It had been a while since Yu Qi meet Grandpa Mu.
Grandpa Mu decided to visit her granddaughter at Binhai Nation.
It was a surprise visit.

Yu Qi just knew about that when Grandpa Mu told her that he was already in Binhai Nation.
Luckily she did not busy at that moment.  She went to pick up Grandpa Mu at the airport.

Grandpa Mu was accompanied by his secretary.
Yu Qi politely greeted Grandpa Mu like a business person greeted others.
She did not dare to hug Grandpa Mu since it was in public.

Who knew that Mu Li Zei would send someone to follow Grandpa Mu? If her relationship was exposed, not only her life would be in danger, but Grandpa Mu’s life also would be in danger.
She could not allow that to happen.

“Old Master Mu, welcome to Binhai Nation.” Yu Qi smiled while shaking her grandfather’s hand.

It has been a long time.” Grandpa Mu nodded.

“Let me bring you to the hotel.
Which hotel that you will check into?” Yu Qi asked.

Grandpa Mu looked at his secretary.
The secretary answered.

“Six Leaf Hotel.”

“Oh, let’s go.” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi drove them to the hotel.
After settling the process check-in, Yu Qi told them to get some rest.
She would come again tomorrow.


Grandpa Mu wanted to visit Tiantang Research Center.
Yu Qi did not mind having him visit her workplace.
Yu Qi allowed Grandpa Mu to enter the place.

Grandpa Mu was in a daze as he entered the place.
It seemed that he just entered another world.

“Is this for real?” Grandpa Mu asked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi chuckled.
“Of course.”

Right now, all of the screens currently showed the galaxy.
It was Neko-chan’s doing.
Even the wall showed the exactly same scene.
So, it was like walking through the galaxy.

“Where are your secretary?” Yu Qi asked.

“I gave him time off today.” Grandpa Mu said.

Yu Qi showed Grandpa Mu around the research center.

“New face? Who is this?” A voice like children could be heard when they entered Yu Qi’s room.

“What?” Grandpa Mu was surprised.
He looked around to find the voice.

“Neko-chan, greet my biological grandfather, Mu Guang Qi.” Yu Qi asked.

A cat figure appeared on the screen.

“Oh, welcome Master’s biological grandfather.
I am Master’s faithful person, Neko-chan, meow.” Neko-chan introduced herself to Grandpa Mu.

“This?” Grandpa Mu could not react for a moment.

“This is my creation, an AI in the monitor.” Yu Qi said.

“This is amazing.
You can create an AI.” Grandpa Mu felt amazing.

Even though he was already old, he understood how amazing the technology that Yu Qi had created was.
A lot of people wanted to create something like this.

“Well, Neko-chan still did not have her own body.” Yu Qi said.

She wanted to create a robot that can be occupied by Neko-chan but she still did not have knowledge about making a robot.

“Master, you don’t need to worry about that.
Even though I am in this state, I can follow you around, meow.” Neko-chan said.

Grandpa Mu visited Tang Residence.
His visit was welcomed happily.
Grandpa Mu talked to Grandpa Tang like they were old friends.

Grandpa Mu wanted to visit Yu Qi’s hometown, Shiwa Town.
He also wanted to go to stay at Saisei Ryokan Hotel while enjoying the onsen.

Grandpa Tang would like to accompany him.
So, both of them went to Shiwa Town accompanied by Grandpa Tang’s bodyguard and Grandpa Mu’s secretary.


Mu Li Zei got the report from his men.
He sent someone to follow his father.
His father went to visit Binhai Nation.

Their company had no business in Binhai Nation.
So, he was a little bit curious about this trip.

He was surprised when he knew that Yu Qi welcomed his father, not to mention, she drove his father to the hotel.
On the next day, his father went to a place called Tiantang Research Center.

Mu Li Zei never heard about this research center.
So, he asked someone about Tiantan Research Center.
When he read the information about the place, his mind began to think about one possibility.

Then he had the information that his grandfather went to visit the legendary Doctor, Tang Jiang Man.
His suspicions became stronger.  He needed to investigate something to confirm his suspicion.

He went to his family’s house to meet his mother.
When he came, his mother was relaxing in her flower garden.

Mu Li Zei went to his mother, Kang Pian Sue.

“Mother.” Mu Li Zei sat on the chair in front of Kang Pian Sue.

Kang Pian Sue signaled her maids to leave and prepare some tea for Mu Li Zei.

“What?” Kang Pian Sue asked.

“Do you know anything about Father’s health?” Mu Li Zei asked.

“Why do you ask about that?” Kang Pian Sue drank her tea.

“Father is currently at Binhai Nation.
He went to a research center that researched diseases.
He also went to meet the legendary Doctor.” Mu Li Zei informed his mother.

“Oh… what you want to tell that your father has a health problem?” Kang Pian Sue was interested more to talk about this,

I think so.
Otherwise, why does he go to that place and meet the legendary Doctor?” Mu Li Zei said.

“I don’t know much about his health.
You know him.
He did not talk much to me.” Kang Pian Sue said.

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