The man was shocked.
He eventually became weak and died on the spot.
He could not believe that he would die like this.

The man who fought with Yu Qi was shocked to see his comrade slowly fall to the ground.
It was his brother.
The sworn brother that had been together with him since he was little.

“You bastard!!!” The man shouted in anger.

pAnDa (nov)e1​

“Aoi, block him.” Yu Qi shouted.

Yu Qi knew that if this man attacked Long Hui like this, Long Hui would be seriously injured or worse, died.

Aoi blocked the man.
He kicked the man.
The man stopped.

“So, this monster is yours.” The man looked at Aoi.

He thought this wolf was a monster.
Turned out it was the contracted beast.
No wonder the monster bit him.
He was angry.

He started to move again.
His target right now was Long Hui.
Yu Qi needed to do something.
Then she remembered something.

She did not waste any time and threw it to the man.
Then, the man suddenly fell down.
He could not move his leg.

“What have you done? What do you do to me?” The man shouted.
He knew that these people did something to him.

Yu Qi was relieved that her poison worked on this man.

“Hey, talk to me.” The man shouted again.

“I poisoned you.
Are you satisfied?” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.
“Brother Hui, can you tie him up?”

“Sure.” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi approached the woman again.

“Are you okay?” Yu Qi asked.

Thank you.” The woman said while her eyes lingered on Long Hui.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
“Can you tell me what just happened? Why do these men attacking you?”

Long Hui finished tieing the man and returned to Yu Qi’s side.
The woman’s eyes still did not move from Long Hui.

“I am asking you some questions here.” Yu Qi stated.

“Oh, I am Ling Su Liu.
Well, they saw me and wants to do something horrible to me.
When I am fighting with them, I noticed they are evil cultivators.” Ling Su Liu’s looked at Long Hui.

“Evil cultivators?” Yu Qi did not understand.

“Huh? You don’t know?” Ling Su Liu was surprised when seeing Yu Qi did not understand what she meant by ‘evil cultivators’.

We don’t know.” Yu Qi shook her head.

Ling Su Liu was curious why these people in front of her did not know about evil cultivators.
Well, she also did not know these people.
She never saw them.
She thought these people were probably new cultivators.

“Well, evil cultivators used evil cultivation methods to increase their strength.
For example, drinking human blood.” Ling Su Liu explained.

“I see.” Yu Qi nodded.please visit panda(-)

“Can I know your name?” Ling Su Liu asked.

“I am Tang Yu Qi and this is my fiancee, Long Hui.” Yu Qi introduced themselves.

“What? Fiancee?” Ling Su Liu was surprised.

“What? Is there any problem?” Yu Qi tilted her head.

“Oh… No… Nothing.” Ling Su Liu gave a dry smile.

“Since you are fine, we will go first.” Yu Qi excused themselves.

“What? Wait?” Ling Su Liu shouted.

She thought that they would invite her to travel together.
She did not expect this girl wanted to leave her alone.

“Yes?” Yu Qi asked.

“Can I travel with you?” Ling Su Liu asked.
She did not look at Yu Qi but at Long Hui with pleading eyes.

Long Hui saw this and ignored her.
He played with his beloved Qi Qi’s hand.

Yu Qi displayed a smile.
“Sure… But we do not guarantee your safety.
And just until you meet other people.”

Ling Su Liu was happy.

“Aoi, let’s go.” Yu Qi called Aoi.

“Is that monster? Why does it follow us?” Ling Su Liu was afraid to see Aoi approach them.

“He is not a monster.
He is my contracted beast.” Yu Qi corrected it.

“Oh… I see.” Ling Su Liu nodded.

So, they began exploring the miracle space with an additional person.
Yu Qi already informed Aoi and Shino to keep quiet.
If they wanted to say something, they just needed to talk to her through telepathy.

Aoi and Shino understood.
The usual contracted beast could not speak human language.
If people knew about that, it would be commotion.
Their master hated that.

They found monsters and defeated the monsters right away.
Actually, it was only Yu Qi and Long Hui who defeated the monsters.
Ling Su Liu could not do anything because she was not fast enough.

Then Ling Su Liu was shocked to see Yu Qi and Long Hui dismember the monsters.
She almost vomited watching them do the work.

“Why do you do this?” Ling Su Liu could not help to ask.

“We are collecting the cores to sell.” Yu Qi said.

Ling Su Liu remembered that the monsters had their own cores.
And there was a demand for the cores.
Selling the cores… She already made the conclusion that these people were from poor families.

Usually, the cultivators came to the miracle space to increase their strength and skill.
They would not care about the cores.
If someone collected the cores here meaning they needed money desperately.

Ling Su Liu changed her view.
She hated poor people.
Even though she was not from four great family, she still had money to use.

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