Chi Yuan had been scolded by her uncle because of her careless mistake.
Her laptop had been ruined as well as her work document inside the laptop.

Chi Guang Wei looked at his niece.
Recently she got into trouble by being sued by that woman.

”Your work performance is declining.
You also had not designed anything for the past few months.
What are you doing? ” Chi Guang Wei asked.

”I am sorry uncle. ” Chi Yuan did not retort.

”Our company is facing acquisition. ” Chi Guang Wei sighed.

”What? Who is so bold as to wan to acquire our company? ” Chi Yuan frowned.

”We still investigate it. ” Chi Guang Wei  stated.
”You don ’t need to worry about that.
I will handle it. ”

”Okay, uncle.
Please do so. ” Chi Yuan nodded.

Chi Yuan ’s parents had established Quowen Market.
Only after they died, Chi Guang Wei took over.
He had been working his everything to make the company successful.

The company was having some problems before but it was not very big.
However, now, they were facing a big enough.
He sighed.
Something went wrong recently.
But he could not tell why.

Chi Yuan went to her room.
Quowen Market could not be ruined now.
If it was ruined now, it would affect her.
She did not lose her identity as heiress of Quowen Market.

Chi Yuan did not know that she had been targeted by someone.
If Chi Yuan wanted to ruin Yu Qi, Qin Xia wanted her to have a taste of it first.

The news about Chi Yuan stealing someone ’s else design flooded the news.
Chi Yuan was a quite famous jewellery designer.
Not to mention, she was Quowen Market ’s heiress.

Chi Yuan did not know yet.
She went to eat lunch.
At that time, Chi Yuan could feel a lot of people staring at her.
She looked around and did not see anyone staring at her.
After she turned back, the staring continued.

Her phone was ringing.
The name that appeared was her uncle.
They just met this morning.
She answered the call.

”Yes, uncle? ” Chi Yuan asked.

”Where are you right now? ” Chi Guang Wei asked.

”I am having lunch. ” Chi Yuan said.

”You still have time to eat? Do you know what ’s trending right now? ” Chi Guang Wei asked in anger.

”Huh? What? I dont know. ” Chi Yuan really did not know.

”Find out by yourself. ” Chi Guang Wei ended the conversation.

Chi Yuan was confused.
She checked the news.
Then, she was shocked by the trending news.

The news stated that she was stealing another person ’s design and announced the design as her own.
Chi Yuan shook her head and could not believe what she just read.

”It is a lie. ” Chi Yuan shouted.

Everyone looked at her.
Well, of course, she attracted attention.
She could not eat anymore.
She ran away.
She arrived at her office.

She clicked on the news again to read it for more details.
In the article, one of the stolen designers opened up about the story.
That person used to work at the same place as Chi Yuan.

She worked as a designer.
The design that she made was very cute.
The design was very successful.
Seeing the design had a lot of positive feedback, Chi Yuan immediately claimed the design as hers.

Of course, the true owner refused but Chi Yuan told her that no one would believe her.
She was in despair.
She ended up stopping working as a designer.
She could not design anymore.

Another person claimed the same.
She claimed that Chi Yuan used her status as an heiress to bully another designer to design for her.
That person did not care much about that status since she made the designs and sold them for money.
But she did not like Chi Yuan as she threw her like garbage when she could not design anymore.

Chi Yuan gritted her teeth when she read the news.
She did not expect that those people dared to come to say something like that about her.
She needed to teach those people a lesson.

Well, what those people said has some truth in it.
She did steal one of the designs from a designer but just once.
And the other person, she paid her.
So, what was wrong with that?

Someone outside there must be wanting to ruin her reputation.
It must be it.
The culprit must be them.


”We already began the acquisition of Chi Company. ” Min Liang reported to Qin Xia.

”Great. ” Qin Xia stated.

”I also already make Chi Yuan trending news.
She would enjoy herself for two days. ” Min Liang reported again.

Yes, Qin Xia ordered Min Liang to ruin Chi Yuan ’s reputation since that woman liked a good reputation.
Not to mention, this woman liked to ruin Yu Qi ’s reputation.

”Hire the hacker to hack into her personal computer and phone. ” Qin Xia ordered again.

Min Liang looked at his boss.
His boss really wanted to destroy Chi Yuan and Chi Company.

”Where did my sister go? ” Qin Xia changed the topic.

”Miss Tang took a private jet to Country Max.
She was in a hurry.
Something must have happened. ” Min Liang already had the information in case Qin Xia asked.
Well, he did ask about Yu Qi.

”It must be related to that brat. ” Qin Xia snorted.

’That Brat ’ must be referred to Long Hui.
Min Liang really could not think of someone else.
They really had a bad relationship.

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