They made a sound making the roc bird notice them straight away.
The roc bird obviously disliked intruders, especially humans.

Nothing was good when humans came.
This time it must be the Lingli herbs.
The herbs also helped the monster increase its strength and intelligence.

However, not many monsters knew about this fact.
Only a few monsters knew that fact.
The roc bird lived a long life.
So, it knew from its experience.

Humans wanted to rob the Lingli herb from its hand.
It would not allow that to happen.
It would do anything to stop them.

The roc bird attacked using the mental wave.
Long Hui had been affected a lot since his mental strength was not good.
Yu Qi frowned a little bit.

The attack also affected her but not too much compared to Long Hui.
Aoi was also affected too.

Yu Qi went to check on Long Hui.
“Are you okay?”

“Hmm… ” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi stepped in front of Long Hui blocking the attack on him.

“Aoi, make it stop.” Yu Qi ordered.

“Okay, Master.” Aoi rushed to the rock bird.

The roc bird did not pay much attention to Aoi since it had been focused on humans.
Using his sharp nails, Aoi managed to injure the roc bird.

Feeling the pain, the rock bird stopped the mental attack.
Yu Qi took the opportunity to attack the roc bird using her sword.

The roc bird had hurt once again, it let a cry out.
It pissed me out.
How dare the lowly-life human hurt it like this? It rushed to Yu Qi to attack.

Yu Qi was smiling.
At last, the roc bird stepped away from the Lingli herbs.
With it, Shino could do his job.
The roc bird did not sense Shino at all.

Shino began to dig inside the soil.
As his master instructed, he did not dare to damage the Lingli herbs.

The roc bird had a hard time fighting with one monster and two humans at the same time.
It was very angry when it was getting hit by these two humans.

The roc bird looked at Aoi.
Aoi also looked at the rock bird.
It seemed something happened between them.

The roc bird: Why do you side with these cunning humans?

Aoi: She is my perfect master.
She loves me and gives me a lot of food.
I don’t have to find any food anymore.

The roc bird: You are lying.

Aoi: It is up to you whether you want to believe or not.

The roc bird: Humph! I will not believe it and I will not let you guys take Lingli from me.

The roc bird attacked Aoi.
Aoi avoided the attack.

At the same time, Shino already finished his work.

‘Master, I am done.’ Shino informed Yu Qi.

‘Good job.’ Yu Qj praised Shino.please visit panda(-)

Yu Qi still needed to go to the Lingli to grab it and bring it into her space.
Taking advantage of the roc bird attacking Aoi, Yu Qi rushed to the Lingli herbs.

The roc bird noticed Yu Qi rushing to the Lingli herbs.
It immediately left Aoi and wanted to stop Yu Qi.

Yu Qi almost reached Lingli herbs.

“Master, be careful.”

“Qi Qi!”

Yu Qi could hear Long Hui and Aoi shouting at her.
She managed to grab Lingli herbs.
However, she also could feel something grab Lingli’s herbs too when she was about to enter her space.

Yu Qi entered her space.
When she looked around, she was surprised to see the roc bird was also there.

The roc bird felt dizzy for a second.
After it was feeling okay, it saw Yu Qi in front of it and wanted to attack Yu Qi.
However, the moment it wanted to strike Yu Qi, it could feel some force stopping it from attacking Yu Qi.

It tried once again.
The same thing happened.
Yu Qi also felt confused.

“Don’t bother.
You will not succeed.” Bo Ya appeared.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om

“It is impossible to attack or hurt you in this space.” Bo Ya stated.

“Huh? Why?” Yu Qi asked again.

“Because you are the owner of this space.
The space’s consciousness would not allow anything to attack or hurt you when you are here.” Bo Ya explained.

‘The owner of this space? What do you mean by that?’ The roc bird asked Bo Ya?

The roc bird did not know why it could understand the boy in front of it.
This boy looked like a human but deep down in its heart, it knew this boy was not a human.
And it wanted to know what this place was.

“You have entered the space named Sere and she is the owner.
You can’t attack or hurt her when you are here.
So, give up.” Bo Ya said.

“Are you talking to the rock bird?” Yu Qi asked.

It asks why it can’t attack you here.
So, I inform it about the space.” Bo Ya said.

Yu Qi was relieved to hear that.
She did not need to worry about the roc bird here.

“Bo Ya, this is Lingli herbs.
Let’s plant them now.” Yu Qi showed the Lingli herbs.

“Yes.” Bo Ya nodded.

They went to the garden to replant the Lingli herbs again.

The roc bird who was left behind was speechless.
It did not expect to be ignored like this.

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