“Let’s just hope that they would not be selected to inherit the inheritance.” Dian Zin Fang asked.

“If they had been selected, then the white building must be blind or something.” Dian Qi Qi who listened to the conversation intervened.

The night arrived but they continued walking.
They walked until someone suggested taking a rest for the night.
Everyone agreed.

Yu Qi checked on Ayue.
Ayue seemed to heal pretty fast as expected from a cultivator.

Yu Qi returned to Long Hui’s side enjoying beast for tonight’s dinner.
After that, they went to sleep.


Yu Qi opened her eyes.
She was surprised to see her surrounding.
She looked around to find Long Hui and others.
But she did not see anyone else except for herself.

She did not remember how she got here.
The last time she remembered, she was sleeping beside Long Hui.
She calmed herself.
‘Don’t panic.’

She tried to call Bo Ya.
But she did not hear him talk back.
She sighed.
It seemed she needed to handle this by herself.

With that, she began to look around more carefully than before.
She wanted to figure out where she was right now.

Apparently, she was in the building.
‘White building.’ That thought appeared inside her mind.
She did not know why she knew about this but her instinct firmly told her that.

Yu Qi walked inside the white building.
The building was very white.
No wonder everyone called it the white building.
She looked around until she saw a big white door.

She did not know if she could open the door or not.
She looked up.
The door was so big.
She bet even giants could enter through this door.

She wanted to push the door open.
She could not see inside the room.
It was hazy.

Because she could not see clearly, she entered the room.
After that, she could see the inside of the door.

Inside the room, there was a big pool.
However, the color of the water inside the pool was not clear or transparent.
It was dark.
Looked pretty sinister to her.

She would not go and touch the water carelessly.
She did not want to die in a place like this.
However, she put on her gloves and took a sample of water.

She saw a tree.
She wanted to test the water.
So, she poured the water into the tree.
Nothing happened.
She waited long enough.
She could conclude that the water was okay.

However, when she thought that, the tree began to dry out.
She was shocked to see what happened.
Her first assumption was correct.
There was something wrong with the water.

Yu Qi continued walking again.
She arrived at another room.
Like the previous one, she just gave a gentle push and the door began to move.

The second room contained various weapons.
Sword, spear, and more.
She did not interested in that kind of weapon.
She already had a room that was the same as this room, even more advanced since her room had modern weapons, unlike this one.

Yu Qi passed the room and arrived at another door.
She pushed the door and it opened.
She was about to enter when she suddenly heard someone call her.

“Qi Qi, wake up.”

Yu Qi frowned.
She knew the voice.
It was Long Hui.

“Qi Qi, wake up.
If you don’t wake up, I will kiss you in front of everyone.”

Yu Qi was shocked and opened her eyes faster.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“What do you try to do?” Yu Qi asked.

“Waking up my sleeping fiancee.” Long Hui grinned.

Yu Qi pushed Long Hui away.
She looked around.
Everyone was waking up.
There were still people who wanted to sleep more.
She stretched herself.
At the same time, she tried to remember her dream.
But she did not remember a thing.
She felt she forgot something.

“What are you thinking?” Long Hui asked.

“Nothing.” Yu Qi shook her head.
Since she did not remember the meaning it was nothing important or serious about that.

They prepared to continue the journey again.
Yu Qi went to check on Ayue.
She was okay.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

“They were arguing about today’s journey.
The red fox wants his master to ride him.
But she refused.
He insisted.” Shino explained the situation to Yu Qi.

“Miss Ayue.” Yu Qi called Ayue.

“Oh, Miss Tang.
Good morning.” Ayue stopped arguing with the red fox and greeted Yu Qi.

“Hmm… Good morning too.
I want to check your injury.” Yu Qi stated.

“Oh, sure… But I think I am okay.” Ayue allowed Yu Qi to give a check-up on her body.

Yu Qi immediately checked Ayue’s condition.
The condition was much better than yesterday.

“You are healing very well.
But don’t push yourself too much.” Yu Qi told Ayue.

“Thank you, Miss Tang.” Ayue nodded.

“You better listen to your contracted beast.
It won’t hurt to listen to him for a while.” Yu Qi advised.

Ayue was stunned to listen to the advice.
She then smiled and nodded while thanking Yu Qi again.

“Master, do you want to ride me?” Aoi asked in expectation.

“Can Brother Hui ride you as well?” Yu Qi asked Aoi back.

Not in the million times.” Aoi rejected that right away.

Yu Qi laughed.
“Then, no thank.”

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