at his junior sister.
Usually, he hated women ’s crying.
If he encountered one, it was either he or the woman who left. 

’Master, I came back to see you.
Do you feel surprised with my gift? ’ Qin Xia asked in his mind. 

When he first found Yu Qi, he wanted to bring her first.
However, when he had second thoughts, he gave up the idea.
Since his junior sister already forgot about that, he would not disturb her life more than he already did. 

But by luck, his junior sister recovered her memories and remembered everything.
So, he thought: why not bring her here?

”Senior Brother Xia, where are my other senior brothers ’ tombs? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You want to visit them too? ” Qin Xia asked back.

I think their tombs are nearby.
I want to visit them too. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Qin Xia brought Yu Qi to another area.
When they were on the way, they met with someone.
It was an old man. 

The old man bowed respectfully to Qin Xia.
”Ancestor, you are here. ” 

”Hmm… ’ Qin Xia responded.

”I just finished cleaning the tombs. ” The old man stated.

”Good job. ” Qin Xia replied.

”Okay, Ancestor.
I will go back first.
Have a nice day. ” The old man bowed again and left.

While he was leaving, his mind wondered about the girl ’s identity that stood beside Qin Xia.
He knew very well that Qin Xia hated women.
Qin Xia would not stand that close to a woman.
But he did not dare to ask the ancestor. 

”You hired someone to take care of their tombs? ” Yu Qi asked.

I don ’t have much time. ” Qin Xia admitted.

Then Yu Qi saw three line-up tombs.
Their names were well written. 

She sat down.
”Senior Brother Rui, Senior Brother Lin, Senior Brother Wei… ” 

She remembered how those three tried to protect her but ended up taking their own lives.
What if she took another decision on that day, would their destiny have changed? She would never know. 

She took out the pink carnations flowers.
”Senior Brothers, I will never forget you.
Rest in peace. ” 

Qin Xia then brought Yu Qi to his own residence in the cultivation world.
It was a very secluded place.
Once Yu Qi stepped in, her eyes trembled. 

The place was the same as the one where she lived as Qin Yue. 

”This… ” Yu Qi looked at Qin Xia.

”I built it. ” Qin Xia confirmed the thought.

”I never thought I would see this scene again. ” Yu Qi smiled while her tears flowed down. 

She lost count of how many times she cried today. 

A man rushed over to Qin Xia and greeted him. 

”Ancestor, you are back. ” The man said.

It is Miss Yu Qi.
Treat her as you treat me. ” Qin Xia stated.

The man looked at the girl beside Qin Xia.
The girl was crying while looking around and did not look at him at all. 

’Ancestor finally wants to settle down? ’ The order that he received just now made him think that.
’Treat her as you treat me. ’ It probably means Qin Xia wanted to make Yu Qi his wife. 

The girl was still crying.
Qin Xia did not plan to comfort her.
The man felt distressed about that.
What if this girl run away from Ancestor because of his cold personality? The marriage would not be happening like that. 

”Senior Brother Xia, I want to see my room first. ” Yu Qi stated.

The man was shocked when hearing the girl called Qin Xia like that. 

”You can go and take a look. ” Qin Xia nodded.

Yu Qi rushed over leaving Qin Xia and the man. 

”Ancestor, shouldn ’t you lead her over? ” The man asked.

”No need.
She already knows the way.
You don ’t need to do anything.
We will be leaving soon.
And if she comes back without me, don ’t stop her from entering.
Otherwise… ” Qin Xia did not complete the sentence.

”Yes, Ancestor.
I will tell the others about this. ” The man nodded.

He knew the end of the sentence.
If that happened, they would be killed.
He understood Qin Xia very well.
He had been serving Qin Xia for hundred years. 

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