Wait Until We Are Alone


”Well, I just want to help Yuan-er. ” Grandma Wei shrank when facing her husband.

It is okay if you want to talk with her, but don't force my son to help her. ” Grandpa Wei stated.
He then called the steward

The steward rushed over.
”Yes, sir? ”

”From now on, don't let Chi Yuan enter my house, understand? ” Grandpa Wei ordered.

”Yes, Sir.
I will follow your order. ” The steward nodded.

”You can't do that. ” Grandma Wei said.

”This is my house.
I can do whatever I want. ” Grandpa Wei stated.

Grandma Wei wanted to say something but she stopped herself.

Wei Zichen and Feng Ni Lan looked at Grandpa Wei.
Grandpa Wei usually had good-tempered but got so angry because of his wife.


Yu Qi returned to Tang House with Long Hui.
On the way, they discussed Miracle Space more.

”Brother Hui, if Miracle Space is already with you, what will happen in the next ten years? Will the Miracle Space appear in front of others anymore? ” Yu Qi asked.
She was curious about that.

Miracle Space was important to the cultivation world.
If they knew that Miracle Space was already in Long Hui's hand.
They would be very disappointed.

”Technically, Miracle Space is already in my control.
It will not appear automatically in front of everyone. ” Long Hui said.

The Miracle Space already acknowledged him as its master.
It would not be the same.

”But I will let it appear as usual. ” Long Hui continued.

”Oh, that way, people will not be panicked. ” Yu Qi nodded agreeing with what Long Hui would do.

Yu Qi remembered something.
”Before I forget, you need to block another entrance to Miracle Space.
Remember, the last time we went inside, we met some evil cultivators.
They must have items to open Miracle Space. ” She reminded Long Hui.

”Don't worry.
Without my permission, they can not force open another entrance. ” Long Hui nodded.

They arrived at Tang House.
They entered the house.


”You have returned? ” Ming Yue was surprised to see Yu Qi and Long Hui.

”I come back yesterday but it was already too late.
I don't dare to disturb you.
So, I went to Brother Hui's house. ” Yu Qi just grinned.

”Next time, just come house whether it is late or not. ” Ming Yue reminded Yu Qi.

Where is the grandpa? ” Yu Qi asked.

”He is with Song Nan in the garden.
You should know what they are doing. ” Ming Yue answered.

”How about the twin? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”I think they just finished drinking milk.
Maybe they are sleeping right now. ” Ming Yue said.

”Owh… ” Yu Qi was a little bit disappointed.

”What is at your hand? ” Ming Yue looked at Yu Qi's hand.

”Well, they are clothes for the twin. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”You really spoilt them. ” Ming Yue said.

Even though the tone sounded angry but Yu Qi knew Ming Yue just said that without any meaning.

”I will go and do my thing.
Xiao Hui, don't be shy. ” Ming Yue said before leaving the couple.

”My auntie treats you as family. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui nodded.
He was happy that he was well received by her aunties.

Well, he still had to face her grandfathers, uncles, and brothers.

Yu Qi let Aoi and Shino out.
Xiaohua also wanted to get out.
But Yu Qi did not allow it.
What if Tang Family members saw Xiaohua? Xiaohua resembled her a lot.
She did not know what to answer if they asked about Xiaohua.

Yu Qi and Long Hui went to see Grandpa Tang.
Grandpa Tang was surprised to see Yu Qi home.

”You are here. ” Grandpa Tang said.

I just return. ” Yu Qi nodded.


Grandpa Tang's eyes moved to Long Hui beside Yu Qi.
”What are you doing here? ”

”Accompanying her and visiting you. ” Long Hui stated.

”Humph! I don't need you to visit me. ” Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes.

Yu Qi secretly laughed.
Long Hui caught her laughing.
He used his eyes to say something.
'Wait until we are alone.'

Yu Qi stopped laughing and gulped.
This man was terrifying.

Grandpa Tang noticed the interaction between both of them.

”Stop flirting around. ” Grandpa Tang was annoyed.

Yu Qi just grinned.
”Grandpa, don't be angry.
Otherwise, I will not show what I bring to you. ”

”What do you bring? ” Grandpa Tang stopped making a fuss.

He became interested in what his granddaughter brought to him.

”This. ” Yu Qi put the paper bag on the ground.

Grandpa Tang did not wait long to look inside the paper bag.
When he saw what was inside the paper bag, he trembled as he looked at Yu Qi.

”This…. ” Grandpa Tang was excited.

It is. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Song Nan, look.
It is Long Dragon Grass. ” Grandpa Tang excitedly showed it to Song Nan.

Song Nan also began excitedly when he saw the herbs.

”Where do you get this? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”He he he…
It is a secret. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”You brat! Humph, I will let you off because of this. ” Grandpa Tang stated.

Yu Qi could not tell Grandpa Tang because she found Long Dragon Grass inside Miracle Space.
How could she explain about Miracle Space's existence if Yu Qi told her grandfather about where she found the herbs?


Moreover, that Miracle Space was not hers.
It was Long Hui's.
She could not just tell anyone about that.

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