Yu Qi and Long Hui turned to each other.
They nodded and rushed in the direction of the voice.
Someone was fighting with someone.
The shout came from a woman who was laying down.

“I didn’t think someone would come here.” A sinister voice came from the man in front of that woman.

There were two people in front of the woman.
They were licking their lips seeing the fragile woman.

“I haven’t tasted woman for such a long time.
Righteous cultivators always taste great.” Another one said.

“You evil.” The woman shouted.

“Yeah… yeah… We are evil cultivators.” The man admitted.

“Enough of this.
Let’s go somewhere else.
I don’t want people or monsters to come and disturb our good time.”


The men were about to reach the woman.
However, they were sent flying.
They managed to balance themselves before crashing into a tree.

“Who’s there?” One of them shouted.

“Us.” Yu Qi said.

The sinister men were surprised to see Yu Qi and Long Hui.
They were more surprised to see such beauty.

“Ho… Ho… Ho… Today, our luck is very good.
We got two women at once.” The sinister man laughed.

They ignored Long Hui’s presence.
Just one man, there was no need to worry about.

Yu Qi turned to the woman, checking her condition.
Her leg was injured.
Yu Qi took out the healing potion and gave it to the woman.

The woman took it and drank it.
The potion became to show the effect.

Yu Qi stood up again and faced the men.
She never met these men.

“Hey, beauty.
Let’s go with us.
We will treat you well.
Of course, in bed.” The man said to Yu Qi lewdly.

Hearing this, Long Hui could not hold himself.
He rushed to attack the man.
The man blocked Long Hui’s attack.
Another man wanted to help his friend but he could not do it.
Because Yu Qi also attacked him.

He was slightly surprised when he blocked Yu Qi’s attack.
He felt that Yu Qi was very strong.
Not many woman cultivators were strong.
He did not dare to be careless.
He began to fight properly.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Yu Qi could feel that this man was very strong.
She took out another sword and began to attack the man.

This time, the man was shocked when he saw Yu Qi use two swords.
Not many cultivators could use the two swords at once.
If there was, it would not be as smooth as Yu Qi.

The man thought Yu Qi probably had an inheritance.
If he got the inheritance, he would be stronger.
He must get the inheritance from this beauty.

The man who fought with Long Hui also saw and thought the same as his friend.
He wanted to go and help his friend but once again Long Hui pushed him.
He never thought this man had some strength.

Yu Qi did not know what the men thought.
The man was indeed strong.
When he was about to attack Yu Qi again, his hand was bitten by something.

He shouted in pain.
He turned and saw a wolf biting his hand.
The wolf crushed his bone.
The man wanted to stab the wolf but the wolf retreated.

“Where does the monster come?” The man gritted his teeth.

He wanted to treat his hand but he did not have time to do so because Yu Qi already moved to attack him.
His speed had been affected due to the pain.

Yu Qi increased her speed.
The situation seemed to look better for Yu Qi.
The man narrowed his eyes.
He could not lose to a woman.
It would be a disgrace.


Yu Qi’s nose twitched when smelling something.
She managed to see the vial when the man took it out.
Blood? It smelled like blood but something was added to it.
She did not know why.

His friend who fought with Long Hui was surprised to see his friend drink the vial.
Long Hui had some struggles when fighting with this man.
He admitted that this man was indeed strong.

The fighting sword skill would not be enough to defeat this man.
He made the decision and took out the gun.
The man laughed.

“What’s with that? Such a tiny weapon.
How could it help you?” The man laughed seeing the weapon in Long Hui.
He did not recognize the weapon.

Long Hui did not say anything.
He wondered why this man did not recognize the gun in his hand.
But never mind, it was a good thing that he did not know about it.

Long Hui pointed the gun at the man.
He shot the man.
The man did not know what Long Hui wanted to do.
So, he stayed still.
He did not know that the move would make him regret the decision.

The bullet hit the target.
Long Hui had aimed it at the man’s heart.
The man was shocked when he felt the pain.
He wanted to treat the wound as soon as possible.
He also took out something.

Long Hui shot again.
This time, his aim was the thing that the man took out.
It was the same thing as his friend’s drink.
The vial bottle broke and its content flew down.

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