The look in Long Hui’s eyes changed.
Zhu Shanggun saw it and stepped back.

“I don’t know what her family is.
She is my fiancee.
And nothing will change that.
Even if I didn’t have her, it would not be your place anyway.
So, stop bothering me.
One more word about my Qi Qi, you should not blame me then.” Long Hui stated clearly.

He walked away.
He went to report to Zhu Guang He.
After Long Hui finished reporting, he got out and still saw Zhu Shanggun who stayed out of the office.

Zhu Shanggun wanted to say something but Long Hui ignored her and disappeared very quickly.

He finally got back.
He could not wait to see his beloved Qi Qi right.
She must be missing him too.
He did not wait anymore, started his car, and drove through to FINN City.

It was a perfect time.
Yu Qi must have finished her work for today.
She was probably at the research center.
However, when he went there, the security team told Long Hui that she did not come today.

Thinking about it, his beloved Qi Qi must be at the hospital.
He waited until he saw Yu Qi walk out of the hospital while talking to others.

Long Hui got out of the car.
Yu Qi’s colleagues stopped and were surprised to see Yu Qi rush over like that.

However, when they saw Yu Qi hugging someone at the end, they knew that person must be her fiancee, Long Hui.

“Brother Hui.” Yu Qi hugged Long Hui and smelled him.

Long Hui chuckled when seeing his beloved Qi Qi like this, smelling his body.

“Does my body smell good?” Long Hui asked.

“Hmm… I like it so much.” Yu Qi nodded while still in Long Hui’s arms.

“Qi Qi, you should let me go now….” Long Hui felt his body temperature keep rising.

Sensing the danger in Long Hui’s voice, Yu Qi let Long Hui go.
She gulped.
She knew if she kept doing that, Long Hui might take her here.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi and gave a peck on Yu Qi’s lips.
“This should be enough for now.
I will wait for the main course tonight.”

“You just returned?” Yu Qi asked about his work.

“Hmm… I have just returned.” Long Hui nodded.
“How about you? Usually, at a time like this, you should be at your research center.”

“Yes, I have a scheduled surgery today.
It was quite a difficult surgery.
I was very relieved when the surgery was over and succeeded.

“I see.
Let’s go.
We are going to have dinner outside.” Long Hui suggested.

Then, let’s drink too.” Yu Qi suggested.

“Okay…” Long Hui nodded while grinning.

They arrived at the restaurant.
They had the meal.
Long Hui wanted to order some wine but Yu Qi refused.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Long Hui was feeling confused.
Yu Qi told him that she wanted to drink tonight.
That was why he wanted to order some.

“No, we are going to Black Rose Club House later.
They have a lot of choices over there.” Yu Qi grinned.
She already arranged that.

“Sure… Sure…” Long Hui only agreed to her.please visit panda(-)

As per agreed, they went to the house club.
Long Hui used VVIP pass to park the car at the more safe place.
Seeing this pass, the security bowed deeply while letting them pass over.

The manager was informed by the security guard and rushed to welcome the VVIP.
Only five of the pass had been issued.
One of them was the owner.
The other four had been given to the owner’s best friends.

“Welcome, sir…  And lady…” The manager greeted  Long Hui and Yu Qi.

Of course, he knew the couple.
Long Hui and Yu Qi.
Two names who were very famous nowadays.

“I want a private room.” Long Hui stated.

There was no way that he would drink outside tonight.
He had Yu Qi beside him.
He would not let anyone see the drunk Yu Qi.
It was only his privilege.

“Sure… Sure… Let’s drink.” Yu Qi said.

The manager showed the room and got the order from Yu Qi.
He became the waiter for the couple.

Yu Qi was excited to see the drink placed in front of her eyes.

“You can drink now.
But drink slowly.
Drinking so fast will make you drunk faster.” Long Hui poured the drink for Yu Qi.

“Okay… I understand.” Yu Qi nodded.

She took the glass and drank it.
Long Hui chose the low-alcohol drink for a starter.
He also did not want Yu Qi to be drunk so fast.

“It is delicious.” Yu Qi stated happily.

“Hmm… Indeed.” Long Hui agreed.

“Oh, we will need to be going to Fanghai Nation later about the miracle space.
Brother Shu Xian told me yesterday.” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

“I see.
I will apply for the day off later.” Long Hui stated.

“Hui…” Yu Qi licked her tongue while calling Long Hui’s name.

“Hmm?” Long Hui looked at Yu Qi.

“My man is always handsome.” Yu Qi expressed.

Long Hui did not reply.
Yu Qi began to be drunk.

“I miss you so much…” Yu Qi pouted.
“I am afraid that you never come back.”

“I am here.
I came back safely.” Long Hui rubbed his beloved Qi Qi’s face.

Feeling the rub, she leaned over like a cat while smiling.
“Hmmm… I am so happy.”

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