Yu Qi was someone who loved money.
She would not let the chance of making money be wasted just like that.
Didn’t Jung Gi tell them that the core of monsters in the miracle space had a higher value compared to the monsters outside?

The cultivators tend to leave the monsters just like that because they did not want to dismember the core from the bodies.
They thought it was so dirty.
She did not think it was dirty because it was kind of the same as her job as a surgeon.

Yu Qi was humming while dismembering the cores.
She put all of the cores into the ring space.

Bucong Shuye watched the woman dismembering the cores while feeling disgusted by the things.
Usually, the women just left this kind of work to others.
On top of that, she looked very professional while doing that.

“Don’t you feel disgusted?” Bucong Shuye could not help but ask.

“Well, if I tough like that, I don’t think I could handle my work.” Yu Qi stated.

“Your work?” Bucong Shuye asked.

I am working as a surgeon.” Yu Qi said.

‘No wonder.’ Bucong Shuye nodded.
She was already used to these things.

After spending about half an hour, Yu Qi finished collecting the cores from the apes.
Yu Qi washed her bloody hands in the river.

“Shall we move?” That statement was aimed at Shino and Aoi, not Bucong Shuye but he was the one who answered it.

“What?” Yu Qi was shocked to see Bucong Shuye was still there.

“What what?” Bucong Shuye replied.

“Well, I thought you were already gone.” Yu Qi said.

Bucong Shuye was speechless.

“I don’t mind but please stay away from me.
It would not be good if my fiancee see it.” Yu Qi stated.

“Why?” Bucong Shuye asked.

“Because he is the king of vinegar.” Yu Qi chuckled when thinking about Long Hui.

Bucong Shuye saw that and thought that she was so beautiful.
Why did he meet her later? If he met her first, she would be his.

So, the two of them walked together in distance.

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After opening his eyes, Long Hui turned to look at his beloved Qi Qi but could not find her.
In fact, he could not find anyone around.
Everyone disappeared.

He calmed down.
He began to walk.
He needed to find Yu Qi.
She must be somewhere in this place.
When he was walking, he encountered the first monster.

It was a giant snake.
The snake stared at Long Hui thinking to eat him.
It was a long time since it saw humans around.
It was probably the time.

It knew that sometimes humans would come here to gain some experience.
Hiwever, not everyone could return.
The man in front of it would be its first big meal.
It would be looking for any human after killing and eating this one.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ Long Hui took out the sword from his ring space.
At first, he did not know how things work.
After being taught by Dian Zin Fang, he finally understood.

He wanted to use this thing outside the cultivation world but he could not.
He was told that this ring space could be used only inside the cultivation world.
He was a bit disappointed.

Without wasting time, Long Hui launched the first attack.
The giant snake was surprised to see the human wanted to attack it first.
Usually, it was the one who attacked the human first.

Long Hui wanted to slay the giant snake but faced a problem.
The skin of this giant snake was very thick.
His attack could not penetrate the layer of the skin.

The giant snake was very happy.
It thought this human could bypass its thick skin but fortunately, this human failed.
It had nothing to be afraid of right now.

Long Hui defended himself when the giant snake attacked him.
The giant snake was very clever to use its tail to attack Long Hui.

Long Hui needed to think of a solution.
To kill the giant snake, he needed to attack the area that did not have much protection.
He looked around at the giant snake.

Then, he smiled when seeing a weakness.
It was the eyes.
These parts were vulnerable.
He needed to think about how to reach the eyes.
After thinking while attacking the giant snake, he found a solution.

With that, he attacked while rushing to the body of the giant snake.
The giant snake thought the human wanted to attack its skin again.
So, it let him be.

However, it was wrong.
The human climbed up on his body.
He was confused about this.
It could not attack the human blindly because it did not want the attack to injure its own body.

Long Hui ran up.
He was near the eyes.
He then attacked the eyes.
The giant snake finally knew what this human wanted to do.
It shook its body wanting the human to fall down.

Long Hui clung to the scale of the giant snake.
He noticed that the giant snake did not dare to use its tail to attack him anymore.

He needed to find a suitable time to stab into its eyes.
The giant snake shook its body again and again but the human still did not fall.
It stopped for a few seconds.

Long Hui thought it was an opportunity for him to stab in the eyes.

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