pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Finally, Yu Qi brought Feng Yue to her room.
Feng Yue was shocked when she entered the room.

“Am I dreaming?” Feng Yue asked.

Feng Yue thought she was stepping into a big old library.
The books were too many.
It looked very vintage.
Feng Yue could not believe her eyes.

“Oh, this… Neko-chan, can you please change my wallpaper?” Yu Qi said to someone or Feng Yue thought.

But a white cat appeared behind the bookshelf.
The white cat opened its mouth.
Feng Yue thought it would be making a meow sound but instead, the cat began to talk.

“Sorry master.
I will change it to a normal one.” Neko-chan said.

The next second the library disappeared.
Feng Yue almost dropped her jaw.
She did not know whether the talking cat shocked her most or if it was because the library suddenly disappeared.

“Can you explain to me?” Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi.

“Yue, meet Neko-chan, my first AI.
Neko-chan, this is my best friend, Feng Yue.
I showed her picture to you before..” Yu Qi introduced both of them.

Neko-chan was not surprised at all.
She knew Feng Yue.
Her master used to message Feng Yue a lot.

“Hello, I am the cutest AI, Neko-chan.
Nice to meet you, Master’s best friend, Feng Yue.” Neko-chan greeted Feng Yue.

Feng Yue could not believe his eyes.
AI? She looked at Yu Qi.

“Al? You mean that AI?” Feng Yue followed the technology.
So, she knew a little bit about the technology.

I just created it.” Yu Qi nodded.

“Wow, girl, you are fantastic.” Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi.
Then she turned to Neko-chan.
“Neko-chan, nice to meet you, dear.
Hope we can be best friends too.”

“Of course, I would like to.
Master, I add Feng Yue to my contact list?” Even though Neko-chan was an AI, she still felt that she needed Yu Qi’s permission to do something like this.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Yu Qi said.

Both Feng Yue and Neko-chan exchanged their contact information.

“By the way, what was that? A library.” Feng Yue still did not get the answer to that.

“That wall is a big screen.
It is practically Neko-chan’s room.
It is her doing.
You can ask her about it.
I am going to take a shower first.” Yu Qi said to them.

So, while Yu Qi was taking the shower, Feng Yue and Neko-chan were talking to each other.

“Why do you turn your room into the library?” Feng Yue asked Neko-chan.

“Oh, I want to get the feel of reading a book at the library,” Neko-chan said.

“I see.” Feng Yue nodded.

“I was reading a fairy tale book earlier.
It is quite interesting, to be honest.” Neko-chan expressed her opinion.

“Fairy tale? I thought you read some kind of ancient text.
But the fairy tale is fun too.
Which story did you read?” Feng Yue said.

“A lot.
I learn a lot from the stories.” Neko-chan nodded.please visit panda(-)

“I see.
Why don’t we compare what we learned from reading fairy tale stories? I will tell mine first and then you, okay?” Feng Yue was kinda interested to know what an AI like Neko-chan thought about that fairy tale.

“Sure.” Neko-chan nodded.
She felt it was a great lesson too to listen to someone’s opinion about the fairy tale stories that she had been reading for the past few days.

“First, Cinderella, the story is very good.
The lesson that we can learn from this story is that we should not treat others badly.” Feng Yue said.

“Cinderella… Well, love at the first sight is bullshit.
The prince needs to find his bride using the shoe.
Why can’t he search her by looking at her face? So, love at the first sight is bullshit.” Neko-chan said her peace of mind.

Feng Yue was quite speechless.

“Can we continue? Hmm… How about Little Mermaid?” Neko-chan was quite eager to express her opinion.

“When you are in love, you need to love that person faithfully even though you know you will disappear.” Feng Yue said.

The lesson that we can take from the story is that karma will bite you hard if you try to covet someone’s fiancee.” Neko-chan stated.

Once again, Feng Yue lost her word.

Then Neko-chan voiced another fairy tale.
“What about The Ugly Ducking?”

“Don’t discriminate against ugly people.” Feng Yue said.

“You will get nothing raising someone’s child, so, just take care of your child.” Neko-chan’s answer completely shut Feng Yue down.

Yu Qi just came out of the shower and looked at them.

“What are you talking about?” Yu Qi asked.

“We talked about the lesson that we can get from reading the fairy tale,” Neko-chan said.

“You can’t believe what she said about the fairy tale.” Feng Yue began to tell Yu Qi about that.

Yu Qi calmly listened to Feng Yue.
After listening to that, Yu Qi nodded.

“It is quite refreshing, don’t you think? I don’t think she’s wrong.” Yu Qi said to Feng Yue.

“Wow, you are indeed the same.” Feng Yue laughed.

“Why do you read fairy tale stories, though?” Yu Qi asked Neko-chan.

“I just want to rest my mind.
I had been watching too many complicated K-dramas recently.” Neko-chan said.

“Complicated k-drama? Do you watch k-drama too? What kind of k-dramas do you watch?” Feng Yue was interested to know that.

“Political k-dramas,” Neko-chan said.

Feng Yue burst out laughing

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