Yu Qi and Long Hui went to the Wei family’s house.
Their hands were full of the gifts that they wanted to give to the Wei Family.

As they planned before, the skincare products would be given to the females and the medicine wine would be given to the males.

They were stopped by the security guards.
Long Hui informed them that they would go to the Wei Familly’s mansion.
They could ask for confirmation from the Wei Family.

However, one of the security guards stood up and saluted Long Hui.

“Sir!” It was a standard salute for a soldier.

The security guard who saluted Long Hui was a retired soldier.
He knew Long Hui.

“You were once a soldier?” Long Hui asked.

“Yes, sir!” The security guard answered.

“I see.
Please call the Wei Family for confirmation.” Long Hui said.

“Yes, sir!” The security guard nodded and quickly called the Wei Family.

Feng Ni Lan answered it.
She confirmed that Wei Family was waiting for the couple.
The security guards got the confirmation and allowed Yu Qi and Long Hui to enter the residential area.

One of the security guards asked the security guard (former soldier) about Long Hui.

“You know him? Is he a high-ranking officer?’

I am sure you know him too.
He is Colonel Long Hui.
The youngest Colonel ever.”

“Wait, does it mean he is the grandson of the Great General Long Fei Yi?”


“Wow, I never thought that I will see a big shot today.’

Yu Qi and Long Hui arrived at the Wei Family House.
She rang the bell.
Not long after that, the door was opened.
A maid welcomed them inside.

The maid led them to the living room where the Wei Family members were sitting.

“Welcome Hui, Yu Qi.” Feng Ni Lan smiled welcoming the couple.

Long Hui nodded his head greeting everyone.
Everyone knew how Long Hui was.
They understood him.

“Hi, Auntie Ni Lan.” Yu Qi greeted her.
She then turned to see others and started to greet them.
“Grandpa Wei, Mrs Wei, Uncle Zichen, Aunt Gu Muxue, Su Zien, Su Kee.
Oh, I never thought to see you, Miss Chi.”

Only Grandma Wei whom Yu Qi referred to as Mrs Wei.
Well, it was Grandma Wei’s request after all.

“What? I invite her.
Do you have any problem?” Grandma Wei replied.

“I don’t have any problem.” Yu Qi said.
“Oh, this is my gift to you.
The skincare set products for females.
One for Mrs Wei, Auntie Ni Lan, Auntie Muxue, Su Kee and Ding Ye.
As for the male, I brought the wine for you.
I made them myself.”

Long Hui and Yu Qi put their gifts on the table.

“Wait, why isn’t there one for Yuan-er?” Grandma Wei asked.please visit pαпᵈα-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

“I bring the gifts for Wei Family members in thought.
I didn’t know that Miss Chi already became a Wei Family member.” Yu Qi replied.
“Well, if Miss Chi Yuan wants a set, you can go and purchase it by yourself.
You have the money, right? You are the niece of Quowen Market’s CEO after all.
Don’t tell me that you don’t have money to buy a mere skincare product?”

“You!” Grandma Wei glared at Yu Qi.

“Enough, Zhu Mei.” Grandpa Wei stopped Grandma Wei.

Grandma Wei shut her mouth.
Chi Yuan comforted the old woman by rubbing her hands.

“Thank you for the gift.” Grandpa Wei said.

Grandpa Wei took out the wine.
Then he was surprised by the wine.
Since Yu Qi placed the wine in a clear glass bottle, everyone could see the content.

“Miss Tang, you say you made this wine by yourself?” Chi Yuan asked.

“Yes.” Yu Qi nodded.

“Can you drink that?” Chi Yuan glanced at the content.

“Of course.
They are medicine wine.
Drink this once a day could help improve your health.” Yu Qi explained.

“Oh, this is the same as you give to your grandpa, Tang Jiang Man?” Grandpa Wei’s eyes lifted.

“Well, it is not the same.
I make another batch after that.” Yu Qi explained.

“Are you sure that nothing will happen if Grandpa Wei or others drink that?” Chi Yuan asked the question again.

“Miss Chi, what do you want to imply here?” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

“Nothing, I am just asking.
I am just afraid something will happen to them if they drink something like that.” Chi Yuan just smiled.

The medicine wine did look like a scary drink with herbs inside it.

“If Grandpa Wei and others did not have allergies, we have nothing to worry about.” Yu Qi answered it calmly.

“You can’t guarantee that.” Grandma Wei supported Chi Yuan.
She then turned to her son and husband.
“You better not drink this.”

Wei Zichen frowned.
His mother should not talk about something like that even though she wanted to.
She just could wait after the guest left.
Not in front of the guest like that.

I will drink it.
My granddaughter-in-law would not be so heartless as to poison me.” Grandpa Wei retorted.

Grandma Wei was surprised when her husband, Grandpa Wei snapped at her.

ραпdα nᴏνɐ| сom

“Grandpa Wei, you don’t need to worry.
I made the medicine wine many times.
My grandpa drinks it, particularly every day.
He never felt sick after drinking the wine that I made.
You will not be sick but if someone wants to play a trick, no one knows what will happen.” Yu Qi smiled while staring at Chi Yuan.

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