Xie Likui made the decision to accompany Qin Yue.
He did not have any important matters to do.

Qin Yue was surprised when she heard that Xie Likui would accompany her.
Well, not like she disliked Xie Likui, she indeed liked Xie Likui but it would be hard to access her space when she needed it if Xie Likui was with her.

Qin Yue tried to reject him but Xie Likui did not budge at all.
He planned to stick to Qin Yue.
Qin Yue gave up trying.
If she wanted something from her space, she would try hiding from Xie Likui.

Yu Qi was trembling inside Qin Yue’s body.
Because she could feel what Qin Yue felt, she smelled something that made her miss Long Hui so much.

‘Does Long Hui this man’s reincarnation?’ Yu Qi asked the voice.

He is indeed Long Hui right now.’ The voice stated.

Yu Qi was so happy that she had been together with Long Hui in her past life too.
Well, not the ‘Yu Qi’s past life.

During Qin Yue and Xie Likui’s adventures together, they had been developing feelings for each other.
The forest was their date place.
Killing monsters, collecting monsters’ cores, harvesting the herbs, and spending time together.

Xie Likui accidentally found out about the space.
He was shocked at first but he promised that he would guard the secret for life.
Qin Yue fell in love much deeper with Xie Likui.

While they were in the forest, they met with Fung Yinluo and other cultivators too.
They already came to the forest to gain experience by killing monsters.

Fung Yinluo was surprised to see them together.
She knew Qin Yue and Xie Likui.
Both of them were the disciples of famous masters.
To be honest, she had been in love with Xie Likui after he won second place in the last competition.

She wanted to get to know Xie Likui but she did not have a chance to do so.
Actually, she thought she got a chance to get to know Xie Likui better when she saw Xie Likui in the forest.
She thought he was alone.
Until she saw Qin Yue.

She could see that Xie Likui was very close to Qin Yue.
He treated Qin Yue in a special way.
She even saw Xie Likui smile sweetly at Qin Yue.
He did not smile like that at anyone else.
He just gave a polite smile.

Seeing this, she already marked Qin Yue as her enemy.
But she did not want to offend the latter because Qin Yue was a disciple of Sir Tang Moting.
She heard that Sir Tang Moting doted on Qin Yue so much.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

Fung Yinluo and others joined Qin Yue and Xie Likui.
Qin Yue treated Fung Yinluo like a friend treated her friends.
She had no female friends before.
So, she was so happy being friends with her.

Qin Yue began to believe in Fung Yinluo.
She even told Fung Yinluo about her space.
Fung Yinluo was very surprised by that.
A powerful artifact.
Why did Qin Yue get everything?

Fung Yinluo told Qin Yue that she would not tell anyone else and kept it secret herself.

After being in the forest for so long, they decided to return home.
Xie Likui was reluctant to leave her but he could not hold Qin Yue back.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Qin Yue told him that they could visit each other later.
Hearing this, Xie Likui was very happy.


“Master… Master… Master!” Qin Yue cried so much.

Her master’s death came so suddenly.
She did not believe that her master died like that.

“Junior Sister Yue, let’s be strong, okay.” Qian Rui also cried.

Lin Shu and Wei Jun mourned for their master too.
Qin Xia as the oldest disciple of Tang Moting handled everything including the funeral.
A lot of people came to the funeral.

Some of the people could not believe that Sir Tang Moting died.
Qin Xia explained that his master also knew that his life would be over soon.
His master already made the preparation for that.

All of the assets would be divided fairly among his disciples.
Tang Moting did not have children and he did not even marry.
So, he had no blood relatives.

Xie Likui also attended Sir Tang Moting’s funeral.
He was heartbroken when he saw his girl cry so sadly.

“Likui, my master…” Qin Yue was sobbing.

Xie Likui did not know what to say.
He only could hug her.
Her senior brothers glared at Xie Likui but they did not say anything since it was still their master’s funeral.

Xie Likui noticed the look given by his girl’s senior brothers but he ignored that.
What he knew was that he wanted to give some support to his girl.

The funeral lasted for a week.
That was what Tang Moting requested.
Qin Xia obeyed his request.
After that, he requested that his body be buried.
The place that he wanted to bury was inside Qin Yue’s space.

Of course, Qin Yue agreed.
So, because it was a secret, only her senior brothers would be there to bury their master’s body.
Some of the people wanted to know where Qin Xia wanted to bury his master, but Qin Xia did not spill anything.

If anyone knew about that, his junior sister would be in danger.
He would not allow that to happen.

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