Dian Qi Qi brought Yu Qi to the shopping mall.
It was a high-class shopping mall.
They walked around while looking at everything.
They spotted a doll store.

What attracted them was an animal doll, a Siberian puppy who looked like Aoi.

“Sister Yu Qi, look at this.
Does this doll look like Aoi?” Dian Qi Qi said.

It indeed looks like him.” Yu Qi chuckled.

Dian Qi Qi picked up the doll.
She already decided to buy it.
She went to the cashier counter and paid for it.

“I miss him.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“I will take him out later.” Yu Qi said.

“Really?” Dian Qi Qi’s eyes were sparkling.

“Yeah.” Yu Qi nodded.

Dian Qi Qi knew even though she did not see Aoi around, it did not mean that Aoi was not with Yu Qi.
What she understood, when someone made a contract with the beast, the beast would stay in the contracted beast space.

Well, Dian Qi Qi was not technically wrong.
Aoi and Shino indeed stayed in the space but not the contracted beast space.

They walked around again.
This time, they walked around the clothes store.

“Sister Yu Qi, this is Miss Cindy’s Brand.” Dian Qi Qi pointed at one of the stores.

‘Maple’, was Cindy’s brand.
The clothes looked decent.

“Let’s go in.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Welcome to Maple.” The shop assistant welcomed them with a smile.

Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi were minding their own business when suddenly someone said something annoying to Dian Qi Qi.

“What a freak.
How can a freak come into a high class brand like this?” A woman around the same age as Dian Qi Qi looked disgusted at Dian Qi Qi.

It was obvious that this woman throw the words at Dian Qi Qi.  Dian Qi Qi did not say anything.
She looked at the woman calmly.
The woman thought Dian Qi Qi was afraid to reply.
So, she kept talking trash to Dian Qi Qi.

“You freak must not have money.
So, get lost from here.” The woman said it again.

“Is this your store?” Dian Qi Qi asked calmly.

“Huh?” The woman seemed not to hear Dian Qi Qi’s question.

“So, you are deaf.
Let me repeat the question then.
Is this store yours?” Dian Qi Qi looked at the woman.

“How dare you tell me deaf?” The woman became angry with Dian Qi Qi.

“So, you become angry when I call you deaf.
So, you should not call other unpleasant words.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“How dare you? Do you know who my dad is?” The woman shouted,

“Don’t know.
Don’t care.” Dian Qi Qi rolled her eyes.

People heard the woman’s shout.
So, they went to see what the situation was.

“Jing Na, what happens?” Another woman quickly went to the woman.

Yu Qi saw a familiar face in front of her.
Mu Yian.

“Sister Chen Xi, these people bully me.” Kang Jing Na pointed to Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi.

Kang Chen Xi looked at the people that Kang Jing Na pointed at.
When Kang Chen Xi saw the face, she was startled.
These people could not be offended.
Otherwise, they would pay the price.

“Kang Jing Nan, apologize to them right now.” Kang Chen Xi said.

Kang Jing Na was shocked by Kang Chen Xi’s order.
Not only her but even Mu Yian was also surprised by that.

“Sister Chen Xi, why do you tell me to apologize to this freak?” Kang Jing Na said.

“Kang Jing Na, apologize now.” Kang Chen Xi was angry when Kang Jing Na called the other party a freak.

Kang Jing Na could not stand having her own sister become angry with her because of others.
She ran out of the store.

Kang Chen Xi put on an apology expression on her face.

“Miss, I hope you forgive my sister.
She is young and ignorant.” Kang Chen Xi apologized on Kang Jing Na’s behalf.

“I don’t care much about her.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Thank you, thank you, Miss.” Kang Chen Xi was happy that Dian Qi Qi did not take this incident into her heart.
Otherwise, the consequence would be horrible.

Mu Yian watched this incident with interest.
She wondered why Kang Chen Xi apologized to this weird-looking woman like that.
She became curious about this weird-looking woman’s identity.

Kang Chen Xi left.
She wanted to look for her sister.
She needed to explain the thing to her sister.
Their parent indeed spoiled her younger sister and she became ignorant of the things like this.

Mu Yian looked at Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi for a moment before she left following Mu Yian.
She found Kang Chen Xi who comforting Kang Jing Na.
When she arrived there, she heard that Kang Chen Xi said something to Kang Jing Na.

“Jing Na, that girl is someone that we should not offend.
Otherwise, the consequence would be a disaster.” Kang Chen Xi sighed.

“What? Who is she?” Kang Jing Na was shocked.

At first, Kang Jing Na felt that her older sister wanted to be mean to her but hearing the explanation from her older sister, the thing was not as simple as she thought.

Mu Yian also became interested in what Kang Chen Xi was about to say.

“I don’t know much about that.
Our parents told me about that.
The girl’s family is very dangerous.
Don’t ever offend them.” Kang Chen Xi said.

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