Yu Qi needed to take out the lake water.
So, she needed a place to do it.
She thought about Grandpa Tang’s house.
The place would be okay.

So, she and Long Hui drove to Grandpa Tang’s house.
The light was up.
It was probably Uncle Song Nan.
He lived there.

The moment they got out of the car, they were relieved something was weird.
There was a piece of loud music coming from the house.
They went to the entrance.

The door was closed.
Yu Qi knocked on the door.
No one came to open it.
She tried to open the door.
Turned out it was unlocked.

Yu Qi opened the door and loud music blasted into her ears.
She frowned.
Long Hui also frowned as well.

Uncle Song Nan would not do something like this.
He was a quiet type of person.
It should be another person inside the house.

Yu Qi and Long Hui entered the house and saw a group of men and women inside.
Some of them were dancing, and some of them were drinking and smoking.
Well, they looked very young.
Probably some high school students.

Yu Qi looked for the source of the loud music.
Found it, she went over and closed it.
The loud music disappeared and everything went silent.  Those people turned and looked at Yu Qi.

“What the fuck are you doing? Turn on the music back.” One of them shouted angrily.

“Wait? Who are you?” One of them did not recognize Yu Qi and asked.

The boys’ eyes lifted up when they saw Yu Qi’s beauty.
They began to notice Long Hui.
The girls looked at Long Hui with admiration.

“I should be the one asking you.
What are you doing here?” Yu Qi asked.

“Are you blind? Of course, we are partying.” One of the girls chuckled while answering Yu Qi’s question.

“Partying? Do you know whose property this is?” Yu Qi asked again.

“Whose property? Hey, this is our friend’s house.” The girl said.

“Who? Let me see him.” Yu Qi wanted to know who the heck dared to claim this house was his.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 “Hey, Song Bin, come here.” The girl called a name.

Then, some looking timid boy stepped up.

“This house is his.
We got permission from him.” One of the boys said.

“Song… What is your relationship with Uncle Song Nan?” Yu Qi asked Song Bin.

“He is my uncle.
I live here with him.” Song Bin said.

“Then you should know whose house this is.” Yu Qi said.

“Yes…” Song Bin nodded.

“Then, who gives permission for you to use this house to party?” Yu Qi demanded the question.

“Erk…” While Song Bin was struggling to answer, two people appeared from one direction.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Guys, I found a weird garden.
There are a lot of weird plants.
Look at this.
Eh, why do you turn off the music?” The boys showed a weird-looking plant.

Yu Qi’s eyes opened widely.
The anger had arisen.
It was a herb that Grandpa Tang took care of.
How dare they do this?

She rushed to the boys who hold the herbs.
The boys were shocked when someone appeared in front of them so suddenly.

“What???” The boys looked at Yu Qi.

“How dare you do this?” Yu Qi released the murderous aura.

The people began to tremble.
Their legs were shaken and lost their balance and fell down.

“Brother Hui, call the police.
Tell me there are people who trespass on someone’s property and destroyed something inside it.” Yu Qi said to Long Hui.

Trespassing? We don’t do it.” One of the girls shouted.

“Don’t do it? This is my Grandpa’s house.
He did not give the permission for you to do this damn party.
On top of that, you destroyed something precious.” Yu Qi said.

“We got permission for Song Bin.
This is his house.” The girl argued.

“His house? We entrusted this house to his uncle, Uncle Song Nan to take care of it.
When does this house become his?” Yu Qi chuckled.

They looked at Song Bin.

“I already told you this is not my house.
I am just staying in this house with my uncle.
But you guys never listen to me.” Song Bin timidly explained.

The girls and boys looked at each other.
They did not expect this.
Yes, they never listened to Song Bin.
They just found out that Song Bin lived in such a big house.

So, they planned to use the place as a place for partying.
It was the first time they came here.

“We just borrow the place.
There is no need to call the police.” A girl said.

We did not do anything else.” The boys agreed.

“Can you look around you? You already ruin the place.
And like I said, before, you destroyed something precious to my Grandpa.” Yu Qi snorted.

“What is it?” The girl asked.

Yu Qi picked up the herb on the ground.
“This? Do you know how hard my grandpa cultivate this herb until it becomes like this? This herb does not grow up here.
It is so hard to grow the herb because of the condition here.
You have some nerve to destroy it.’ The murderous aura leaked again.

The girls and boys were silent.

“You need to learn to take responsibility for what you are doing.” Yu Qi glared at them.

This time, they did not dare to argue back.

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