The roc bird went to follow Yu Qi and Bo Ya.
It was shocked to see the garden.
It usually disliked the fruit but it did not know why the fruit seemed to be calling it to eat them.

Yu Qi and Bo Ya were busy replanting the Lingli herbs.
While they were doing that, the rock bird looked at the fruits around.
It glared at Yu Qi and Bo Ya.
Seeing they were focusing on their job, the roc bird picked one strawberry and put it inside its mouth.

Its eyes lifted up when it tasted the fruit.
The strawberry tasted very delicious and it could feel the spiritual power from the strawberry.
‘What is this?’

It picked the strawberry once again and ate the strawberry.
It could feel the same thing.
‘Don’t tell me that everything here has spiritual power?’ The roc bird was shocked while it looked at the garden.

“Everything is good now.” Bo Ya told Yu Qi.

The Lingli herbs had been replanted again.
Yu Qi would be able to use the Lingli herbs whenever she wanted.
She already thought about making some medicine using the Lingli herbs for Dian Family too.

“Well, Master, what do you going to do with the roc bird?” Bo Ya asked.

The roc bird’s body flinched when hearing they were talking about itself.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

If she let the roc bird out, they would need to fight the roc bird again.
It would be tiring for them.

“You are saying it could not fight me here, right?’ Yu Qi asked for confirmation once again.

“Yes.” Bo Ya nodded.

“Hmm… Why don’t I just kill and cook it? I wonder how the roc bird taste.” Yu Qi grinned.

“Hmm… It is a good idea.
Which one is taste grill or stew?” Bo Ya also grinned.

The roc bird was shocked hearing that.
It did not want to be killed like that.

‘Dont kill me!” The roc bird cried out loud.

Only Bo Ya heard that.
He turned to the roc bird.

“You can choose.
Do you want to be killed here or outside? It is not much different.
Either way, you are going to die.” Bo Ya showed an evil smile.

Yu Qi was surprised.
Bo Ya was an angelic boy but he could make a mad statement sometimes.

As for the roc bird, it was shocked.
That was not even a choice, to begin with.
It did not want to die.

I don’t want to die.
Please, don’t kill me.’ The roc bird begged.

“Well, I have one suggestion that will not kill you.” Bo Ya grinned again.

‘What is it?’ The roc bird was eager to know about it.

“Be my master’s contracted beast.” Bo Ya suggested.

‘What? No! I don’t want it.’ The roc bird rejected.

As the majestic roc bird, it would not lower itself being a contracted beast for a lowly life human.please visit panda(-)

“Then, Master, let’s kill it.” Bo Ya said.

‘Wait!’ The roc bird said.

At the same time, Yu Qi also said something.
‘Wait a minute, Bo Ya.”

The boy and roc bird looked at Yu Qi waiting for her to continue.’

“You want to use the Lingli herbs to increase your strength, is it?” Yu Qi asked the roc bird.

The roc bird understood the question and nodded.

“You can use it whenever you want if you become my contracted beast.
Moreover, I think you have tasted the fruit in my garden.
I don’t think you will lose anything… Oh, I forget, you will lose your freedom and will be loyal to me, only me.
But I will not force you to do anything that you don’t want to do.” Yu Qi persuaded the roc bird.

The roc bird went to silence.
What this human said was the truth.
It would lose its freedom.
In contrast, it would get to use Lingli herbs.
It was indeed not a bad idea.

I will become your contracted beast.’ The roc bird made the decision.

“Master, the roc bird agreed to be your contracted beast.” Bo Ya said.

Let’s proceed with the contract.” Yu Qi said.

The roc bird approached Yu Qi.
Bo Ya was being alerted in case the roc bird wanted to hurt Yu Qi.

Yu Qi handed out her hand to the roc bird.
The roc bird bit Yu Qi’s hand and performed the contract.
Then, the roc bird became Yu Qi’s contracted beast.
Yu Qi could feel the connection with the roc bird.

Welcome.” Bo Ya smiled.

“Hmm… ” The roc bird felt weird.
“Wait, I can talk, right?” It just noticed that it was talking.

‘So, whatever makes the contract with Master, will gain the ability to talk the human language.
I had confirmed it.” Bo Ya nodded.

“What? What do you mean by that?” The roc bird asked.

“You should know Master has other two contracted beasts.
They also can talk human language like you right now.” Bo Ya explained.

“What? But how?” The roc bird was surprised.

It had met a lot of contracted beasts before.
None of them could talk the human language.

“Well, I also don’t know.
It must be Master’s ability.” Bo Ya concluded.

“Hmm… I see.” The roc bird nodded.

“By the way, what is your name? You must already have your own name, right?” Yu Qi asked.

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