Not only the people were excited to see the weapon even the contracted beasts were the same especially Rukh and the red fox.
Shino and Aoi were not as excited as they were.

‘Master, can I choose one?’ Rukh asked.

I don’t mind.
But how are you going to use it later?’ Yu Qi gave freedom to Rukh to choose but she was also very curious about how Rukh was going to use it.

Most of the weapons were designed for humans, not for contracted beasts.

‘You don’t need to worry about that.’ Rukh stated.

‘Okay.’ Yu Qi nodded.

“Qi Qi, let’s choose something for your great-grandpa, grandpa Dian, and Grandma Dian.” Long Hui suggested.

“Owh, yes.
That is a good idea.
Even though they will not be using them so often, it would be great to get them souvenirs.” Yu Qi nodded.

So, they began to choose the weapon.
Since they only could take one, she also asked Shino and Aoi as well.

After searching for a while, they finally got what was suitable for the elders.

“Hey, is it over? Will we be transported out?” Bucong Nanyi asked Bucong Jian.

“How do I know about that?” Bucong Jian said.

The moment everyone chose the weapon, the white light surrounded them and almost blinded them all.
They automatically closed their eyes.

After a while, they slowly opened their eyes.
The surrounding had been changed.
This place was totally white.
Nothing was around.

“Someone is greedy.” A voice resonated in that place.

Everyone became alert and looked around.

“Someone is greedy.” The same thing could be heard again.

“What does it mean?” Ling Su Liu frowned.

“Someone is greedy.” It was the third time the voice stated the same thing.

“You need to be punished.” Now it said something different.

The next moment made people scream in fear.
A lightning bolt struck someone.
That someone could not do anything, accepted the lightning bolt.




Yu Qi went to the person who was struck by the lightning bolt and checked him.

“He died.” Yu Qi stated.

Everyone was shocked.
They did not know why this happened.
Then the same thing happened.

“Someone is greedy.”

The voice said the same thing again.
This time only one statement and the lightning struck someone again.



A man and a woman shouted at the same time grieving the struck man.
Everyone was silent.

“Hey, did your brother take more than one weapon from the previous room?” Yu Qi suddenly asked.please visit panda(-)

The man showed a shocked expression.
His brother indeed took more than one weapon from the previous room.
His brother even showed him the weapons that he took.
He then remembered the warning words on the ceiling.

“Yes.” The man slowly nodded.

“Fool.” Bucong Nanyi said.

“Then, he deserves it.” Bucong Jiye snorted.

“That one must have done the same thing.” Ling Su Liu pointed to the first man.

The man and the woman who saw their brother die could not retort the statement.
Their brother was on the wrong side.

“Someone is greedy.” The voice said then.

The lightning struck someone again.

“Ahhh… My brother.” A man rushed to him.
“Why are you being foolish grabbing more than what was allowed?” He cried.

The third death made people who did the same thing afraid.
Then some of the people took out the weapons and threw them away.

Don’t kill me.
Here, I returned them.”.

“Me too.
I swear nothing more.”

“Please forgive me.”

pA(nD)A no ve1

They were waiting for the voice to appear again.
After a while, the place was still silent.
So, they realized the trick was working.
However, they also noticed that they also lost the weapon that they chose.

“My weapon is missing.”

“I only took one.”

They shouted.
Yu Qi and others also checked the weapon that they chose.
It was still with them.

So, only the greedy ones had their weapons taken away.
It was good enough for them.
At least they would not be leaving their lives here.

“Next time, don’t be so greedy.” Dian Qi Qi stated.

“So, what are we doing here?” Bucong Jiye looked around.

Once again, the white light surrounded them.
They opened their eyes and they were already in different places.  Right now, they were standing in front of two statuses.

They could see that the statuses belonged to a man and a woman.
It must be the owners of this building.

Yu Qi and Long Hui paid their respect to the statuses.
Others began to follow their action as well.
They thought this place must be the last part of the white building.

It must be where they could get the inheritance from the white building.
It was their dream to get an inheritance from miracle space.

“Senior, we are sorry to disturb you.” Yu Qi said.

“Welcome back.” A voice appeared.

Yu Qi was shocked and looked around.
Everyone seemed not to hear the voice.
She thought it must be her imagination.

“It must be thousands of years ago.
I finally see my reincarnation.” The same voice appeared again.

This time, Yu Qi was sure that she was not imagining things.
She could hear the voice correctly.
And it was confirmed that people around her could not hear the voice.

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