Seeing Wei Ding Ye opened the gift in front of Yu Qi,  they also took a look at their gifts.
Some of them received the branded bags,  shoes and Qi Qi Skincare products.
There were some of them that received an accessory.

Yu Qi chose the item according to the preference that Long Hui told her.
So, she did not know whether she got the right thing to give them.

”Wow, Father, is that inkstone which is made from the black jade? ” Wei Ji Nan asked his father when he saw his father touched the black thing. 

”Yeah. ” Grandpa Wei smiled.

Actually, he was very surprised to see the gift.
He did not expect that Long Hui's future wife would give him a black jade inkstone.
She had really put some effort by thinking which things would suit their interest.

He could see that his family members liked the gifts so much because it suited their interests.
Like him, he really likes the inkstone.
And this inkstone that he had just received was the rarest inkstone ever. 

”Yu Qi, is it okay to give me such a precious thing like this? ” Grandpa Wei began to address Yu Qi with her first name.

”I am happy that Grandpa Wei likes the gift. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”But something like this can be given to your grandfather. ” Grandpa Wei said.

”My grandpa does not like something like this.
He will only be happy if I give him the rarest seeds of herbs instead. ” Yu Qi chuckled when remembering Grandpa Tang. 

”Oh… ” Grandpa Wei knew which grandfather Yu Qi spoke about.
It must be her current grandfather who had adopted her five years ago.
Of course, he knew about Yu Qi.
Because he did investigate her.

'What an impressing woman.' This was what he thought when reading the information.

  ”Grandpa Wei,  here is some drink that can benefit your health. ” Yu Qi gave some bottles to Grandpa Wei.

”This? ” Grandpa Wei asked.

”This is something that I have created that can improve a person's health.
You don't need to worry about it.
My family also drinks it.
Especially my grandpa, he really likes it.
Owh, Grandpa Feng also likes it.
He has told me his body felt stronger after drinking it for a while. ” Yu Qi gave an assurance. 

”Grandpa Feng, you mean that Feng Mo? ” Grandpa Wei asked. 

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”You can ask Grandma Wei to drink it too but please don't tell that this drink is from me.
I am afraid that she will not drink if she knows about that. ” Yu Qi told Grandpa Wei.

”Don't worry.
I know about that.
I guess you should do that too. ” Grandpa Wei looked at all his family members.

”Yes, Father. ”

”Yes, Grandpa. ”

The family members said.

  Long Hui pulled Yu Qi to him.
”Since everything is already settled, we will excuse ourselves. ” 

”Why not the two of you spend the night here? ” Wei Ding Ye's mother suggested.

”Yeah. ” Wei Ding Ye nodded.
She also agreed if they could spend the night here.
She could ask Yu Qi to sleep with her because she wanted to have a talk with her.
That would be awesome.

”No need.
We will go back to our hotel.
Grandmother will be furious when seeing us tomorrow. ” Long Hui rejected and gave them an excuse.

Well,  actually,  the reason why he did not want to spend a night here was not because of his grandmother,  but Wei Ding Ye.
Wei Ding Ye had the same eyes as Feng Yue when she wanted to covert his beloved Qi Qi.

If he stayed here,  he would not be able to be together with his beloved Qi Qi tonight.
He was also angry when he spent his time together with Yu Qi, they were just talking about Wei Family.
After that,  they prepared the gifts for the Wei Family. 

And now, Wei Ding Ye could be coming for Yu Qi if they stayed here for a night.
No,  he would not let that happened. 

”It is okay if you don't want to. ” Grandpa Wei said.
He was also thinking the same thing.
”I also think your grandmother needs time to cool down.
You can come back later. ”

”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.

”I will visit you all again before returning to FINN City. ” Yu Qi said.

Be careful on the way. ” Grandpa Wei advised. 

The couple finally left.

”They do match each together. ”

”I have never thought that Xiao Hui will marry. ”

Never thought that he will find an amazing woman like her. ”

Uncles and aunties of Long Hui praised Long Hui's choice.
Chi Yuan who had just came down from the upper floor where Grandma Wei's room was,  heard that.

Chi Yuan could not accept that.
The only woman suited for Long Hui the most was her.
She had talent in music.
Piano, viola, flute and many soft instruments, she could master.
She was suitable for him.

Even though she hated Long Hui's job right now, she would persuade Long Hui to quit being a soldier and he could start a business. 

When she heard that woman was in Capital City, she thought that she could destroy her reputation first.
Grandma Wei hated unchaste women.
If Grandma Wei knew that the woman that Long Hui liked was a mistress, she would definitely reject that woman.

However, she got nothing from the old man she had hired.
That old man ended up going to jail.
Yeah, she was the one who had hired the old man in the restaurant this morning.
She was not afraid of anyone since the old man would not be able to recognize her.

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