Min Liang reported to Qin Xia. 

”Mr Qin, we have another piece of news about Chi Yuan. ” Min Liang said.

What is it? ” Qin Xia glanced at Min Liang.

”I found out that she had been involved in the death of a missing person, Jia Huan Bao, an orphan that studied with her.
She paid someone to kidnap, rape and kill Jia Huan Bao. ” Min Liang stated.

”How interesting. ” Qin Xia chuckled.
”Did you get the witness and the evidence? ”

Do you want to proceed? ” Min Liang asked.

”Of course.
I don ’t want to leave such a creature around.
She can endanger my junior sister. ” Qin Xia turned around and looked out the window.

”Yes, Mr Qin.
I will handle it properly. ” Min Liang bowed and left.

Qin Xia did not want that year ’s incident to happen again.
A woman ’s jealousy was very dangerous.
Because Fung Yinluo was jealous of his junior sister, she plotted against his junior sister. 

His junior sister did not expect to be betrayed by that woman.
Even though the situation now was not the same situation as in the past, it was caused by a woman ’s jealousy.
He really looked at this situation seriously.

In the past, he just could rush and kill the woman but he could not do it anymore.
So, he would use everything to eliminate the threat that could harm his junior sister. 

Min Liang sent someone to tell Jia Huan Bao ’s family about what happened.
Of course, the family was shocked by everything.
The family had been trying to find the daughter who had been missing about 10 years ago.

The policeman had closed the case but the family was still not giving up.
How could they give up? It was the daughter that they had been proud of.
Even if she had died, they still wanted to know what had happened to their daughter. 

They were trembling as they were angry. 

”Chi Yuan, you will pay for it. ” The father clenched his fist.

”But father, we don ’t have money to open the case. ” The brother sighed.

”If you want to make Chi Yuan pay for it, we intend to help you with that.
You don ’t need to worry about money. ” The man smiled.

”Why are you helping us? ” The brother looked at the man.
He could not help feeling suspicious about this. 

”My boss told me to help you guys.
Chi Yuan also wants to harm our young miss.
Since Chi Yuan still did not do anything to our young miss, we could not do anything to her. ” The man explained.

The family ’s face changed. 

”That evil bitch! ” The brother could not help to curse.
”I hear that she is having much trouble right now facing a plagiarism accusation.
Serves her right. ”

We should attack her now as well. ” The father made the decision.

”I will help you arrange the lawyer and everything. ” The man nodded.

”Let ’s go to the police station first.
We need to open the case back. ” The father said.

”I will follow you, Dad. ” The brother said.

”I need to make a call first.
You can go to the police station first. ” The man said.

The man immediately called Min Liang and told him about the progress.
Min Liang was happy to hear it. 


Chi Yuan was still staying at the hospital.
Her auntie, Li Cui accompanied her.
She was quite happy that no one looked for her right now.
Li Cui strictly told the bodyguards that they should not allow other people to enter the room except for the doctor and the nurse. 

Li Cui asked Chi Yuan to come home but Chi Yuan did not want to.
Chi Yuan told Li Cui that her uncle was still angry at her.
Li Cui did not force her and allowed her to stay at the hospital. 

While they were talking, there was a knock on the door.
The door was opened. 

”Madam Chi, Miss Chi. ” The bodyguard said before stepping aside.

There were several police officers outside.
Li Cui and Chi Yuan could not understand why the police officers were here.

”Are you Chi Yuan? ” A police officer asked as he was the leader of the group.

Why are you looking for me? ” Chi Yuan asked.

”Chi Yuan, you are arrested for murdering Jia Huan Bao.
This is the warrant.
You need to remain silent.
Whatever you say right now can be used in the court. ” The leader showed the piece of paper.
He then signalled his subordinates to handcuff Chi Yuan. 

”What? Murder? What are you talking about? I think there is a misunderstanding here.
You can not arrest my niece. ” Li Cui shouted.

”Madam, we are just doing our job.
Don ’t stop us from doing our job.
Otherwise, we will arrest you too. ” The leader said to Li Cui.

Don ’t touch me.
Let me go.
You can not arrest me like this. ” Chi Yuan resisted the arrest.

”Chi Yuan, you should not resist. ” The leader signalled his subordinates to finish the job quicker. 

The subordinates used force to make Chi Yuan stop her resistance.

”Auntie, help me. ” Chi Yuan shouted. 

”Hey, you! Help my niece. ” Li Cui shouted to the bodyguards who just watched the situation from the side. 

None of the bodyguards moved to help Chi Yuan.
They knew the consequence of offending the police officer.
They did not want to get involved in this kind of situation.
It was not worth it. 

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