“What?” The middle aged woman and the young woman were shocked when they found out the identity of the woman who casually sitting in front of Madam Yi.

“She is Tang Yu Qi?” The middle aged woman looked at Yu Qi.

“Oh, I never thought that you know my name.
Yes, Tang Yu Qi is my name.” Yu Qi smiled.

The young woman was trembling.
If she was Tang Yu Qi, meaning she already had a fiancee.
There was no need for her to get married into Yi Family.

The young woman was jealous when she saw Madam Yi act friendly toward Yu Qi.
She thought that Yu Qi was Madam Yi’s future daughter in law, the future wife of Yi Lishan, the first son of Madam Yi.

She was interested in Yi Lishan and wanted to get married to Yi Lishan.
But she could not get closer to Yi Lishan.
So, she was hoping to get closer to Madam Yi through her mother.

But now she made a fool in front of Madam Yi.
She was scared to know what Madam Yi thought about her right now.

“We are having lunch right now.
Can you please leave us alone?” Madam Yi smiled but the smile did not reach her eyes.

The middle-aged woman knew that Madam Yi asked them to leave.
She glanced at her daughter and saw her daughter did not want to leave.
She pulled her daughter and left the place.

“Hmph! I never like her mother.
Now her daughter also acts the same way, looking down at others.” Madam Yi snorted watching the middle aged woman and the young woman left.

“Who are they?” Yu Qi asked.

“They are Mong Shui and her daughter, Sang Jinger.
Well, her husband owns a company.
Pretty well.
But it is not enough to compete with you.
But almost they look down at others who have a lower income than them.” Madam Yi explained.
“How dare they look down on you?”

“You don’t need to mind much about them.” Yu Qi just smiled.
She did not care much about them.

“Little San, are you bored?” Yu Qi looked at Yi Sanyi.

Yi Sanyi shook his head.
“No, I like being around Sister.” He smiled shyly.

“I have a few hours before I am leaving.
Do you want to hang out with me after this?” Yu Qi asked.

“Sure!” Yi Sanyi nodded.
Of course, he wanted to spend time with her.

“Okay, let’s go shopping together after this, okay?” Yu Qi asked.

“Yes.” Yi Sanyi agreed.


Back at Yue Cooperation headquarters, Chi Guang Wei had been invited to a meeting room.
After that, the receptionist left and someone else returned with coffee and served Chi Guang Wei the coffee.

A few minutes later, the door was opened.
A man led a handsome man into the room.
The man’s expression was cold.
He sat in front of Chi Guang Wei.
Another man stood beside the handsome man.

With this, Chi Guang Wei knew their identity.
He did not expect to see such a young handsome man to be the owner of a large company such as Yue Cooperation.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

This young man must be inherited the company from his parent.
He assumed that because Yue Cooperation had been operating for such a long time.

Qin Xia looked at Chi Guang Wei.
“Why do you want to meet me?”


Min Liang noticed that.
“This is Mr Qin and I am his assistant, Min Liang.”

“Mr Qin, may I know why you suddenly try to acquire my company out of sudden?” Chi Guang Wei asked straight to the point.

Qin Xia smiled coldly.
Seeing the smile, Chi Guang Wei gulped.

“Why don’t you ask your niece?” Qin Xia replied.

Chi Guang Wei was surprised when Qin Xia suddenly mentioned Chi Yuan.

“What did my niece do to Mr Qin?” Chi Guang Wei asked for more detail.

“Your niece harmed the person that precious to me.
Since she was so arrogant with the title of the heiress of Quowen Market, I want to cut that off.” Qin Xia stated.

“Who is the person?” Chi Guang Wei inquired.

“That is what I can tell you.
You can find out by yourself.” Qin Xia stood up and wanted to leave.

Chi Guang Wei still had questions to ask.
Min Liang stopped him.

“Mr Chi, it is better you leave and try to ask your niece.” Min Liang put on a professional smile on his lips.

Chi Guang Wei knew that this was the limit that he could ask them.
A person came to the meeting room and escorted Chi Guang Wei out.

After leaving the building, Chi Guang Wei thought about that.
That girl, Chi Yuan offended many people in the past.
Now she was also stuck with the plagiarism case.

Yue Cooperation took action now.
Meaning the person mentioned by Qin Xia was from the plagiarism case.
Chi Guang Wei gritted his teeth.
He was angry at Chi Yuan’s case.

Why could she investigate the other person before offending them? Now, his company had been implicated too by her.

Because he could not have children due to low sperm production, he really loved Chi Yuan, his older brother’s daughter.

But Chi Yuan caused a huge trouble to the company, of course, he could not forgive her.
Without the company, how could he and his family survive in the Capital City?

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