They were back to Wei Residence.
This time,  not everyone was there.
Only a few people were at the house. 

Grandma Wei frowned as she saw her grandson walked while holding hands together.
The scene was not very pleasant in her eyes. 

”Grandmother. ” Long Hui greeted Grandma Wei.

”Old Mrs Wei. ” Yu Qi greeted Grandma Wei.

Hearing the way Yu Qi greeted her made her feel angry.
'This woman does not want to acknowledge me as her elder while she is going to marry my grandson.'

”What are you doing here? ” Grandma Wei asked.

”I just come here following my girlfriend.
She wants to take a look at your condition since you have fainted the other day. ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi slapped Long Hui's shoulder.
She gave a warning, telling him not to anger the old woman.
Otherwise, she would faint again.
Long Hui just smiled after getting a hit from his girlfriend.

”Old Mrs Wei, how is your body? ” Yu Qi asked. 

”Better. ” Grandma Wei answered in one word.

”May I read your pulse? ” Yu Qi asked again.

Grandma Wei did not answer this time.
Assuming that Grandma Wei did not want to do it, Yu Qi was about to give up. 

However, all of a sudden, Grandma Wei accepted it.
”Do as you wish. ”

Both Yu Qi and Long Hui were surprised and looking at each other for a few moments.
Yu Qi quickly grabbed Grandma Wei's wrist and read the pulse.

Grandma Wei looked at the girl who looked very serious about taking her pulse.
To be honest, she was very satisfied with the girl's appearance.
She was indeed beautiful, matching his grandson.
But her background was not good.
Even though she adopted into Tang Family, but she was not their blood relative. 

”It seems good.
You just need to take care of yourself. ” Yu Qi did not have any unusual in her pulse reading.

Grandma Wei's body had recovered.
She had greatly recovered from that attack.  Meaning, she had drunk the thing that she had left that night.

”Oh, cousin in law,  you are here. ” Wei Ding Ye just returned home,  saw Yu Qi and ran towards her.

”Ding Ye. ” Grandma Wei reminded her about her behaviour.

Wei Ding Ye stopped as she saw Grandma Wei was also together with Yu Qi.
She began to walk at a normal pace.

”Grandma, Brother Hui, Cousin in law. ” This time,  she greeted them in respect.

”What are you doing here? ” Wei Ding Ye asked.

”We come to see Grandmother. ” Long Hui said.

”Oh,  it must be about the previous matter. ” Wei Ding Ye understood.

”And also, we will like to invite Wei Family to come to our engagement party. ” Yu Qi said.

Hearing about the engagement party,  Grandma Wei frowned. 

”Long Hui, do you really want to marry her? ” Grandma Wei asked.

”Yeah. ” Long Hui answered firmly. 

”Humph! ” Grandma Wei stood up and left.

”She must be going to call that Chi Yuan and complain to her. ” Wei Ding Ye rolled her eyes.

”Since we have already met with grandmother, let's leave. ” Long Hui said.

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi agreed.
There was nothing that she was going to do here.


”Rose Night Club? ” A questionable look appeared on Yu Qi's face.

”You went to their branch at Wenya City, right? Here is the branch at Capital City. ” Long Hui said.

”It is indeed popular.
A lot of people are coming to this club. ” Yu Qi said.
”But with a long line of people, when can we enter? ” 

From inside the car, she already saw the long line waiting for their turns to enter the nightclub.

”No need to line up or wait.
We are going to enter using the VVIP door. ” Long Hui said.

”VVIP door? They have that? ” Yu Qi asked.

But only at this branch.
Let's go. ” Long Hui drove the car inside the underground parking. 

Before they could enter the underground parking, there were two guards controlling the entrance.
Long Hui brought a purple card and showed it to the guard.

Seeing the card, the guard stood up straight before greeting him respectfully.

”Welcome,  Master. ” The guard shouted sightly higher.

Long Hui nodded, acknowledging them.

Yu Qi tilted her head, feeling confused.

Understanding the confused look on his beloved Qi Qi's face, Long Hui bent down to her right ear and whispered something.

”It is this club's fetish.
Their employees would call the customer, 'Master'. ” Long Hui whispered.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi accepted the reason.

They walked inside.
They were heading to a room.
Long Hui told her that his friends were already inside the room.

”Your friends? ” Yu Qi asked.

You have seen them during First Brother's wedding. ” Long Hui explained.

”Oh, them! ” Yu Qi thought about Long Hui's friends.
She was just familiar with Ren Qian Yi since she had met with him multiple times.
”They are here? ”

Lan Guan and Mo Han live here since their HQ offices are there.
Mo Li has been travelling around.
It is coincident that he is here now.
As for Qian Yi…
He has come here to play. ” Long Hui told her.

”I see.
So, Sister Ming Shu is here too? ” Yu Qi asked about Huang Lan Guan's wife, Lin Ming Shu.

”I don't know.
Probably yes, probably no. ” Long Hui did not know about that.

Liang Mo Han just called him today and asked him to hang out together.
It had been so long since they had hanged out together.

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