Now it was time to leave Capital City and return to FINN City.
Long Hui still has not returned.

From what Yu Qi got from Shino, Long Hui and his team were planning to attack a base.
Yu Qi did not pay much attention to that.
She told Shino that he needed to report to her if Long Hui was injured.

Yu Qi informed Wei’s Siblings and Gu Ning that she would return to FINN City.
They came to send her off.
She also informed Qin Xia.

However, she did not expect to see Qin Xia too at the airport to send her off since he was a busy person.

Wei’s Siblings did not know who this person was.
They were also surprised to see such a handsome man other than Long Hui.
They knew that this man was also powerful too since he had the same aura as Long Hui.

Gu Ning had recognized the man.
Her father had some deal with Yue Cooperation and she had met this man once.
Her father even planned to marry her off to this man but this man rejected the idea right away.

Since Gu Ning knew this man, she also knew his attitude toward women.
So, she did not expect to see his gentle side to Yu Qi.
It seemed Yu Qi had already known this man for a long time.

“Where is that man?” Qin Xia asked.
He could not see Long Hui anywhere.

“He left.
He has work to do.” Yu Qi stated.

“I see…” Qin Xia did not say much about that.

“By the way, Brother Xia, why are you here?” Yu Qi asked.

“Just to send you off.” Qin Xia answered.

“Are you busy?” Yu Qi asked again.

“My employees can handle everything.” Qin Xia said.

At the Yue Cooperation’s office, Min Liang wanted to cry when he realized that his boss was missing.
He tried to call a few times.
But his boss did not pick up his call.
He even wondered if his boss had already blocked his number.

They had a meeting with someone this evening.
But he guessed he would conduct the meeting if his boss did not return for the meeting.
Well, it was not the first time that his boss disappeared like this.
He now wondered how long his boss would disappear this time.

Qin Xia did not know what his assistant tought right now.
He was busy talking to his junior sister.
Otherwise, he would roll his eyes at Min Liang.

Yu Qi introduced Qin Xia to Wei Siblings and Gu Ning.

“This is my sworn brother, Qin Xia.” Yu Qi stated.
She glanced at Qin Xia.
“Well, he is not getting along well with Brother Hui.”

Qin Xia glanced back at Yu Qi and raised his eyebrow.
But he did not comment anything about that since it was the truth.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Everyone talked until Yu Qi needed to check-in.
Qin Xia patted Yu Qi’s head.
Yu Qi did not mind since Qin Xia always did it when she was still Qin Yue.


“Don’t worry.
I will handle it.
It is not the first time someone used this method, am I right?” Qin Xia assured Yu Qi.

“You mean it is the same person?” Yu Qi asked.

“Probably but we will see.” Qin Xia smiled.

Yu Qi nodded.
The Wei’s Siblings and Gu Ning did not understand what they were talking about.

“Yu Qi, I will visit you at FINN City sometime in the future.” Wei Ding Ye said.

“Sure… Sure… I will entertain you.” Yu Qi responded.

Yu Qi checked in.

Qin Xia walked leaving the place.
Well, he was not leaving the airport but he was following the man who captured his picture with Yu Qi.
The man seemed happy while checking the picture that he got just now.
The man did not realise that he had been followed.

He went to his car and left the airport.
He returned home.
He wanted to transfer the pictures first to his laptop before sending them to his client.

Well, he was actually a paparazzi.
He captured shameful pictures of famous people.
That was his way of finding money.

Today, he got a call from someone.
This someone wanted him to follow a woman and captured something that could be used for blackmailing.
When he checked out about the person he would take the picture with, turned out this person was quite famous.

Tang Yu Qi.
People in the medical industry called her the “Current Genius” with a lot of achievements.
Not to mention, she was engaged with the grandson of the Great-General Long Fei Yi, Colonel Long Hui.

He thought it was a difficult task since he would need to go outside Capital City to get the pictures.
He did not mind going but his client needed to pay for his expenses such as flight ticket and accommodation.
But who knew, he already got something at the airport.

He felt that this picture had a lot of uses.
He would give this picture to his client.
After that, he would try his luck with Tang Yu Qi to see whether she wanted to buy these pictures or not.

He was pretty sure that Tang Yu Qi would not want her fiancee to know about her relationship with another man.
He would sell the pictures to her.

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