Don't report me to the police.
I am just doing this under someone's instruction. ” The old man confessed.
He stood from his seat and kowtow in front of Yu Qi.

”Who is that? ” Gu Ning's roar was very loud.

She really did not like this kind of behaviour.
Since her father became the mayor,  some people always liked to slander her father.
She really could not tolerate this. 

”Then, tell me.
Who has asked you to do this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I don't know.
But I can tell you that that person is a woman. ” The old man said.

”Humph! I know.
Only a woman will do something like this.
Stupid woman. ” Gu Ning gritted her teeth.

”So, you don't have any clues? Has she paid you in cash? ” Yu Qi asked again.

She has paid me in cash. ” The old man nodded.

Yu Qi thought that if they paid the old man by online transfer, she could track it.

”Then, you have nothing to say anymore.
I hope you will enjoy some of your time in the police station. ” Yu Qi looked down at the old man.

”What? I have already confessed that someone has instructed me to do this. ” The old man did not expect that this girl would want to report him to the police even after he had confessed.

”I have never said that I will let you go, have I? ” Yu Qi sneered.

”You! ” The old man became angry.

”You should know doing something like this is wrong.
Who knows how many lives has been ruined because of you,  saying something like that? If I can not retort your words today,  my reputation may be ruined. ” Yu Qi's reply made the people around thought about that.

”I think what the girl has said is true.
I have almost believed the old man. ”

”That's right.
How many girls must have been ruined because of your mouth, hmm? ”

”Even though you are not good looking, you need a good heart. ”

Then two police officers came into the restaurant.

”Sir, here. ” Gu Ning called the police officers.

”Miss Gu. ” The police officers greeted Gu Ning.
”What has happened here? ”

”This old man has said that someone instructed him to ruin my friend's reputation.
Investigate it. ” Gu Ning said while pointing to the old man who was currently sitting on the ground. 

Don't arrest me. ” The old man begged.

However,  everyone had turned blind eye to him.
They would not say anything.
It was clear to them that the old man was in the wrong.

Before the police officers left, Yu Qi told them, she would go to the police station later.
The police officers left with the old man. 

”Thank you, Ning. ” Yu Qi thanked Gu Ning after the riot passed.

”No problem. ” Gu Ning was happy to help Yu Qi.

”By the way,  what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh my god.
I have forgotten that I have an appointment. ” Gu Ning forgot about that.

She had promised her first brother that they would have breakfast together.

”Do you need me to come with you and explain what has happened earlier? ” Yu Qi felt bad about this. 

”No need.
I can explain it myself.
He will understand. ” Gu Ning grinned.
”I will go first. ”

Gu Ning ran towards the private room where her first brother,  Gu Ye Fei was waiting for his sister.
She entered the room. 

”I have thought you can't come. ” Gu Ye Fei said as he saw his sister.

Something has happened on the way. ” Gu Ning said.

”Huh? What happen? ” Gu Ye Fei asked.

Gu Ning began to tell Gu Ye Fei about what had happened just now.
Same as Gu Ning,  Gu Ye Fei also really hated it.
A slander could destroy someone's life.
It was not a lie.
He did witness it happening.

”Is your friend okay? ” Gu Ye Fei asked.

She is okay. ” Gu Ning nodded while smiling.

The brother and sister began their breakfast.
Gu Ning was casually texting her close friends and told them about the incident.
Wei Su Zien reacted so fast asking about the detail.
So,  Gu Ning told all of them.

Three of them wanted to meet tonight.
As for Wei Su Zien,  he could not go out tonight because he had something to do.

Yu Qi went to the airport to wait for Long Hui's arrival.
He told Yu Qi that he would be arriving in the afternoon.
There was still some time for Long Hui's arrival.
So she was chilling at the arrival pass gate. 

While she was sitting there reading a book while listening to the music through the earphone,  someone patted her shoulder.
She turned around to see the person. 

She thought that it was Long Hui.
Turned out it was not. 

”Yes? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I am the daughter of the man that you have saved at FINN City airport recently. ” The woman said.

”Oh, it's you.
How is your father? ” Yu Qi asked back.

”Thanks to you.
My father is alright.
The doctor has said,  the first aid treatment has really helped to prevent my father from getting a stroke. ” The woman really appreciated Yu Qi's help back then.
Otherwise, her father might end up spending his time on the bed.

”Your friend,  Ren Yi? ” An old man came and spoke to the woman in front of Yu Qi.

Yu Qi assumed this old man was the woman's father.
And her assumption was correct.
It was indeed the woman's father. 

”Dad, this young woman is the one who has saved you back then. ” The woman said to her father.

”Oh,  really? Thank you very much.
Without you, I might become paralyzed for the rest of my life. ” The old man thanked Yu Qi again.

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