They were on board for about 12 hours.
They departed from the airport on 12 in the midnight.
They were about to land at the airport now.

When the plane had landed, Ding Na An looked very relieved.
She was very embarrassed when she found that Yu Qi was looking at her.

”It was my first time boarding a plane.
I was a little bit scared. ” Ding Na An explained while scratching her blushed cheek.

”I understand.
It was my first time too. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”Let ’s go.
Others are waiting for us. ”

They quickly gathered back with their group.
They took a bus to go to the hotel.
They arrived at the hotel.
When the lecturers went to the receptionist to get the key for the rooms they had to stay in, a girl from the third year student ’s group came and talked to Yu Qi.

”Tang Yu Qi, how can you bring your dog here? Who will take care of your dog while we will be attending the conference? ” The girl asked.

Yu Qi remembered this girl ’s name.
It was An Shu Lin.
”Senior An, you don ’t need to worry about him. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I see.
Okay, then. ” An Shu Lin nodded.

”Tang Yu Qi, you have to take your own key room since you booked the room on your own. ” One of the lecturers said to Yu Qi.

”Why do you book another room? Do you don ’t satisfies with the room that our faculty booked since it is small? ” Another lecturer asked.

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”No, Sir.
Actually, the room that our faculty booked doesn ’t allow the pet.
So, I booked another one. ” Yu Qi answered.

”But the cost… ” The lecturer whispered and hesitated to finish the sentence.

”You don ’t have to worry about that, Sir.
I will use my own money. ” Yu Qi also answered in a whisper.

They checked in to their rooms.
The conference would be started tomorrow.
Yu Qi did not have a jet lag.
So, she went out to walk around with Aoi.
Hearing they would be walking, Aoi jumped excitedly because he was so bored.

Yu Qi informed Ding Na An and one of the lecturers in case they were looking for her.
She walked around.
Yu Qi did feel different here compare to Binhai.

”What a coincidence. ” Someone said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned to the source of the voice.
She also surprised to see this person here.

”Hi, Miss Tang. ” Qin Xia smiled while greeted Yu Qi.

”Oh, Mr Qin.
Yeah, what a coincidence. ” Yu Qi said.

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”What are you doing here? Walking alone like this. ” Qin Xia asked.

”Oh, I will attend the medical conference here. ” Yu Qi explained.

”I see. ” Qin Xia nodded.

”How about you, Mr Qin? ” Yu Qi asked Qin Xia back.

”I am here to attend the medical conference too.
Probably the same event as you. ” Qin Xia answered.
”How about we talk while relaxing in the coffee shop? ” Qin Xia pointed to the shop across them.

”Sure, why not? ” Yu Qi said.

They walked toward the coffee shop.
The shop had two sections.
Outdoor and indoor.
Since Yu Qi had Aoi with her, she chose to sit in the outdoor section.
Once they sat in their chair, other customers glanced at them.
Men looked at Yu Qi.
While the women looked at Qin Xia.
Qin Xia was indeed an eye candy but he lost to Long Hui.
They ignored others and went to the table.

The waitress came and took their order.
Since Yu Qi was not hungry yet, she just ordered ice lemon tea for her and some snacks to Aoi.
Qin Xia ordered a cup of black coffee.

”Mr Qin is a businessman.
I don ’t expect you will attend this kind of conference. ” Yu Qi casually said that.

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”Well, as a businessman, I ’m currently looking for another market that I could invest in. ” Qin Xia smiled.

”I see.
Medical technology is the market that worth investing in.
I ’m sure you will not regret this. ” Yu Qi supported Qin Xia to invest in medical technology.
It would help a lot of people in the future.

”So, why are you attending this conference? ” Qin Xia asked even though he already knew about it.

”I ’m a medical student.
It is worth attending this kind of conference.
It will broaden my knowledge. ” Yu Qi answered Qin Xia ’s question.

”Alone? ” Qin Xia asked again.

”Of course not.
I ’m with a group of eight students and four lecturers.

The waitress came and delivered their order.
The one who most happy was Aoi.
He gulped the amount of food with a happy heart.

Yu Qi looked at Aoi.
This dog was totally unguarded when she with Qin Xia unlike when the first time they met Qin Xia.

’Aoi, do you feel weird when sitting with Qin Xia like the first time we met him? ’ Yu Qi asked via telepathy to Aoi that currently bites down his snack.

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’No. ’ Aoi nodded.

Yu Qi looked at Qin Xia that elegantly lifted his cup and drank it.
Even though Aoi did not feel anything anymore from Qin Xia.
Still, she guarded herself.
She did not want anything bad to happen.

The other women kept looking at Qin Xia.
They imagined Qin Xia was a prince of some nation.
From what they could hear, the girl in front of him was just his acquaintance that he met on the way.
Meaning they were not in the relationship.

Yu Qi chuckled when she saw some of the girls ’ faces.
She could conclude what was in their minds.

When Qin Xia saw this, his eyes became more gentle.
His Yue was still the same.
Even she had a different body.
Her soul did not change even gone through many reincarnations. 

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