Wait For Me On The Bed


Yu Qi returned to FINN City after spending time with Madam Yi and Yi Sanyi.
She did not buy anything for herself but for Yi Sanyi.
That kid blushed shyly when Yu Qi praised him cute after trying the clothes.

Yu Qi also ended up buying clothes for Tang Bo Lin and Tang Heng Nuo too.
She could not wait to see the clothes on those kids.

Since it was also late, she did not want to return to Tang House.
She did not want to disturb others.
They must be already resting.

So, she returned to Long Hui's penthouse.
Since she was alone, she wanted to take Aoi out of the space.
Xiaohua also wanted to come out.
It was her first time coming out.

Yu Qi did not mind.
So, she took both of them out.
Xiaohua looked around curiously.
When Yu Qi went to take a bath, Xiaohua asked a lot of questions to Aoi.
Aoi explained to her slowly.

Xiaohua nodded as she heard the explanation.
Yu Qi just finished the bath, came out and saw the scene.
The scene was a little bit weird since Xiaohua was in human form and Aoi was a puppy.

Since there was no chicken at home, Yu Qi went inside her space to take the chicken from the freeze inside there.

”I will come inside later to give the food to you, okay? ” Yu Qi promised Bo Ya when she saw Bo Ya's eyes.

Bo Ya smiled while nodding.
Yu Qi looked around to find Rukh but she did not find him.

”Where is Rukh? ” Yu Qi asked.

”He is at the lake, meditating. ” Bo Ya answered.

Yu Qi went to the garden to take the ingredients that she needed before leaving the space.

”Oh, I will go out first. ” Yu Qi left the space while bringing the chicken and the ingredient.

She wanted to cook simple dishes.
One hour later, the meal was done.
She cooked Chicken Cacciatore.
She served a portion for Xiaohua and Aoi.
She told them to eat first.
Because she wanted to take some for Bo Ya and Rukh.

She only saw Bo Ya when she entered the space.
She served him a portion of the dish.
Then she called Rukh using telepathy, telling him that she cooked something.

Rukh who was currently in mediation, stopped what he was doing and appeared in front of Yu Qi with a blink of eyes.
It was because of the meal.
He eat what she cooked before and found out it was very delicious.
How could he skip that? The mediation could wait.

Seeing both of them eating, Yu Qi left the space.
Xiaohua and Aoi were still eating.
She took some of the dishes and ate them.
Xiaohua and Aoi asked for the second time.
Yu Qi just smiled and gave it to them.

After eating and cleaning, Yu Qi went to the bedroom to sleep.
She did not notice when she fell asleep.
She woke up and heard some sounds.
She looked at Xiaohua and Aoi who slept together.

Yu Qi got out of bed and slowly approached the door.
It seemed someone was here.
He was in front of the door right now.
Yu Qi opened the door and swing the punch to the person.

However, the person casually stopped the punch and pulled Yu Qi into his hug.
Yu Qi finally noticed who the person was.

”Brother Hui…. ” Yu Qi called Long Hui's name.

”My fiancee is quite violent. ” Long Hui teased Yu Qi.

”I don't know that you return tonight.
I thought someone broke into the house. ” Yu Qi defended herself.

I know.
I thought you are staying at your house tonight. ” Long Hui said.

”I also just return home.
It is already late.
I don't want to disturb their rest.
So, I come here. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

It is good that you come here.
I get to meet you.
I miss you so much. ” Long Hui started to kiss Yu Qi.

Facing the kiss from Long Hui, Yu Qi could not help to moan.
Her cheeks started to change their colour.

Long Hui let Yu Qi go.
He leaned over at Yu Qi's ear.
”I need to take a bath.
Be a good girl and wait for me on the bed. ”

The whisper was so seducing.
Feeling enchanted, Yu Qi nodded.
Both of them entered the room.
Long Hui went to the bathroom.
Shino jumped out of Long Hui's pocket as he entered the bathroom.

”Master, I miss you and your food. ” Shino climbed up to Yu Qi's shoulder and rubbed his face to Yu Qi's cheek.

I miss you too.
Don't worry.
I will cook something delicious for you tomorrow. ” Yu Qi rubbed Shino's head.

”I want a lot of food.
The food there is tasteless.
Not the same as your cooking. ” Shino complained.

Yu Qi laughed.
All of her contracted beasts were foodies.

You can go and take a rest first. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi took Aoi and Xiaohua who still sleeping.
Aoi woke up and saw his master pick him up.

What are you doing? ” Aoi asked with sleepiness.

”Brother Hui is back.
You need to sleep at the next room, okay. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay… ” Aoi went back to sleep.

The time when Yu Qi returned to the bedroom, Long Hui already finished and got out of the bathroom.
He just wore the bathrobe.

”Qi Qi, come here. ” Long Hui called her over.

Yu Qi walked to Long Hui.

”Shall we continue where we stop before? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi smiled shyly and nodded.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi on the bed.

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