Aoi’s parents wanted to know about Aoi for the past few years.
Aoi began his stories by telling his family about his sudden appearance inside Yu Qi’s space.

Yu Qi, Long Hui, and Shino only watched Aoi talk to his family.
After some points, Aoi’s father bowed his head deeply to Yu Qi.
It was followed by Aoi’s mother and the rest of the older generation.

Yu Qi was confused and turned to Aoi asking him to explain the situation.

“Master, my family is very grateful to you for taking care of me for these past years,” Aoi stated.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ “I see.
Tell them that I did that because I like you.” Yu Qi smiled.

Aoi felt embarrassed when hearing it from his master.
He conveyed the words shyly.

Long Hui leaned over and whispered something to Yu Qi’s ear.
“Telling someone that you like him in front of me.
You have some nerve, do you?”

Yu Qi was surprised and turned to Long Hui.
“What… what are you talking about? That is my pet.”

“I am jealous hearing you say you like him.” Long Hui narrowed his eyes.

“Well… I do like him…” Yu Qi wanted to say more but seeing Long Hui’s narrow eyes, she changed the word.
“But I love you more… See, LOVE… Not LIKE.”

Long Hui kissed Yu Qi.

“What are you doing?” Yu Qi was aghast by Long Hui’s action.

“Kissing you.” Long Hui grinned.

“We are in front of pe…” Yu Qi did not know how to pronounce the animal in front of her.

“In front of monsters, I guess.
But that will not stop me from kissing my fiancee.” Long Hui continued Yu Qi’s words.

“You…” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

“Master, are you okay? What did you say to my master?” Aoi asked Yu Qi worriedly.

I am happy that you finally found your family.” Yu Qi smiled.
“However, there is something that I want to ask your family about.”

“What is it, Master? I will ask them for you.” Aoi said.

“I wonder if there is a path that leads you to another place?” Yu Qi said.

“You mean when I suddenly appeared in your space?” Aoi looked at Yu Qi.

“Yes.” Yu Qi nodded.

It was a mystery that Aoi suddenly appeared inside her space.
Bo Ya also did not know about that.
Not to mention, Shino too.

If her theory was correct, her space somewhat had a connection with this miracle space.please visit panda(-)

Aoi began to discuss the matter with his family.
However, he was clever not to tell Yu Qu that he omitted the secret where his master had a secret space.
He protected Yu Qi.

Even he knew that the space owned by his master would be a danger if someone catch wind of that.
Everyone on Aoi’s shook their heads saying that they did not know about that either.
Aoi explained it to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi sighed.
“It’s okay, then.” It was not an important matter.

“Master, my mother tells me that we should spend the night here because it is too dangerous to climb up the cliff at night,” Aoi said.

“Is that okay for all of your family members?” Yu Qi asked.

“Hmm… They insisted.” Aoi nodded.

“Hmm… Let’s cook something for them.” Yu Qi suggested.

“Really, Master? Thank you.” Aoi was happy that his master suggested that.

He liked his master’s cooking.
He also wanted his family to taste the delicious food as well.

Yu Qi nodded.
“I will take out the meat.
How many are your family members?”

Aoi asked his mother about that.
It seemed his mother wanted to refuse.
But after being persuaded by Aoi, she agreed to let Yu Qi cook for them.
She told Aoi they had about 115 members.

“But wait, if I cook here, the monsters will be attracted by my food and come here.
That will be a big problem for Aoi’s family.” Yu Qi sighed.
She suddenly remembered about that.

Aoi’s father asked what was wrong.
Aoi explained things to his father.
His father just smirked.

“Master, my father tells me that there is no need to be afraid.
No one will come.
They would not pass the fog anyway and fall down the cliff.” Aoi conveyed what his father said to him.

If you say so.” Yu Qi said.

From what Aoi said, his father was pretty confident about that.
Yu Qi did not know that the monsters had their own territory.
If another monster passed their territory, they could be killed by the monster who owned the territory

So, Yu Qi prepared the place to cook.
The younger generation watched them in curiosity.
Usually, they met the bad human who just wanted to kill them.
They never met a human like this.

Cooking a huge amount was a bit difficult but Yu Qi managed when Long Hui also helped her.
She appreciated that.

Yu Qi cooked a meat dish, General Tso’s chicken.
It was full of flavor.
Yu Qi began to serve the food.
Aoi and his parents helped Yu Qi distribute the food to the family member.

At first, they hesitated to eat the food, they did not know what to do.
They were afraid to eat the food that humans cooked for them.  They looked at Aoi and his parents.

Aoi said to his parent.
Aoi began to eat.
He shouted ‘delicious’ in their languages.

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