“This is Miss Tang Yu Qi, our big boss.” Ming Xuebai said.

The staff looked shocked.
Some of them closed their mouths with their hands.
After a moment, they bowed to Yu Qi.

“We are sorry.” They apologized to Yu Qi.

“It’s okay.
You can go and do your work.” Yu Qi smiled.

“Thank you.” The staff left.

“Sister Yu Qi, see you later.” Ming Xuebai also bowed and left.

Yu Qi and Long Hui walked toward Chui Mei Fung’s office.
It seemed Chui Mei Fung had a guest.
Yu Qi waited outside.
There was a bench here.
So, Yu Qi and Long Hui sat there waiting for people inside finished their discussion.

Even though they were outside, they still could hear the conversation inside.
There was a man inside with Chui Mei Fung.

“Miss Chui, we would like to offer you the highest price for this hotel.
Can you consider our offer?” The man said.

Chui Mei Fung glared at the man.
“As I said before, we are not interested to sell this place.
Please understand.”

The man did not give up and still wanted to persuade Chui Mei Fung.
“Miss Chui, you should be glad that we are offering the highest price that you can get.”

“Highest or not, we are not selling.
You can stop persuading me.” Chui Mei Fung rolled her eyes.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
Someone tried to buy the place that she build? How interesting.
She was smiling but her eyes were not.

Without waiting, Yu Qi opened the door.
Chui Mei Fung was about to reprimand the person who came barging into her office, shutting up her mouth.

The man turned around, saw Yu Qi and frowned.

“Sister Mei Fung.” Yu Qi called Chui Mei Fung.

Chui Mei Fung was about to talk but the man cut her off.

“Miss Chui, is this your sister? You should teach her how not to barge in into someone’s room.” The man commented.

Yu Qi looked at the man.
It was a middle-aged man.

Chui Mei Fung looked at Yu Qi and the man.

“Miss Chui, you should tell your sister to go out.
We are in the middle of a conversation here.” The man said.
His eyes were looking at Yu Qi telling her to get out.

“Conversation? The conversation is done.
The decision is the same no matter how many you ask me.” Chui Mei Fung said.

“Miss Chui, we…” The man could not finish his word.

Chui Mei Fung had cut him.
“The owner will not agree on selling this place.”

“The owner?” The man was confused.

“What? You think I am the owner?” Chui Mei Fung looked at the man with a ridiculous look.

“Then, can I meet with your boss?” The man said hoping to meet with the owner.

Chui Mei Fung looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi smiled while nodding.

You can.” Chui Mei Fung nodded.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Chui Mei Fung stood up from the chair and welcomed Yu Qi to sit on the chair.
“Miss Yu Qi.”

The man looked confused.

“You can speak with her directly now if you want.” Chui Mei Fung said.

“What? Is this your sister?” The man asked.

“I never say that she is my sister.
You assume it yourself.” Chui Mei Fung smirked.

“I hear she call you sister.” The man argued.

“It is just a form of respect.
Sister Mei Fung is older than me.
I should respect her even though I am her boss.” Yu Qi cut him.

Then, she leaned over, crossing her legs, sitting like a big boss.
She lifted up her eyebrows.

“So, what do you want?” Yu Qi asked even though she heard the conversation before.


“Miss Tang, if you please.” Yu Qi said.

“Miss Tang, my boss would like to buy the place.” The man said.

“Why?” Yu Qi asked.

“My boss can see that this place has the potential to be famous.” The man stated.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m “So, why do I have to sell the place to you? Do you think I am an idiot?” Yu Qi asked again.

This time, the man’s expression changed.
He chose the bad words.

“My director had said before.
We are not selling this place to anyone.
Stop asking for it.” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

“Miss Tang, you will regret it if you don’t sell this place.” The man wanted to threaten Yu Qi.

“Sir, I think you should investigate who I am.” Yu Qi smirked when hearing the man’s threat.

The man was a little bit confused when hearing this.

Yu Qu put her hand on the table, leaning over toward the man.
Her expression changed while glaring at the man with a sharp look.

“Touch what’s mine and you will know the consequence.
Don’t tell me you are not been warned before.
Tell your boss that.
You knew the way out.” Yu Qi gave the man a warning.

The man knew that he would not achieve anything anymore.
He stood up and left.
Outside, he was about to curse Yu Qi.
However, he did not dare to mutter a word when he saw Long Hui’s murderous look given to him.
He quickly walked away.

Long Hui looked into the room.
Yu Qi signalled Long Hui to enter.
Long Hui entered.

“Miss Yu Qi… Thank goodness you are here.” Chui Mei Fung said to Yu Qi.

“Tell me, what is it all about?” Yu Qi asked for some explanation.

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