The food was ready.
So, she immediately called Aoi and Shino.
Those two were very hungry and rushed to Yu Qi’s side.

“Food.” Aoi jumped happily.

Shino already went straight to his food.
The three of them started eating with caution.
Who knew someone or something could attack them in the middle of nowhere?

While they were eating, someone rushed to their place when he saw smoke in the sky.
The nearer he was, the more he could feel the food.

He wondered who was cooking outside here.
Until he knew the three, a human and two animals were eating.
‘What are they doing? Do they think they are here camping?’ He questioned himself seeing the three of them.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m He approached them slowly.
At that moment, he saw the woman turn her head sharply in his direction.
She put away her food and got ready to fight.

“Come out.
I already know you are there.”, Yu Qi shouted.

She already saw someone behind the tree but she could not see who.

“So, you are my enemy.
If you don’t want to come out, I will make you do so.” Yu Qi rushed to the hiding place.

Using the dagger, she swung toward the person.
She already knew that the person was not Long Hui.
Long Hui would not approach her like that, in secret.

The person apparently was so strong too.
He manages to evade the attack.

Let’s talk first.” The person came from the back of the tree.
“I am Bucong Shuye.”

Yu Qi was stunned when hearing the name.
It was indeed Bucong Shuye.
She did not expect to meet the young master from Bucong Family first in the miracle space.
She put the weapon away.

“I am sorry for attacking you, Young Master Bucong.” Yu Qi said politely.

Out of all the people entering the miracle space, she has met him first.

“I saw smoke and rushed over.” Bucong Shuye said.

Yu Qi turned around and looked at the fire that she made.
She forgot to extinguish that.

“You seem very relaxed coming into the miracle space.” Bucong Shuye commented.

“Well, my contracted beasts are hungry.
It is my responsibility as their owner to feed them.” Yu Qi replied.

Bucong Shuye was surprised.
From what he saw and heard, the contracted beast could take care of itself.
There was no need for the master to cook for them.
Indeed, this woman was special.

Seeing there was no danger, both Aoi and Shino turned back to their food and continued to eat.

The situation was kind of bizarre for Bucong Shuye.
They really were eating like they were on a picnic.
Bucong Shuye ended up staring at them.

Aoi caught his staring.
He thought of something.please visit panda(-)

‘Master?’ Aoi called Yu Qi through telepathy.

‘What?’ Yu Qi glanced at Aoi.

‘Master, he is staring at us? Is he hungry too?’ Aoi asked.

‘Huh?’ Yu Qi was a little bit dumbfounded about the question.
She thought about something.
‘Well, I don’t want to cook for him.
You guys can share your portion with him.’

‘What? No way.’ Aoi rejected the idea.
He quickly protected his food.

‘I don’t want to share my portion with him.’ Shino also shook his head.
He ate his food very quickly.

Bucong Shuye who had been watching them was confused by the contracted beast’s sudden action.
He wondered what they had been talking to each other about.

He knew that the contracted beast could communicate with their master through their mind.
So, he could guess that the contracted beasts have been talking to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi could not help to laugh.
Gluttons like them would not share their food with others unlike they liked that person very much.
So, in this case, there was no way that they would give some food to Bucong Shuye.

Seeing her cuties finish eating the food, she thought it was about time they continued their journey.
She needed to find Long Hui and others as soon as possible.

“Miss Tang, do you have a plan?” Bucong Shuye suddenly asked Yu Qi.

“Well, no.
I just intend to walk around.” Yu Qi answered.

“Do you want to team up with me?” Bucong Shuye suggested.

“No need.” Yu Qi rejected it right away.

She was not alone and helpless.
She could take care of herself.
Moreover, she did not want to see Long Hui’s gloomy face when he found out about it.

Bucong Shuye’s expression did not change much when hearing the rejection from the young lady.
He expected it.
Well, both of their families were not actually on good terms.
So, it was not weird if Yu Qi did not want to cooperate with him.

Suddenly they heard growls sound around them.
They looked around to see monsters like an ape with a height of about 4 meters appeareing behind the trees.
If Yu Qi was standing beside them, Yu Qi would look petite.
And not to mention there were about a dozen of them.

The apes looked around and stopped at the spot right behind Yu Qi.
When they saw it, they became triggered.
They rushed over to the place.
Yu Qi grabbed Aoi and Shino and moved in an instant.

The apes seemed to grab the plate that Yu Qi and her cuties used.
They gave them to an ape who could be assumed as their leader.
The leader of the apes licked the plate.

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