When Yu Qi opened her eyes, she saw the beautiful scene.
Green mountains, clear rivers and blue sky.

“I feel familiar… Why?” Yu Qi felt something.
“Do you think so?’

Yu Qi saw to her right and found no one around.
She turned around.
Yes, there was no one around.

“What? Where is everyone?” Yu Qi stated.

She was thinking for a moment.
“Does this space separate people when they enter this place?”

Her guess was correct.
The miracle space did separate people when they entered the miracle space.

“I guess I need to walk around.
I will see others eventually.” Yu Qi started to walk.

‘Master, can we come out?’ Aoi suddenly asked.

‘Oh, sure.’ Yu Qi nodded.

She hid behind the tree.
Before entering her space, she looked around to confirm there was no one around.
She did not want people to see her suddenly disappeared and appeared out of nowhere.

She entered her space and took Aoi and Shino out.
Those two cuties were happy to get out.

“Wait, Master, why do I get the weird feeling from this place?” Aoi asked.

“Me too.” Shino also commented.

“Huh? You too?” Yu Qi looked at both of them.

And something connected in her mind.
This familiar feeling… “Does it feel the same as we in Sere?”

“Oh, yes.
It does.” Aoi also noticed the similarity.

They got the same feeling of staying in the miracle space as Yu Qi’s space, Sere.

“But why?” Yu Qi thought about that.

The two little cuties also did not know about that.

“Well, never mind about that.
Let’s walk around.
We need to look for others too.” Yu Qi suggested.

“Okay.” Aoi nodded.
“I wonder what kind of monster we will meet.”

Shiro jumped onto Yu Qi’s shoulder and stayed on it.
A human and two animals walked toward the forest.

‘Master… master… Something is here.’ Aoi informed Yu Qi through telepathy.

I noticed that too.’ Yu Qi glanced at Aoi.

‘I don’t think it is a human.’ Shino added.

‘Then it must be a monster.’ Aoi said excitedly.

‘Hmm… I think so.’ Yu Qi also agreed with Aoi.

‘Then, let’s attack first, can we?’ Aoi looked at Yu Qi in anticipation.

You can test the water first.’ Yu Qi smiled.

With that, Aoi rushed to the place they noticed the presence of something earlier.
Because of Aoi, the something that hid itself before came out of its hidden place.

Yu Qi opened her eyes widely when her eyes caught the big tiger came out.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Growl.” The tiger looked at Aoi in anger.

“What? We don’t do anything to him.
Why does he look angry at us? Aoi, what did you do to him?” Yu Qi asked.

“Master, I don’t know about that.
I just rush to him.
That’s all.” Aoi quickly denied the accusation.

“Then, do you want our help?” Yu Qi asked.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m “No need.
I want to fight him.
I want to see how much I grow after those training.” Aoi smiled.

With that, he changed his body.
He became bigger like a wolf.
He did not waste any time anymore and attacked the tiger.

The tiger looked surprised and avoided the attack swiftly.  Yu Qi was a little bit surprised.
To think about that, it was quite normal.
After all, this place was a miracle space, a world-like fantasy.

Aoi tried to make several attacks.
Some of them hit the tiger.
It made the tiger furious.
He also began to attack Aoi aggressively.

A hit landed on Aoi.
He was pushed behind a few meters.
He was hissing in pain but his eyes said something else.
It was very happy fighting with the tiger.
The fight lasted for one hour until the tiger collapsed.

Aoi shrank to his regular size.
He walked proudly to Yu Qi.

“Master, do you see it? Am I strong?” Aoi grinned.

“Hmm… Our Aoi is very strong.” Yu Qi praised Aoi.

I am only confident that I can protect Master.” Aoi exclaimed.

“Hmm… I am counting on you.” Yu Qi patted Aoi’s head.

They continued their walking.
They encounter countless monsters.
Three of them cooperated very well.

“Master, I am hungry.” Aoi suddenly said.

“Oh.” Yu Qi also noticed that she was also hungry.
“Okay, I will cook something.”

“Hurray.” The two cuties became two little gluttons.

They went to find a suitable place nearby the river.

“This place is good to cook.” Yu Qi decided.

It would be easy to wash everything.

Yu Qi took out some meat.
Since they were in the middle of wildness, she thought to use the camping cooking style.

“Aoi, Shino.
While I am cooking, please pay more attention to our surroundings.” Yu Qi gave the order.

“Yes, Master.” Both of them saluted.

So, Yu Qi started to light the fire and prepare the ingredient to cook.
She wanted to make grilled chicken boneless.

She washed the chicken and marinated them for about fifteen minutes.
While waiting for them to be ready, she looked around.

The place was indeed very similar to her space.
She wondered why.
She was also curious how the miracle space existed.
When she came out later, she would try to ask Great-Grandpa Dian about that.

She might get the idea of how her space, Sere was created too.
Right now, up until this moment, she did not know why her space, Sere ended up with her.
She hoped one day she would find out.

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