“Then, he must be Colonel Long.” One of the girls was excited.

“Yes.” Yu Qi nodded.

“Wow, we meet our goddess.” The girls shouted in excitement.  “Can we take your picture?”


Yu Qi looked at Long Hui asking for his permission.
He was a soldier.
She was afraid that there might be some kind of restrictions about a soldier having his picture taken by others.

However, Long Hui just nodded.

You can.” Yu Qi gave them permission.

The girl became to take the pictures.
A lot of the pictures.

“Can we take pictures together with both of you?” The girls asked again.

“Sure.” Yu Qi nodded again.

The middle-aged man was confused by the situation.
He did not leave yet.

One of the girls went to him and asked him to take a picture using the smartphone.

We get the pictures with Doctor Tang.” The girls shouted happily.

Yu Qi turned to the middle-aged man.
“I am sorry.
As I said before, we aren’t interested in joining the entertainment industry.
So, excuse us.” She pulled Long Hui’s hand and walked away.

The girls still watched Yu Qi and Long Hui with excitement.
The middle-aged man turned to the girls.

“Do you know them?” The middle-aged man asked.

“What? You don’t know them? They are a popular couple right now.” One of the girls said.

“They are artists?” The middle-aged man asked again.

“No, they are a doctor and a soldier.
But they are more famous than other artists.” Another girl said.

“Why do you not know that? I heard from the conversation, you are a scout.
How could you not know about that? Are you a liar?” Another girl questioned the middle-aged man with narrowed eyes.

The middle-aged man felt that his lie would be exposed now.
He needed to escape.
The girls guessed the truth.
Well, it was a half-truth and half-lie.

He was a scout for the porn entertainment industry.
He deceived a lot of people to join that industry.
He thought he could deceive the couple.
He really did not know that the couple was a famous one.

After getting away from the girls, he took out his phone and searched for the couple on the internet.
He did not know their name but he heard that the girls mentioned something like Doctor Tang and Colonel Long.

He did not think much when the girls mentioned the name ‘Doctor Tang’ and “Colonel Long’.
When he got the information, his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

His hands were trembling when he read the information.
That couple was freaking famous.
That man was truly a soldier, not to mention a high-ranking one.
And the woman, she came from a rich and powerful family.

He was lucky that he did not force them or something like that.
If he forced them, he did not know what they were going to do to him.
His life might be ruined after getting caught by them.
He should be careful in the future.please visit pαпᵈα-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

Yu Qi and Long Hui did not know what they had been missing before.
They still had a carefree walk.

Yu Qi spotted her store Qi Qi Skincare.
She pulled Long Hui to enter the store.
The employees welcomed Yu Qi and Long Hui with smiles pasted on their lips.

“Welcome.” The employee said.

Yu Qi just smiled.
She looked around.
She never came to this store before.
The opening of this store was handled by Su Yu Hi since she needed to be at a medical conference at that time.  So, the employees here did not know that Yu Qi was the owner of the Qi Qi Skincare Brand.

“What are you looking for, Miss? I will help you.” The employee asked.

“Hmm… I want 5 sets of Rose products.” Yu Qi ordered the things that she wanted to buy.

The employee was stunned for a moment.
Others also looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was confused about why the employees seemed to look at her like that.

“Hmm… Is there something wrong?’ Yu Qi asked.

The employee snapped out of it.
She shook her head.
“No, miss.
It’s nothing.
I will pack your order right now.” She rushed to the back.

“She order Rose Products, 5 sets of them, just like that.”

“I have never seen her before here.”

“She is probably not from the Capital City.”

“However, she must be from a rich family since she orders rose products.”

“Well, the money probably comes from that gentleman.”

“But, I think I have seen her somewhere else.
I just don’t remember where.”

Yu Qi and Long Hui heard the conversation but they did not care much about them.
Let them talked what they wanted.

The employee came back to Yu Qi.
“Miss, please come to the counter to make the payment.”

Yu Qi followed the employee to the counter.

“How do you like to make the payment? Before that, may I know if you have a membership card?” The cashier asked.

“Membership card? Oh, I have it.
Wait a minute.” Yu Qi took her purse and took out the card.

The cashier took the card and scanned the card.
She froze when she looked at the desktop.

“Your total is 0 yuan.
Thank you for shopping with us.” The cashier smiled politely at Yu Qi while handing out the shopping bags to Yu Qi.

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